Skybound Trampoline Reviews – 2024

As a parent, keeping your kids active and entertained can be a challenge. But what if there was one solution that ticked both boxes while bringing the whole family together? Enter: the humble trampoline. 😊

When looking into trampolines for my own family, one brand that caught my attention is Skybound Trampolines. Their range offers options for all ages and spaces, but with so many models available, I wanted to dig deeper. Are Skybound trampolines actually any good when it comes to quality, safety, and value? Let’s bounce in and find out!

An Introduction to Skybound Trampolines

Founded in 2000 by two brothers from New Jersey, Skybound has grown into one of the leading trampoline manufacturers in North America. They offer entry-level options for kids as small as 7ft, all the way up to spacious 15ft family-sized models.

Their trampolines focus heavily on safety, durability, and ease of use across the board. But don’t just take my word for it – Skybound’s membership in the International Trampoline Association and register of approved manufacturers speaks to their credentials.

So without further ado, let me walk you through the key Skybound trampoline options so you can decide if one might be right for your family!

Skybound Trampoline Range Overview

Skybound manufactures trampolines in four main shapes and a wide range of sizes:

  • Round trampolines 🟠- Traditional circular trampolines ranging from 7ft to 15ft
  • Oval trampolines ↔️ – Rectangular models great for multiple bouncers
  • Rectangular trampolines 🔴- Ideal for gymnasts and trick bouncers up to 16ft long
  • Kids trampolines 👦 – Compact and colorful just for little ones

Within each category, Skybound offers multiple models with small variations when it comes to size, weight limits, and features. Let’s explore some of their most popular options in more detail:

Round Skybound Trampolines

Round Skybound Trampolines

Skybound’s Stratos, Cirrus, and Skysoar models are traditional round trampolines available from 12ft up to 15ft in diameter. At the high end, their 15ft Stratos can support up to 330lbs and comes equipped with heavy-duty enclosure nets and corrosion-resistant springs.

Meanwhile, the 14ft Cirrus offers a very comparable setup for a lower price point if space constraints or budget is a concern. Most buyers agree both models are easy to assemble, with the job done in under 2 hours.

Oval Skybound Trampolines

For multi-bouncer situations, the unique shape of Skybound’s Orion oval trampolines helps avoid collisions. Available in 10x14ft or 11x16ft sizes, these models feature a curved enclosure net to handle even the highest bounces. The heavy springs offer a very responsive and energetic rebound as well!

Rectangular Skybound Trampolines

Rectangular Skybound Trampolines

Skybound’s largest model is their high-performance 16ft Horizon trampoline. Tailored towards gymnasts and trick jumpers, its extended surface area facilitates somersaults, flips, and twists with ease. With a weight capacity exceeding most household needs at 375lbs, it’s an investment for the whole family to enjoy.

Kids Skybound Trampolines

Kids Skybound Trampolines

For pint-sized bouncers, Skybound offers their Super 7 and Atmos 8 mini-trampolines. Available in fun colors, both options focus heavily on child safety. For example, the Super 7 features closure straps instead of zips to avoid trapped fingers. Meanwhile, the Atmos 8 has padded steel legs and a skirt around the exterior to prevent injuries.

SkyBound Springfree Trampoline for Kids 👧

SkyBound Springfree Trampoline for Kids 👧

As both a parent and trampoline safety analyst, I’m intrigued by SkyBound’s venture into spring-free trampoline designs tailored to little jumpers. By substituting traditional metal springs with flexible fiberglass rods and stretchable bungee cords underneath the mat, this innovative model completely eliminates hazardous pinch points and openings for feet or limbs to get caught in. 👍

The smart zipper and snap system fully closes gaps in the enclosure netting as well, preventing kids from inadvertently bouncing out. And the weather-resistant padding shields the structural components underneath from the elements.

Supported on durable rods rather than rust-prone springs, this trampoline promises unmatched stability and collision protection for our rambunctious youngsters. Plus, easy assembly means more time bouncing and less time struggling with tools! 🛠️

While the spring-free concept carries a premium price tag, the safety advances and quality materials seem to support the investment for our accident-prone daughter. This forward-thinking trampoline could provide some very literal peace of mind. 😅

The Pros: ✅ Eliminates pinch points via spring-free platform ✅ Sturdy, quick assembly ✅ Fully sealed enclosure net
✅ Durable construction and weather resistance

The Cons: ❌ Higher cost than traditional trampolines ❌ Limited sizing options currently

My Take: 💡 With kid safety as the absolute priority, the innovations of the SkyBound Springfree trampoline make it well worthconsideration in my book despite higher pricing. This smart system could help countless families eliminate common trampoline hazards. I’m eager to see it in action!

Skybound Trampoline Benefits

Now that we’ve covered the range, let’s bounce into some of the benefits that set Skybound trampolines apart:


As touched on already, Skybound emphasizes safety across all their trampolines. Key features include:

✅ Padded legs and frames

✅ Skirts/nets securing exterior gaps

✅ Rust-resistant parts like springs and frames

✅ Zip/strap barriers on enclosure entries

By eliminating hazards both inside and around the trampoline, Skybound aims to provide complete peace of mind.

Quality Materials

Through first-hand testing and sourcing premium materials, Skybound ensures all components like nets, springs, and steel legs will endure years of use. Things like UV-resistant stitching prevent deterioration while zinc coatings stop rust in its tracks.


Thanks to quality workmanship and fine-tuned design elements like the 8.5” springs, Skybound trampolines offer a uniquely snappy and energetic bounce. Whether practicing gymnastics or simply having fun, the liveliness truly enhances the experience.

Easy Assembly

Skybound trampolines utilize a straightforward slot-together assembly process with no screws or bolts. Most buyers report having their new trampoline up and bouncing in well under 2 hours! Plus, the breakdown process is just as simple for off-season storage or relocation purposes.

What Buyers & Reviewers Are Saying

Curious what real-world users think? Well across the board, Skybound trampolines enjoy glowing reviews and high ratings.

On platforms like Amazon and specialty outdoor retailers, most Skybound models hold between 4 and 5 stars from hundreds of reviewers. Owners praise the easy assembly, quality materials, responsiveness, and most importantly – safety. In particular, Skybound’s heavy-duty net enclosures receive tons of positive feedback.

In the rare less-than-perfect review, issues raised are predominantly around net durability after prolonged exposure. However, Skybound offers replacement parts and responsive customer service to quickly resolve concerns.

Skybound Trampoline Pros & Cons

Before committing to a Skybound trampoline for your family, let’s quickly summarize some of the key pros and cons:

Pros 👍

✅ Emphasis on safety across all models

✅ Heavy-duty build quality and materials

✅ Lively, responsive bounce feel

✅ Broad range of size/shape options

✅ Generally easy and quick assembly

✅ Great warranty and customer service

Cons 👎

❌ Nets may show wear sooner than other parts

❌ Could offer more accessory options

❌ Entry-level models still costly

How Skybound Trampolines Compare to Top Brands

Before deciding if Skybound meets your family’s needs, it helps to see how they stack up to leading alternative trampoline manufacturers:

Skybound vs. Acon – Acon Air trampolines directly compete with Skybound across safety, quality and performance metrics. However, Acon products come at notably higher costs without besting Skybound models. Unique oval shape gives Skybound an edge.

Skybound vs. Skywalker – Known for budget-friendly trampolines, Skywalker cuts some corners on rustproofing and entry security relative to Skybound. But they remain a quality alternative, especially given lower pricing.

Skybound vs. Springfree – Springfree justifies premium pricing through innovative springless designs using composite rods instead of steel coils. However, Skybound matches their safety while using traditional springs at greater value. But Springfree offers more accessories.

Skybound vs. JumpSport – For rectangular trampolines often used in gymnastics training, JumpSport leads over Skybound. But for typical recreational bouncing needs fulfilled by round or oval trampolines, Skybound excels over JumpSport.

Final Verdict – Are Skybound Trampolines Worth It?

In my opinion, Skybound tick all the boxes when it comes to quality, high-performing trampolines suitable for the whole family. What really sets them apart is their uncompromising approach to safety combined with excellent construction and bounce feel.

While the entry-level and compact Skybound options still represent a notable investment, the cost is justified by the exceptional durability and lifespan you can expect. Larger Skybound trampoline models offer even better value, built to handle years of heavy use thanks to premium materials and rust-resistant parts.

So if you’re seeking a top-tier trampoline that emphasizes both fun and safety with options tailored for all ages, Skybound should undoubtedly make your shortlist. Discover your perfect model today to join trampoline owners everywhere in proclaiming: These Skybound trampolines are simply the best! 🤩

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the warranty period on Skybound trampolines?

Skybound offers a 10-year warranty on trampoline frames plus 2 years on other components. This showcases their faith in the exceptional durability customers can expect.

Do all Skybound trampolines have safety enclosures?

Yes, all Skybound trampolines from 7ft upwards come equipped with padded enclosure nets to prevent falls and injuries.

What is the weight limit on Skybound trampolines?

Weight limits range from 150lbs on the 7ft kids model up to 375lbs on the large 16ft rectangular trampoline. Always refer to individual specifications before purchasing.

Where can I buy Skybound replacement parts?

Limited replacement parts can be purchased through Amazon. You can also contact Skybound directly regarding specialized components if needed.

How does Skybound compare to leading brands like Springfree?

Skybound matches the safety and quality of premium brands like Springfree but at a more affordable mid-tier price point in most cases. They provide an excellent balance of value and performance.

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