What Size Trampoline is Best for 3 Kids?

Narrated by Mr. Joseph (parent of three young kids), written by Ammar Masoud and edited by M Waqas Saeed.

As a parent of three young kids ages 11, 8, and 6, I have been researching what size trampoline would be best to buy for my children to enjoy in our backyard. After digging into this question from various angles and sources, I would recommend a rectangular trampoline that is at least 12 feet long.

My Experience and Research on Kids’ Trampoline Safety

I have researched authoritative sources on trampoline safety recommendations for multiple children, evaluated injury statistics and common causes, compared various trampoline sizes and shapes, and gathered advice from experts in the trampoline industry. Based on my expertise and the evidence, a larger rectangular trampoline is the safest and most practical option.

Why Bigger is Safer for Multiple Jumpers

Why Bigger is Safer for Multiple Jumpers

The rule of thumb according to trampoline safety organizations is to always have only one person jumping at a time. However, with three children eager to bounce together, enforcing solo jumps at all times is unrealistic.

Having a larger trampoline surface area provides more room for multiple jumpers to spread out and have fun while reducing the chances of collisions and falls off the edges. Rectangular trampolines are considered safer than round ones as they offer a flat middle with no high tension “sweet spot.”

I consulted with the owner of a trampoline retail and installation company who confirmed that bigger is definitely better when it comes to kids’ trampolines, especially with multiple users. He explained that “the price difference between sizes is small compared to the safety payoff. More jumping space means kids are further from the edges where most injuries occur.”

Recommended Minimum Size for 3 Kids

The consensus among the experts I talked to and evidence from my research indicates that a 12 foot long rectangular trampoline is the recommended minimum size for three children to jump together safely.

An 8 foot trampoline would provide far too little room, causing the kids to constantly bump into and fall over each other. 10 feet is better but still quite cramped for three growing kids. 12 feet gives them enough space to jump freely while staying aware of each other’s proximity. Anything larger than 12 feet provides even more room for error, though backyard space may be a limiting factor.

Some key factors to keep in mind when deciding what size to buy:

  • Prioritize length over width for maximum jump space
  • Consider future growth to allow room as kids get bigger
  • Measure backyard area to ensure proper fit and clearance

No matter what size you choose, always supervise children while they jump and enforce rules and safe practices.

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Additional Precautions & Safety Tips

Aside from proper sizing, there are other important precautions to take and rules to set for kids’ trampoline use:

Install safety enclosure netting – Enclosure nets are essential for preventing falls and injuries. Choose a net tall enough to accommodate growing kids.

Use helmets and pads – Head bumps are a common trampoline injury for kids. Wearing protective helmets and elbow/knee pads can prevent more serious harm.

Teach and enforce rules – Set clear guidelines for safe play including no somersaults, single jumper at a time, and stopping play when tired or distracted.

Provide active supervision – Actively watch over jumping activity and enforce safe practices. Don’t just passively supervise from afar.

Limit jumpers to similar size/weight – Prevent unpredictable bounces by limiting jumpers to those of similar size and weight. Adult and child simultaneously is extremely dangerous.

With the right sized trampoline for your kids and smart safety management, you can feel reassured they can have bouncing fun while also staying injury free.

Resources needed to buy, install and use a rectangle trampoline:

Final Takeaway: 12+ Foot Rectangular Trampoline Best for 3 Kids

In closing, my top recommendation based on expertise, evidence, and experience, is to purchase a quality rectangular trampoline at least 12 feet long for three kids ages 11, 8, and 6 to safely jump together. Combined with proper precautions like nets, padding, and rules, this provides an enjoyable bouncing experience that keeps your active children safe from preventable trampoline pitfalls.

Investing in the appropriate trampoline size goes a long way for protecting your kids’ health and creating lasting positive memories bouncing as a family! I hope these evidence-based tips give you confidence in finding the best trampoline solution for your backyard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What shape trampoline is safest?

Rectangular trampolines are considered safer than circular ones, especially for multiple jumpers. The flat middle surface lacks a sweet spot and provides more usable jumping space.

Should trampoline weight limits be followed?

Yes, trampolines should be used according to manufacturer weight limits to prevent excessive wear and breakage leading to injuries. Fortunately, children jumping normally do not create as much impact as adults.

Can smaller trampolines be used safely?

Trampolines under 12 feet long are only recommended for single user jumping. Jumping with multiple kids on smaller surfaces leads to collisions, falls off the edges, and uncontrolled bounces.

What injuries are most common on trampolines?

Bruises, broken bones, sprains, and head/neck injuries are some of the most common trampoline injuries for children. Proper precautions significantly reduce injury risks.

Should trampolines have nets?

Absolutely – enclosure netting is crucial for preventing falls off the trampoline edges onto the ground or frame which often lead to serious injury or death. Nets also prevent users from jumping off.

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