JUPA 425 LBS Weight Capacity Kids Trampoline reviews

No doubt there are a ton of trampolines on the market, and their manufacturers say we are the best one. What is seen best in JUPA is its price, size, and quality. All three aspects of this trampoline are exceptional. Also, JUPA trampolines meet the requirements of ASTM F381-16 Standards for Safety Specifications for Components. And that is why I am writing the review on this JUPA trampoline.

In contrast to standard steel frames, Jupa trampolines feature galvanized steel frames that are thicker, stronger, and have better stability. Your child will remain stable while jumping on its six legs because each of its big legs has 12 balanced contact points. 

It has 108pcs of 7″ galvanized springs for better elasticity, and a rust-resistant coating is applied to each spring to prolong its life. The lightweight polypropylene jumping mats are tested more than a million times and have a max weight capacity of 425lb (12,14,15ft) and 400lb (8,10ft). These pads are thick and durable Blue PE+PVC foam pads to protect your children from injuries.

It’s important to mention that assembly is difficult, so ask someone to help if you’re on your own. Similarly, the spring stretcher is of average quality, and pulling the spring is the most difficult. Also, the posts and netting were not too difficult to install, but the directions were not very clear, so it took us a while to figure it out.

All in all, with the exceptional weight capacity of a maximum of 425 lbs., the best price and top-notch quality are automatically admired by any person.

Moreover, there is a 6-month warranty for this heavy-duty trampoline’s spring pad and enclosure. Jump mats and springs come with a 1-year warranty, while the trampoline frame comes with a 2-year warranty.  


Frame thicknessFrame:42 (Diameter)*1.5 mm 
Available sizes8-15
Material Steel and Foam
LadderYes, except for 8ft model
Wind stakesYes
Tools A spring pull tool
CertifiedASTM Certified
Net height6fth
Weight capacity425LBS(12,14,15Ft)& 400LBS(8,10Ft)
TypeRecreational Outdoor Trampoline
Trampoline’s weight200lbs

JUPA 425 LBS Weight Capacity Kids Trampoline reviews

jupa 425 lbs weight capacity kids trampoline reviews
  • With a 6.0ft high net enclosure, your children will have a 360-degree play area that is safe and secure. 
  • The net has a double zipper that makes it more secure.
  • The sturdy, non-slip ladder makes it much easier for children to use the trampoline. 
  • Wind stakes in the U-shape provide even more stability and safety.
  • Foam-coated galvanized steel poles are held together with safety enclosure nets. Both the net and jumping mat are in perfect alignment, and there is no gap for pinching.
  • Using 20mm PE+PVC foam as a cushion, the pad protects springs and frames, preventing children from being hurt. It is also waterproof and durable.

Why should you buy JUPA 425 LBS Weight Capacity Kids Trampoline?

Regarding price, size, and quality, I found the Jupa 15′ trampoline to be the best. I have found it durable, and it bounces well. 

According to me, some positives are given below:

  • A foam covering is applied to the heavy, strong steel tubes, and a waterproof jumping mat is attached.
  • Little hands and feet can’t slip through the padding that covers the spring section.
  • What I like best about this trampoline is the screen enclosure around the trampoline surface. The greatest fear is that a child would fall off the trampoline while jumping on it. This eliminates that possibility.
  • The inside and outside of the net enclosure are accessible via a zipper, allowing safe entry and exit of the jumping area.
  • Kids won’t have any problems getting onto or off the trampoline since it comes with a nice, strong ladder. 
  • A very sturdy cover is included with it, which increases the life of the trampoline during the winter or bad weather.

Why should you not buy JUPA 425 LBS Weight Capacity Kids Trampoline?

There are only a few minor issues that I can point out, including the looseness of the bolts holding the poles for the safety net. They wobble even when they are properly installed. Over-tightening will cause the wingnuts to snap. Second, the hook handles for pulling the springs broke when under tension because they are plastic. Paint roller brushes and hammers are ideal tools for inserting the springs. It is recommended that you buy a stronger one or have a backup.

Is there any warranty?


  • Trampoline pads and enclosure nets have a six-month warranty.
  • Jumping mats and springs come with a one-year warranty.
  • Trampoline frames are covered for two years.
  • All defective parts will be replaced for free.


In terms of quality, safety, and price point JUPA is the best. On the other hand, if you are thinking about some negatives, the assembly is difficult, and you have to look at one more person.

Suppose you have some missing components, then don’t worry. JUPA has exceptional customer service. Replacement is free if arrived defective and there is the best warranty too.

All in all, I would recommend this trampoline if you have a balanced place, and you can assemble this trampoline without any problem because pulling the springs is not easy.

For kids of any age, it’s the best trampoline, and also for one adult with kids, it’s good. But for two adults, I would not recommend this trampoline.

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