Jumpsport 550fi Fitness Trampoline Reviews

Welcome to our in-depth analysis in the world of fitness rebounders: Jumpsport 550fi Fitness Trampoline Reviews. We’ve looked into this professional-grade, uniquely designed mini trampoline that’s creating quite the buzz in both home and gym workouts. Its unrivaled quality and inventive use of EnduroLast cords set new standards in durability and comfort, making any exercise routine not only possible but enjoyable as well.

The Jumpsport 550fi In-Home Folding Fitness Rebounder Mini Trampoline is a fun and creative way to work out at home or at the gym for professional purposes. There is no other mini trampoline like this one in terms of quality and design for professional use, and it is ideal for just about any exercise routine you can think of. 

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Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline Reviews
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Trampoline jumps provide low-impact cardio, strength training, calorie-burning exercises, lymphatic flow, and many other benefits. This fitness rebounder stands out from similar models for its high-quality design.

The trampoline includes 36 premium EnduroLast cords (8mm) that have been cycle-tested to millions of bounces. The cords last three to six times longer than their competitors. Their reliability is unmatched, and they offer longer warranties. The cord-covering padded petals provide additional protection and comfort with over 51% more exercise surface area.


The frame is non-tipping, ultra-stable, and ensures safe jumping. The wide stance arched legs provide stability and confidence. A tough, durable three-coat silver finish provides long-lasting protection for the frame. 

The padded petal skirt features a 51% larger workout area for a more comfortable workout. The leg straps make it easy to perform various non-standing exercises. You can perform Mini trampoline exercises such as abdominal exercises and leg exercises on a larger and more comfortable surface with these patented petal skirts.

Best For Joints

In addition, it has less impact on the joints and legs than similar models, which allows you to jump for a longer period of time. Your workouts and cardio routines will be more enjoyable with this Jumpsport mini cardio trampoline.

All in all, fitness instructors and gym owners all over the world use it as the top machine for higher-intensity exercises. It also has a conditional one-year warranty.


Frame thickness37.5″ Skirt Mat
Available sizes44″ Frame, 37.5″ Skirt Mat
CertifiedASTM Standards
Weight capacity325 Pounds
TypeFitness Trampolines
Trampoline’s weight25.6 Pounds
ColorMatte Black

Jumpsport 550fi Fitness Trampoline Reviews

jumpsport 550fi fitness trampoline reviews
Jumpsport 550fi Fitness Trampoline Reviews
  • This mini trampoline is designed specifically for group fitness classes, as seen in gyms around the world.
  • The strongest frame is found in the 300 series.
  • The exerciser is designed with padded petals that cover the cord, providing over 51% more exercise surface area.
  • The wide stance and arched legs ensure your safety.
  • Three coats of silver finish seal that protect the frame.

Why should you buy a Jumpsport 550fi fitness trampoline?

The reason why you should buy this trampoline is that when you jump on it, a patented hinge provides a rock-steady, No-Wobble platform, which is unique in the industry. In many folding trampolines, the metal or plastic parts wiggle and shake which makes them less portable and heavier.

The Jumpsport hinges create a highly rigid frame rail, which allows for a confident and secure jump. This isn’t your typical hinge. They need to be removed from the socket to be folded. Stability is not an issue. 

The rebounder works great. Even without folding the legs half, you can slide the whole thing under the sofa and elsewhere, as well as in the back seat of the car, without having to fold in half.


Jumpsport 550fi Fitness Trampoline comes with 2 different types of warranty policies and they are:

Residential Use: 

  • A lifetime warranty covers the steel frame and legs.
  • The Mat and EnduroLast 4 Elastic Cords come with a 3-year warranty.
  • All other components come with a 1-year warranty.

Commercial Use: 

  • A 5-year warranty on the steel frame and legs.
  • An 18-month warranty on the EnduroLast 4 elastic cords.
  • The rest of the components are covered for one year.


Fitness instructors and gymnasts choose these Jumpsport 550fi Fitness Trampoline for their high-intensity workouts. This Jumpsport model has a 39-Inch high-gloss black frame and six straight legs that give it a stylish look. Trampoline legs can quickly be removed and put back. 

All in all, it is necessary to have someone assist you during assembly. Furthermore, it is a bit heavy and difficult to transport. Furthermore, it is a favorite trampoline for fitness professionals and athletes.

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