Upper Bounce 10×17 Trampoline Reviews

An Upper Bounce rectangle 10X17 foot trampoline is suitable for any backyard and outdoor setting. Its high-quality premium PP mesh trampoline jumping mat and its strong and firm structure can accommodate up to 500 lbs. of weight easily. This is the main reason I am writing this review.

Let’s look at some key points of the Upper bounce 10×17 trampoline.

  • Assembles and disassembles easily
  • Steel frame that meets ASTM standards.
  • Stainless Steel High-End Galvanized Springs.
  • Mats are incredibly durable.
  • Enclosure system with Top Flex Poles.
  • Protective Safety Pads.
  • Foam and vinyl covering on the poles.

Upper Bounce 10×17 Trampoline Reviews


The upper bounce 10×17 trampoline is exceptionally durable with a heavy-duty steel frame and black paint coating. The frame is equipped with welded sockets that hold the poles to the upper wall to prevent the trampoline from bending. This strengthens the connection between the poles and the frame.

This trampoline features high-performing, heavy-duty, galvanized springs for maximum bounce and bursting power. Jumping with a friend or family is also possible on the rectangular trampoline, weighing 500 pounds.

This high-quality jumping mat is constructed from premium mesh material with 8 rows of stitching to prevent it from exploding and make it durable.



By attaching the enclosure net to the mat’s V-rings using clips, the enclosure design eliminates the dangerous gap between the enclosure net and the jumping surface. Also, a rope can be threaded through the net holes and into the spring loops for extra protection.


The net is 100% premium trillion mesh material for maximum durability. The safety feature also allows you to jump with a lot of fun without limiting your visibility. With dual zippers and latch clips, the net keeps children safely enclosed while they jump.


With a 450g PVC top and 310g PE bottom and a 1-inch thick foam layer, the pad that comes with this trampoline is strong, durable, and of high quality. EPE foam is specially designed, a high-density, closed-cell foam that is an excellent shock absorber.

Top Flex Pool Enclosure System

With the top flex pool enclosure system, you and your children can feel safe and secure. The net stands tall and straight thanks to its incredible durability and stability. Trampolines have a sleek shape because the net passes through a ring at the top of the enclosure.

Moreover, the poles are covered with vinyl sleeves made of pool foam to ensure maximum comfort and protection.


According to ASTM standards, the trampoline frame is made of solid steel and steel springs. Hence, the weight capacity and quality of the material are not an issue.

Assembly and Disassembly

Assembling this trampoline does not require special tools. Because it comes with welded sockets, the innovative feature of this trampoline is how easily it can be assembled and disassembled. In the case of severe winters, this trampoline can be easily dismantled. The “Bilt” app provides step-by-step instructions for assembly.

Assembly time

This outdoor trampoline takes about 30 minutes and two hands to assemble. Trampoline assembly instructions are easy-tounderstanding, helping the user assemble the trampoline comfortably.

In general, the assembly could be more organized, and labeling can be more precise with digital labeling. Since I’m relatively easygoing, there was no problem for me.


The one-year warranty is provided on metal parts (frame pieces, springs, etc.) and a jump mat that is started from the date of purchase.

A six-month warranty is provided on the protective pad. The remaining parts (enclosure net, foam sleeve, weather cover, etc.) are covered by a warranty for 90 days.

Note: Parts that have been damaged by extreme weather, snow, overweight, or general carelessness are not covered by the warranty.


Size10 x 17-Feet
MaterialPowder Coated Steel Frame
Pad TypeReinforced waterproof safety pad
Frame MaterialAlloy Steel
Item weight86 pounds
Maximum Weight Recommendation500 Pounds
Warranty‎1-year Limited Warranty


Overall, if you are willing to buy a large space trampoline with an exceptional weight capacity, quality construction, safety, easy assembly, and a good warranty, then don’t skip this trampoline. I know it’s a pricey one, but it is worth the price, and when you and your family jump on it, you will get your money back.

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