Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline Reviews

Jumpsport is a Home Cardio Fitness spring-less mini rebounder with a low-impact and comes with an exceptional weight capacity of 200-250 pounds with different models and with a size of 39-inch that is the best and most adaptable size for fitness trampolines. 

It provides ease of bouncing with its virtually silent FlexBounce System, as well as an overall smooth bounce that allows users to burn calories, strengthen muscles, and improve their fitness level. 

Best of all, it comes with the JumpSport fitness program DVD, and you’ll receive a free 60-day trial of professional workouts online, including HIIT, strength, barre, and core.

Construction Of Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline

It’s made of an alloy steel frame that is a heavy-duty frame and its jumping mat is made of nylon that is relatively less sturdy than polypropylene, but it’s not cheap nylon.

EnduroLast 2 elastic cords are used for rebounding instead of springs in this trampoline. Tested to hundreds of thousands of bounces, these cords are known for their longevity. In contrast to steel springs, they are virtually silent.

The Powder-coated black 39-inch frame comes with arched legs that ensure stability, prevent tipping, and make storage convenient.

This rebounder features a 32.5-inch jumping surface that is 40% less impactful than traditional rebounders.

It doesn’t come with a handlebar which is a drawback, but you can buy a handlebar separately.


Putting this trampoline together is very easy because it comes 90% assembled. All the necessary parts are included in the instructions. Mats are already fitted in frames with bungee cords and consist of one piece.

Although, the 6 legs need to be attached to the frame just until you want to adjust the bungee cord. You will not need the 2 feet they provide if you order a handlebar.

Customer Service and warranty

Jumpsport has exceptional customer service. If you ask about any problem or inconvenience, you will surely get answers and the best support.

Moreover, the JumpSport is backed by a lifetime frame warranty, a 5-year jumping surface warranty, and a 2-year cord warranty.

Remember that the warranty only covers defects from the manufacturer, not normal wear and tear.

If you have any problem with the trampoline, you must contact customer service.


MaterialAlloy Steel for the frame, Nylon for the jumping mat
Frame Size39 Inches
Pad TypeDisc
Trampoline’s Weight24 Pounds
Maximum Weight capacity250 Pounds
Bouncing ImpactLow
Material for jumpingBungee cords

Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline Reviews

jumpsport fitness trampoline reviews
  • The mat features an extended 4u0022 skirt, which provides 882 square inches of bouncing surface. This much space allows you to enjoy a wide range of exercise modes on one workout platform.
  • The patented arch legs will keep this mini fitness trampoline stable and ensure that it won’t tip over. 
  • The program will help you reach your fitness goals with various balance exercises and high-intensity training.
  • EndoroLast 2’s 30 premium cords will provide you with a smooth, low-impact bounce that is good for joints. And with the Silent Bounce, you can use it at any time of the day or night.

Why should You buy this Jumpsport fitness trampoline?

The main reason I would recommend this trampoline is its fitness program. If you are a beginner or want to make a routine for your workouts, consider this trampoline with an online fitness program.

Moreover, if you are thinking about the sturdiness of this mini trampoline and comparing it with other ones, you should know that it’s not a cheap one. It’s not even possible for Jumpsport to make a cheap trampoline that they are using in their fitness programs that are also paid.

It uses bungee cords that are not normal. They will give you a lot of bounce, and they have low impacts that are best for most people with fitness problems. Moreover, there is no noise, so bungee cords are best for fitness workouts, especially in the office or at home.

Why should You not buy this Jumpsport fitness trampoline?

If you are not a beginner and you know which workout is best for you to get particular results related to your fitness, then never buy this trampoline because it’s an expensive trampoline relatively because of the fitness program.


The JumpSport Revolution is a low-impact cardio rebounder designed to safely and effectively improve your cardiovascular fitness level and overall health. The system is sturdy, stable, and durable. 

With the included 60-day trial of online exercise workouts as well as JumpSport’s free workout DVD, users can get the most out of their workout while being guided by professional instructors so they can adapt their routines and improve their health.

But if you know your workouts and plans, many other best fitness trampolines are relatively inexpensive and have the same quality.

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