How High Do Trampoline Gymnastics Jump?

How High Do Trampoline Gymnastics Jump?

Trampoline gymnastics is a type of gymnastics that combines jumping, tumbling, and acrobatics. However, there is no set height for when you fall, so it’s up to the judges to decide how high you jump. As soon as you think of gymnastics, one word that might come to mind is “balance.” But what about trampoline … Read more

How to Put Together a Rectangle Trampoline?

How to Put Together a Rectangle Trampoline?

Before you start, make sure that you have all the materials needed. You will need a piece of heavy-duty nylon rope, a trampoline mat, and some stakes.  Here’s how to put one together: Find a flat surface that will work for your rectangle trampoline. You’ll need about 2 feet of space, so make sure your … Read more

What Are the Rules of Trampolining?

What Are the Rules of Trampolining

Trampolining is a fantastic way for kids to get exercise and have some fun at the same time. But what do you do if your kid shows an interest in trampolining beyond recreation? If your child is interested in learning how to trampoline safely, it’s important to know the rules of trampolining. Trampolining is an … Read more

Should Adults Jump On a Trampoline?

Should Adults Jump On a Trampoline

Adult trampoline jumping is a relatively new trend. As children, we often go trampoline jumping without a second thought. But as we get older, should we still be doing this? The short answer is no. Most trampolines are designed for children and don’t meet the safety requirements of adults. Not to mention, jumping on a … Read more

How to Treat a Trampoline Burn?

How to Treat a Trampoline Burn

In the summertime, trampolines are a popular type of entertainment. They’re great for reuniting with loved ones the traditional way. Even though modern trampolines have greatly improved safety over their earlier counterparts, they still present a small risk of injury. Once upon a time, trampolines were not equipped with any sort of safety net or … Read more

How to Dispose of Trampoline?

How to Dispose of Trampoline

Unfortunately, the day has come when our trampoline can no longer be used for entertainment. Currently, it looks like a pile of scrap metal we found and covered with a trampoline mat. Since its useful life has come to an end, it must be disposed of, no matter how sad that may be. If you … Read more

How to Measure a Trampoline for A New Mat?

How to Measure a Trampoline for A New Mat

Standard trampoline mats are fabricated from UV- and weather-resistant fibers that are engineered to provide maximum bounce. However, the materials used and the weight capacities of specific trampoline mats will vary depending on the brand and manufacturer from which you purchase. A trampoline is a great investment, but like any other large purchase, it may … Read more

11 DIY Trampoline Lights Ideas

Trampoline Lights Ideas

Trampolines are awesome, but they’re even better when they’re decked out in lights! There are plenty of different ways to attach lights to your trampoline that will make the nights fun and bright. And because we love DIY projects, we came up with these 11 DIY trampoline lights ideas that you can do easily with … Read more

Why Does My New Trampoline Squeak?

Why Does My New Trampoline Squeak

It’s frustrating to deal with a trampoline that makes annoying squeaking noises. Your children may not realize how much the trampoline’s noise is bothering you, but you should still take precautions to spare yourself a migraine whenever you use it. Taking precautions before assembling your trampoline is the best way to avoid having to deal … Read more

How to Put Up Trampoline Net?

how to put up trampoline net

Trampoline Netting can be used to safely enclose your trampoline and protect children from falls when playing on the trampoline and from being injured by the springs which can cause injury if touched. Here we will look at how to put up trampoline netting and provide useful tips to do the job correctly and safely. … Read more