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The Upper Bounce Mega Rectangular Trampoline caught my attention for its exceptional size and weight capacity. With a jumping surface of 10 ft x 17 ft, it is much larger than traditional circular trampolines. The product description stated it could hold up to 500 lbs, which meant the whole family could jump together safely. I was intrigued to see if this trampoline could really live up to its claims.

After using the Upper Bounce Mega trampoline for the past few months, I can confidently say it has exceeded my expectations. Not only is the build quality excellent, but the large jumping space makes trampolining so much more fun.

Read on for my full review of this outstanding trampoline.

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Construction and Build Quality

Upper Bounce Mega Trampoline

The very first thing I noticed about the Upper Bounce trampoline was how sturdy and well-constructed it was. The heavy-duty galvanized steel frame provides a solid base that feels really stable and secure to jump on.

The frame consists of rust-resistant steel tubes that are powder coated for extra durability. The poles are also covered in thick foam sleeves for protection. Instead of regular straight poles, this trampoline uses a FlexrHoop enclosure system. This means the poles are bent into hoops that flex and move with you as you jump. I found this created a very responsive and bouncy feel.

Attaching the black jumping mat to the frame was easy thanks to the included springs. There are 140 heavy-duty 7-inch springs made of galvanized steel. These springs do a great job of providing bounce across the large mat.

The jumping surface feels very taut and sturdy. It is made of tightly woven UV-resistant polyethylene material. Even after months of use by my energetic kids, there are no signs of sagging or damage.

Safety Features

Safety Features

Of course, safety was my top concern when buying a trampoline for my family. I am happy to report that the Upper Bounce Mega rectangle trampoline has excellent safety features:

  • The net enclosure uses 8 poles and attaches securely to the jumping mat via buckles and straps. This eliminates dangerous gaps between the net and mat.
  • The net itself is made of durable UV-resistant polyethylene with a dual-closure entry system.
  • Thick pole foam cushions cover the top of each steel pole for protection.
  • The frame padding consists of 9-inch thick, closed-cell foam cushions that fully cover the springs and frame.

I have peace of mind knowing my kids are protected while jumping. The pole foam and frame padding provide a lot of protection. The net enclosure also keeps them safely inside the trampoline area.

Performance and Bounce

Here comes the fun part – actually jumping on this beast of a trampoline! With its 10 ft width, you have so much room to move around and really get your bounce on. The 17 ft length allows multiple people to jump together with no problem.

The independent springs provide an excellent bounce feel that launched me high with each jump. While rectangular trampolines are less bouncy than round ones, I was still able to get some good air on this mega trampoline.

The ample jumping room gave me the freedom to practice front flips, seat drops, and other basic tricks. My kids love that they can jump and play games together on the big mat.

Thanks to the deep bounce provided by the 140 heavy-duty springs, people of any size can enjoy jumping on this trampoline. The 500 lb weight limit provides peace of mind that this trampoline can handle anything your family throws at it!

Assembly and Installation

I won’t sugarcoat it – assembling this huge trampoline was challenging. It took myself and two other adults nearly 5 hours to fully assemble it.

The frame pieces snap together easily, but getting the jumping mat perfectly centered and stretched takes patience. Attaching the net enclosure is also tricky.

The included instructions are decent, but I needed to watch some online tutorial videos to get through the entire assembly process.

Overall, expect to spend 4-6 hours assembling this monster trampoline. I highly recommend having at least two adults to help out. It’s also smart to assemble it on a warm sunny day when the mat and springs are most flexible.

In terms of placement, make sure to install it on a flat, level surface away from trees and other structures. The trampoline legs can be staked into the ground for extra stability if needed.

Additional Accessories

A few handy accessories came included with the Upper Bounce Mega trampoline:

  • Safety pad cover: This weather-resistant vinyl cover protects the frame padding from the elements when not in use. Easy to secure on and off.
  • 3-step ladder: Makes it easy for kids to climb in and out without clinging to the net enclosure. Sturdy steel design.
  • Trampoline anchors: These 8 galvanized steel anchors and cords securely stake down the trampoline base during windy conditions.
  • Rain cover: Keeps the interior and jumping mat dry if you don’t want to disassemble in rainy weather. Fits nicely over the net enclosure.

I have been using all of these handy accessories to prolong the life of my trampoline and enhance safety.


This trampoline is backed by a warranty from Upper Bounce. Here is what is covered:

  • 1 year warranty on – Jumping mat, frame, springs, hardware, and structural components
  • 6 months warranty on – Frame pad
  • 90 days warranty on – Net enclosure, pole foam, ladder, rain cover, etc.

My trampoline has held up great after months of use. But it’s nice to have a warranty in case anything breaks or deteriorates faster than expected. From what I’ve heard, Upper Bounce stands behind their products and provides good customer service.

Pros and Cons of the Upper Bounce Mega Rectangular Trampoline


  • Massive 10 x 17 ft jumping surface
  • 500 lb weight capacity
  • Deep, responsive bounce from 140 springs
  • Durable, rust-resistant galvanized steel frame
  • Thick foam padding for safety
  • Tight net enclosure with zipper & buckle closure
  • 1-year warranty on frame, mat, and springs


  • Challenging assembly (4-6 hours with 2+ people recommended)
  • Not as bouncy as similarly sized round trampolines
  • Net enclosure tricky to evenly stretch and attach
  • Instructions could be more detailed

Conclusion and Recommendation

After thoroughly testing the Upper Bounce Mega Rectangular Trampoline for the past few months, I can confidently recommend it for families looking for a large trampoline.

The build quality and materials used are top-notch, from the durable jumping mat to the sturdy frame. Safety features like the net enclosure, pole foam, and frame padding gave me peace of mind.

While assembly takes time and patience, the end result is well worth the effort. The ample 10 x 17 ft jumping space is an absolute blast for the whole family to play games and jump together. This trampoline can easily handle 500 lbs of jumpers thanks to its quality construction.

Overall, the Upper Bounce Mega Rectangular trampoline lives up to its claims of being a high-capacity trampoline built to last. I am thoroughly impressed after months of regular use and highly recommend it to other families. This trampoline earns a 5-star rating for its unmatched quality, safety, performance, and durability.

I hope you found my in-depth review helpful. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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