How Much Does A Small Trampoline Cost?

Small trampolines are the cheapest trampolines, and normally the cost of these small trampolines ranges from $60-400. Small trampolines that you want to buy will cost you different amounts based on different factors, which are discussed below in detail. As an example, mid-range small trampolines typically cost between $60 and $200, while high-end small trampolines cost between $200 and $400. 

They are mostly used by parents who want their kids to do rebounding inside their home under their supervision.

The factors that determine the cost of small trampolines are:

  • Quality of material used.
    The cost of a small rectangular trampoline mostly depends upon the material used in its building. These materials usually determine their durability and are long-lasting. Most trampoline frames are made from stainless steel, and their jumping pads are made of fibers. Some trampolines are UV resistant which adds to the cost. Some small trampolines are springless, and others have springs. Springless are expensive as compared to trampolines having springs.
  • Brand of trampolines.
    Some brands, such as Jumpsports, Skywalker, etc., are expensive as compared to the newly started brands on Amazon. These brands are so much popular among customers due to their high customer support. That’s why customers also trust them blindly, and they are happy to buy small trampolines from them. Sometimes, newly started brands offer the same trampoline having the same features at a low price.
  • Design.
    Small trampolines have a lot of design variations. Some are foldable, and others are not. Some include safety nets, while others include jump balancing bars. Small trampolines for kids are cheap, and for adults, they are expensive. For example, the cost of a 60 inch Skywalker mini trampoline with a safety net is $219, and the cost of a Pelpo mini foldable trampoline is $79.
  • Size.
    The size of a small trampoline varies from 36 inches to 60 inches, and their price varies accordingly. For example, the price of a 36 inch size trampoline from Little Tikes is $60, while the price for a 60 inch size trampoline on the ORCC store is $127.
  • Country of origin.
    Country of origin is another important factor in determining the cost of a small trampoline. Trampolines that are made locally are cheaper than those that are imported.

Small Trampoline Repair Cost.

With the passage of time, the trampoline gets older and its parts like legs and mats. Most of the time, mats develop holes, and they need to be repaired. If the holes are in the center of the mat, then repairing them is not a good choice. Then buying a new jumping mat is recommended. The cost of mats ranges from $ 25-100. Also, you will need a patch if there is one hole in the mat, and these patches are cheap as compared to whole mats.


Small trampolines or mini trampolines are cheap as compared to rectangle trampolines. And their prices range from $60 to $400. Their prices add up according to their features, size, and material used in their manufacturing.

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