Skywalker 12ft Trampoline – Should You Buy or Not?

Regarding the best trampolines for kids, most parents recommend Skywalker 12 feet round Trampoline. This trampoline is used indoors and outdoors for kids to have a happy playing ground.

The item is manufactured by Skywalker – The company leading in trampolines. It is designed for outdoor or limited indoor space. As its name, the diameter of the jumping surface is 12 feet when assembled.

It is usually used for kids at the age of six or upper, and the limited weight is just 200lbs.

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Why do we choose Skywalker 12-feet round Trampoline for our kids?

Why do we choose Skywalker 12-feet round Trampoline for our kids?

The common shape of this product makes it safer than other models. It is built with a heavy–gauge galvanized steel frame and reinforced T-sockets, preventing your kids from falling down suddenly.

Not only does this kind of trampolines bring a fun ground for kids, but they also improve their creative abilities for colorful design. You can take some time to assemble, but it is definitely installed to last. The certain frame provides endless stability and durability, ensuring Safety for kids when they jump on it.

What do customers say about it?

There is an idea of a customer with real experience with Skywalker 12-feet round with her child. “I love this product. It gives my children durable happiness and helps my families have fun moments together”, she said.

Plus, another recommendation of men “I just take some hours to install it and place it in our backyard. Well, all my babies can play and enjoy it, even the eldest girl at 9 years old”. This is the product that ensures its Safety for your kids.

Features of the Skywalker 12-feet round Trampoline

Steel T-sockets: ensuring the stability of the product. The Skywalker 12-feet round trampoline uses t-sockets to connect the covering net to the trampoline constructor.

These parts keep the structure at stable status, preventing it from collapsing while children jump or play on it. Therefore, the first promise of this item is SAFETY.

W-legs: the number of w-legs for the trampoline is 6, making the frame more stable than ever. These legs are made of 16 gauge galvanized rust-resistant steel.

Thus, thanks to them, you need to worry about the heavy downpour. The rust-resistant steel makes the product’s stability endurable for a longer time.

12-feet diameter is the size of the product. This size is ideal for smaller indoor and outdoor spaces, and You have no difficulties installing it. Also, it could be taken to another place at your convenience.

Hence, your kids can make bouncy whenever they wish. You have a backyard for your family members to enjoy with no complications.

The round shape improves the bouncy effect for kids, increasing the jaunty impact of the item. As I mentioned above, this common shape is suitable for most people.

Moreover, the springs are equally spaced to impart a regular bounce. Your kids will not find it so difficult to get the balance on it because they land back to the center, let alone their take-off point.

Besides, this structure absorbs the pressure of each jumping. It could be claimed that the round shape is easy to move around the backyard.

Foam padding of 1-inch thickness: is an ideal surface for bouncing. The foam pad is also UV protected, letting your kids stay away from the sun’s harmful rays.

The enclosure is tremendous and UV-proof: The netted enclosure helps one stay within diameter. It could be a supportive feature for the perfect Safety of children when they use it.

Undeniably, this trampoline model must be designed for kids because of the highly durable features of the frame, spring pads, button-hole, and steel t-sockets. The combination of these sectors prevents young children from dealing with any incident of falling down the trampoline. 

The reinforced enclosure and its zipper allow them to stay safely inside while playing, bouncing, and even jumping. Because of the limited weight, you can have two or three children play on it simultaneously. 

Sometimes, the trampoline’s Safety allows you not to put kids under supervision for about some minutes or more. At first, the instruction may take you a little time to complete installation. However, once you assemble it, you can use it for a lifetime.

Don’t forget the Safety

There are many advantages to the Skywalker 12-feet round for children to enjoy. However, like other models, when using for your kids, you should take some notes to make sure of their Safety:

Not allow children to bounce unsupervised: it is irrefutable that the product is very safe; however, you are still necessary to take care of them when they play on it.

Make sure that spring padding is always in place: imagine that if spring padding is not in place, the balance of the trampoline would be impacted and collapse right after kids jump on it. Thus, you must ensure they are in place, causing unwanted injuries.

Consider a safe enclosure: as many experts said, if possible, you should invest more in a secure enclosure. The reason is this is the main part of keeping your kids always safe. Actually, some models come with a netted enclosure, and there are not. Never ignore how to take care of kids on the trampoline by enclosure. 

More importantly, when you are not supervising them, nets keep small kids and pets off the bounce surface. Additionally, you could consider padded poles when installing them. This can be seen in a few models of trampolines, also helping the apparatus prevent from collapsing.

Take note of the weight limitation: Always keep in mind the limitation of the weight that should be on the surface. If your several kids are over the weight, this will put all jumpers at risk for injury.

Somersaults should not be allowed: You give them fun when your kids are bouncing. They will suffer serious injury if they land on their head or neck. More seriously, their arm or leg can be broken if they jump incorrectly.

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In conclusion, Skywalker’s 12-feet round wins many hearts of parents who want to have an exciting playing yard for their kids. If you can use it and teach your kids how to jump in the right way, the product promises an excellent item for them to enjoy and improve their skills.

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