Little Tikes Climb N Slide Trampoline Review

With its built-in slide and ladder, the Little Tikes 7ft Climb N Slide Trampoline caught my attention. But I needed to know – is it just a gimmick or a truly good, safe, and fun option for my young kids?

After spending hours combing through customer reviews and product details as an experienced researcher and trampoline shopper, I believe I have a strong consensus. Below I break down the key factors to consider from different perspectives, including ease of assembly, safety, durability, and value.

My overall verdict after taking all the reviews and specifics into account: Yes, for the right household, the Little Tikes Climb N Slide Trampoline is a good option. It meets key criteria like ease of use, safety barriers, stability, and pure enjoyment for the target demographic of younger kids under 105 lbs.

Some drawbacks around weather vulnerability and having fewer years of useful life keep it from being an unanimous 5 star product. But I will detail out those considerations and qualifications to help families make the right decision for their needs.

Little Tikes Climb N Slide Trampoline Review

Little Tikes Climb And Slide Trampoline

Ease of Assembly

Let’s start from the beginning – setting this climbing and bouncing contraption up in the first place…


  • Most reviewers said assembly was straightforward, with the majority being able to put it together solo in 1 hour or less.
  • Having a second set of hands or using power tools can speed things up.
  • The key challenges noted were deciphering the instructions upfront and manipulating some of the trickier connections that secure the safety netting bars.

Key Insights

As a relatively experienced handyman and assembler of kids’ toys, I expect I could tackle this on my own in under 2 hours, with basic tools like a socket wrench and screwdrivers. The instructions may require some patience to interpret correctly the first time through. But that’s typical with these types of kids’ activity equipment.

I can envision calling on my spouse if I got stuck getting the netting properly aligned or keeping some of the tension elements locked in place. But overall seems straightforward enough for an afternoon project.


Now for the area most important to us parents – how secure is this for our little ones?


  • The integrated netting and foam padding get very high marks for keeping kids protected while inside the trampoline zone. No major injuries were reported.
  • A few people noted close calls with small gaps or their child learning to initially coordinate themselves. But the safety barriers held up.
  • The lightweight nature means it can shift or blow over in high winds if left unattended. A few instances of that happening raised concerns over materials used versus sturdiness.

Key Insights

This unit seems designed well for safe play for my kids in the target demographic of under 105 pounds. The soft yet supportive jumping surface, protective foam barriers on all hard edges, and secure netting around the full perimeter check the key boxes I value for peace of mind.

I do need to ensure it is properly anchored or stowed away with any extreme weather that brings heavy wind gusts. We occasionally get intense short-burst storms, so I will be sure to keep an eye on conditions and have a backup plan if needed to take shelter or temporarily stabilize it. This doesn’t seem like a “set it and forget it” trampoline, but with reasonable diligence should provide a secure play zone.


How long will this investment last us through the phases of childhood fun?


  • Most reviewers noted this held up well over months of regular use without any major structural or functional issues. No premature breakages beyond occasional missing or faulty parts on delivery.
  • A handful saw problems after 9 months or a year – especially related to exterior plastic elements becoming brittle. Issues centered around the slide attachment points or net poles cracking.
  • The sustained tension through all the interconnected pieces is key for optimal bouncing. Some noticed loosening over time that diminished the rebound effect.

Key Insights

This climber-trampoline combo seems decently durable but maybe not something that will last years and years. The stated weight limits and ages (up to 105 lbs) tell me I likely have a 2 year window where this would suit both my current older toddler and younger infant. 3 years max if the materials integrity holds up.

The weak spots appear to be wear and tear to attachments like the slide or snaps after repeated outdoor exposure. By 2 years, my kids will probably be less interested in the play features anyway and mainly want to just bounce. At that point the protective barriers actually detract from what older kids want. So I anticipate outgrowing it functionally by then, perhaps also showing enough structural issues with plastic connectors that we are ready to move on or replace key components.


How does this rank in terms of quality for the investment?


  • Most agreed this hits the sweet spot of safety, features, and capacity to entertain younger kids for the price point. They were pleased with what they got versus cheaper basic options or more expensive full scale trampolines.
  • A vocal minority stressed they overpaid for what it delivers or were disappointed it didn’t last longer through their kids’ entire “trampoline phase”. Loss of tension lowering rebound action over 1-2 years and breakage of slide pieces contributed to their lower rating.
  • Occasional comments about receiving a damaged box or having to source replacement parts directly from Little Tikes prevent a unanimous 5 star value rating.

Key Insights

Accounting for periodic sales in the $250-350 range based on model, I feel the bang for buck is solid here for my purposes – getting usable lifespan of safely getting my young kids introduced to trampolines with bonus play features. I don’t expect this to fully eliminate their desire someday for a bigger “real” trampoline. But it should entertain them through early years when supervision is key anyway and serve distinct play needs around climbing, sliding, bouncing and burning energy.

I have tempered expectations this has consumer lifespan limitations as a mass market exterior product made from plastics and light metal alloys. It’s serving key developmental needs at a reasonable one-time price – not aiming to be an heirloom. As long as we get a full season of frequent use from this before any major issues arise, I will be satisfied with the investment given the stages my kids are at. Adding an extended warranty for peace of mind is probably prudent as well based on history of some parts wearing our prematurely.

Consensus Pros

Taking all the reviews into account, buyers certainly noted a number of favorable attributes most could agree on. The main pros that make this a compelling climber-trampoline include:

  • Sturdy safety netting and foam barriers keep kids protected in the jump zone
  • Integrated slide and ladder add fun play options beyond bouncing
  • Easy assembly for most people with average handyman skills
  • Reinforced fabric and secure construction lasts reasonably well
  • Ideal size for younger kids to play independently or together

Consensus Cons

In the spirit of balanced reporting, there were some consistent cons expressed as well. The most cited downsides were:

  • Lightweight nature allows for blow over risk in high winds
  • Plastic components can become brittle and crack over time
  • Loss of bounce or sagging with extended use from tension issues
  • Smaller than expected slide size or steepness
  • Perceived overpricing by some for durability delivered


Considering all the data points and perspectives on the Little Tikes Climb N Slide Trampoline, here is my guidance for prospective buyers:

Best Suited For

  • Households with children under 105 lbs, ideally ages 1-5 years
  • Those wanting added play value beyond bouncing with slide and climbing wall
  • Parents able to regularly monitor conditions and ensure stability as needed

Not Ideal For

  • Those wanting a long term (5+ year) trampoline investment
  • Locations prone to intense wind storms or other severe weather
  • Older/heavier kids who would quickly over-stress capacity limits

Tips To Maximize Satisfaction

  • Anchor securely immediately and check often for shifting
  • Utilize all play features in early years when kids are highly interested
  • Shelter from sustained direct sunlight and winter snow accumulation
  • Inspect for tension/bounce quality issues while still under warranty

My Final Take

So in closing, circling back to my original question – is the Little Tikes Climb N Slide Trampoline a good buy? For the right family, I believe the answer is yes. It’s a cost effective way to let 1-2 young kids burn energy while developing coordination in a safely enclosed play zone.

The integrated ladder, slide, and netted trampoline area create a mini playground that will provide healthy exercise and entertainment. Just bear in mind that this product prioritizes safety and features over longevity. With reasonable precautions and expectations around its lifespan, this is great solution for getting value over the next couple years. I look forward to many afternoons watching my little ones climb, bounce, and giggle to their hearts content!

I hope this thorough and balanced review detailing the pros, cons, recommendations, and ideal usage factors proves helpful. Please feel free to reach out with any other questions. Best of luck finding the perfect backyard toy to create lasting memories with your family!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does assembly and setup take?

Most buyers report being able to fully assemble the Little Tikes trampoline solo in 1-2 hours using basic tools, with potential to go faster with two adults or power tools.

What is the weight capacity and recommended age range?

This trampoline is rated for up to 105 pounds and intended best for ages 1-5 years old.

How do you anchor this trampoline securely?

Staking down through provided attachment points is the primary method to secure the frame and prevent blowing over in wind gusts. Sheltering from direct exposure can also help.

What is the typical lifespan for this climber trampoline?

Based on reviews noting cracking slide attachments and stretching springs, plan on getting 2 to 3 years of use before wear issues arise. Going beyond that likely involves replacement parts.

Does my purchase come with a warranty?

Little Tikes offers a standard limited warranty on materials and production defects, not general wear and tear. Extended third party warranties can provide additional coverage of issues outside that scope after factory warranty expires.

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