How Long Does A Trampoline Last?

An outdoor trampoline of good quality can last between 3-8 years if it is well maintained with time. The level of care and maintenance determines the lifespan of a trampoline. This care includes not jumping on frames, limiting the number of people to use the trampoline, and keeping it from blowing in the wind. 

There are many factors that affect trampoline lifespan, and below we have explained them in more detail.

The Trampoline Frame

The trampoline frame is the most durable component, and it lasts more than the rest of the trampoline parts. Trampoline’s frame is made of highly galvanized sturdy steel, ensuring it will bear jumps and severe conditions for a long time.

The whole frame structure is highly galvanized, making it rust resistant and doesn’t corrode upon exposure to the rain.

The frame is strong enough to hold the spring mat and safety nets firmly in one place. It comes with a warranty. Some sellers offer three years warranty, while some high-end trampoline frames come with 10 years warranty, but they are pricey.

the trampoline frame

The Trampoline Springs

Spring is a part of the trampoline that breaks down very quickly. This is because the spring’s elasticity is lost due to too many jumps. Trampoline springs’ life is minimal and lasts for only a few months.

You can increase the lifespan of trampoline springs by taking some necessary measures.

Limit the number of people on the trampoline at a time. The springs of the trampoline do not bear too much weight.

Although they are galvanized, due to constant stretches, they develop scratches on them, and a galvanized scratched surface rust faster than a non-coated or non-galvanized spring.

Therefore, use some protecting sheets or cover in rain and wet weather. The springs will lose their effective bounce if they are left uncovered. Read can you jump on a wet trampoline?

The second best option is to use water woggles or pool noodles. Cut them according to the shape and size of the spring. This will protect the trampoline springs from corrosion.

Thirdly you can use an indoor trampoline for toddlers to avoid this extra protection. Springless trampolines are another best option because there will be no spring, and you will not have to work so hard to protect them.

Clean them with WD40 regularly. Using WD40 is the most efficient way to remove dust and rust.

the trampoline springs

The Trampoline Mats

Trampoline jumping mats are made from polyethylene material, and their life span ranges from 2-5 years if well maintained only, and they come with a warranty of three years.

Constant jumping, excessive exposure to sunlight, exceeding weight limit capacity, and too much moisture are the main factors that can shorten the lifespan of a trampoline mat.

It is therefore essential to take good care of your trampoline mats.

You should limit the number of kids and adults on the trampoline based on its weight capacity. The trampoline mat can take only a few kids at a time, and there should be only one adult allowed to use the trampoline at a time.

Don’t jump continuously at one point on the mat. If you do so, fiber at that point will start getting weak and can result in generating holes in the mat.

Watch for holes in mats and fix holes as soon as you see them. If you neglect the holes, they will grow so large that you have to replace the old mat with a new one.

It would help if you never jumped on a trampoline with shoes on. Instead, jump barefoot. Wearing clothes with zippers and other sharp objects is not recommended. Make sure your pockets are empty and do not have sharp objects.

the trampoline mats

The Trampoline Pads

Another part that can wear out is the trampoline pads. They serve as shock absorbers and are placed over springs and frames.

Trampoline pads typically last 10-15 years. With constant use, the thickness and shock-absorbing properties diminish. In the end, you will have to replace the pads.

the trampoline pads

The Trampoline Safety Nets

Safety nets are essential for any trampoline. Kids are kept safe from falling off trampolines by trampoline nets. Learn Trampoline Safety Tips to Prevent Injuries

They last longer than the whole trampoline parts, i.e., frames, springs, and mats. Sometimes trampoline nets wear out by constantly hitting them, no need to replace them with new nets; you can fix holes by stitching them. 

the trampoline safety nets

Weather Can Affect Your Trampoline’s Lifetime

Weather can determine the lifespan of a trampoline. Most trampolines are designed for outdoor use, but harsh weather and UVs rays that are coming from the sun eat the lifespan of trampolines.

For example, wet leaves and heavy snowfall reduce the lifespan of frames, springs, and mats. The heavy weight of snow can break the trampoline frame, tear the jumping mat, and elongate the springs. I would suggest winterizing the trampoline in snowfall.

How To Make Your Trampoline Last Longer?

If you take care of your trampoline, it will last longer. The longevity of trampolines depends on how you can use them and maintain them. You can extend the life of your trampoline by following some of the following maintenance tips.

Regular Maintenance

If you want to make your trampoline last more than 3 to 8 years, there are a few basic maintenance plans you should adopt to complete its life longer. Not only will these maintenance tasks keep your trampoline longer, but they will also be in good condition.

Check The Screws And Bolts

Screw and bolts keep the whole trampoline structure together. They help in distributing the total weight equally. With time, they start loosening. So it is advised to check the screw and bolts of the trampoline.

If you see any loose screws and bolts, tight them immediately. Doing this will increase the trampoline’s lifespan and protect you and your loved ones from injuries.

Check Springs Regularly

Check the physical condition of the trampoline. They are very bouncy at the start, but due to continuous jumping, their bounciness starts reducing.

You can check the health of the trampoline spring by noting its initial and final position before and after the jump.

If springs do not come to their original position, it is recommended to replace them with a new one.

Set The Anchor On The Trampoline

In high windy areas, trampolines start blowing away in the air. Upon landing, the whole structure can collapse. So to handle this situation, you should anchor down your trampoline.

This will hold the trampoline in one place and keep the legs of the trampoline in the ground. If legs are buried in the ground, then the trampoline frame will remain in one place while jumping. I would suggest using in ground trampoline as they are safer and do not blow away in high wind. If confused then watch this video to maintain your trampoline.


How Long Does A Springfree Trampoline Last?

Honestly, Springfree trampolines last more than ten years. The longevity of a Springfree trampoline depends upon your geographical location and the level of maintenance you do.

How Long Does A Trampoline Mat Last?

The lifespan of a trampoline mat is between three to eight years. Its longevity depends upon the frequency of use and trampoline maintenance plan. If your trampoline is used frequently, its mat will wear out faster.

How Long Does A Vuly Trampoline Last?

Vuly trampoline lasts around 10 years. They are top-quality trampolines for kids and can bear a maximum weight of up to 330 pounds. Buying a vuly trampoline is just like a secure investment that lasts for a long time.

How Long Does A Mini Trampoline Last?

Mini trampoline lasts an average of 3-8 years, depending upon the use and level of care. If you maintain them regularly, the breakdown process will get slow, but you will have to replace mats, springs, nets, and frames with time.

How Long Does A Trampoline Burn Last?

The burns from trampolines are first-degree burns, and they typically last for about a week if they are treated properly. Sometimes these burns leave a scar. In that case, you should visit a skin care specialist.

On How Long Does A Trampoline Last

In general, if you take proper care and keep your trampoline in good condition, then it will be with you for a long time. For that, you should adopt some rules. Don’t exceed the weight limit; check holes in the mat regularly, and make sure trampoline springs and frames must be in good condition.

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