Upper Bounce Mini Trampoline Review

It has been proven that rebounders are great for teens and adults. You can exercise on the trampoline while even watching TV, and it’s fun to have some jumping.

With an Upper mini foldable trampoline with adjustable handrails, you can quickly bring health and fitness into your home. 

Let’s look at some details and my review of this mini trampoline.

upper bounce mini trampoline reviews
  • The handle can be adjusted in five different ways to accommodate different heights.
  • Foam is used to cover the handlebars to ensure a comfortable grip.
  • All hardware and tools needed to assemble are included.

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Upper Bounce Mini Trampoline Review


This trampoline is constructed with rust and corrosion-resistant materials; it can withstand the elements of the outdoors. Additionally, its heavy steel construction allows it to resist breaking or bending easily.

Available sizes

Upper Bounce Mini Trampoline comes in many sizes, but 40 inches and 48 inches are the most prominent sizes. Both are the best-selling sizes.


The trampoline frame is made from solid steel of ASTM standard, with gauge steel springs. Also, this trampoline has a vinyl covering and safety pads for springs and frame safety that protect your feet while exercising. 

You will no longer have to remove the pad before storing your trampoline since the pad folds with the trampoline, and because of its thick spring safety pad, it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Adjustable handlebar

Children and adults of different heights can adjust the removable handle in five different positions. So, you can have better balance coordination.

Assembly and disassembly

This trampoline can be assembled in just a few minutes with a few hands. The springs are pre-attached. To use the fitness trampoline, one needs to open the frame, put on the safety pads, and put on the legs. So, it isn’t easy again and again. When not in use, the trampoline can be folded in the same way. All in all, it’s not a very foldable trampoline.


  • Made of a sturdy steel frame with a solid design, the Upper Bounce Mini Trampoline is durable and long-lasting.
  • According to the size you choose, it has between six and eight legs for added stability.
  • Jumping on this high-quality polypropylene surface is ideal for getting a cardio workout.
  • Trampoline frames are attached to strong legs and are equipped with rubber tip caps to prevent floor marks.


ColorJumping Mat: Black, Safety Pad: Blue
Frame Size40 Inches and 48 inches
Pad TypeSafety Pad
Frame MaterialAlloy Steel
Item Weight15-25.93 Kilograms
Maximum Weight Recommendation200 Pounds
Number Of Springs36

Why should you buy an Upper Bounce Mini Trampoline?

Compared to other small trampolines, this trampoline’s base is larger. Kids (not adults) may perform some gymnastics moves with the bar. Set up is easy and does not take much time if you don’t plan on assembling and disassembling it again and again.

In addition, this trampoline is suitable for children and adults, even seniors.


Does the spring make any noise?

Not at all; there is no noise of springs. It’s an excellent mini-trampoline. You will be glad to buy this one. Also, there are no exposed springs.

Would it be good for cardio, and is it a barefoot-friendly trampoline?

Yes, it’s great for cardio. But using it barefoot will not be a good idea. 

Is this a foldable trampoline? What are the steps to fold it?

No, the trampoline can’t be folded very easily. Trampolines don’t fold unless the handle and legs are entirely removed.

Which is the best size trampoline for children (40-inches or 48-inches)?

The size of 40 inches is more than enough for 1 child, and for 3-4 small children, you can only do 48 inches. There is no problem with the weight capacity as both come with a weight capacity of 200lbs.

Can you buy just a handrail? 

No, because handrails are not sold separately. If you want to buy this trampoline, decide if you wish to buy it with a handrail or not.


All in all, equally for kids and adults, the Upper Bounce Mini Trampoline is ideal. Forty inches is the best size for kids or 2 small kids, and 48 inches would be more than enough for adults for any exercise. Within a reasonable price, adjustable handlebar, and with a lot of safety, you should definitely consider this trampoline for you and your kids.

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