How to Put Up Trampoline Net?

Trampoline Netting can be used to safely enclose your trampoline and protect children from falls when playing on the trampoline and from being injured by the springs which can cause injury if touched.

Here we will look at how to put up trampoline netting and provide useful tips to do the job correctly and safely.

The tools and materials you will need to install your trampoline net

Wear appropriate clothing when you install your trampoline net. You should make sure that you wear shoes with non-slip soles and long trousers or shorts to avoid injuring your legs when installing the net. Make sure that there is nothing underfoot that can cause you to slip. You will also need the following materials:

  • A good quality trampoline net
  • Make sure that the net you choose is suitable for use with a trampoline.
  • A trampoline net fixings pack: This will include the metal clips and net clips you will use to install your net.
  • A pair of gloves
  • To protect your hands while installing the net.
  • A couple of safety pins – To fix any holes in your net as you install it.

Step 1: Install the Enclosure Poles

Start by installing the enclosure poles. These are the poles that form the inside edge of the trampoline net. Install the poles so that they are approximately 6 inches away from the frame of the trampoline.

  • Start by setting the poles approximately in the center of the trampoline and mark the position where they should go.
  • Remove the poles and then use a drill to create holes for inserting the poles and then push the poles into place.
  • If you have installed your trampoline net correctly, the poles should be flat against the trampoline mat and the tops should be level.

Step 2: Hook Up the Springs and Mat

Now you need to attach the springs and the trampoline mat. The mat is essential because it will allow the net to bounce as children play on the trampoline. If you do not install the mat correctly, the net will not bounce correctly.

  • Remove one of the springs from its bag and loop the end of the spring over the end of one of the enclosure poles.
  • You should make sure that the curl of the spring faces away from the pole. You should now have one spring attached to one of the enclosure poles.
  • Repeat this process for the other spring and enclosure pole. You need to make sure that the springs are attached to the enclosure poles so that they are tight together.
  • Set the mat onto the springs and then attach the springs to the hooks on the frame of the trampoline.
  • You should ensure that the mat is flat and that the springs are evenly spaced and they are attached to the frame of the trampoline so that they are tight together.

Step 3: Install the Net

Now you can start to install the trampoline net. You will need to attach the net clips to the frame of the trampoline as you go.

  • Start with the bottom edge of the net and attach one clip to the frame of the trampoline at the bottom of the net.
  • As you go, attach the clips approximately 6 inches apart. This will allow the net to have some bounce and will stop it from becoming tangled up.
  • As you go, attach the clips approximately 6 inches apart. This will allow the net to have some bounce and will stop it from becoming tangled up.

Tips for Safely Installing Your Trampoline Net

1) Make sure that you use the correct size and type of net. The net must be big enough to fully enclose the trampoline and it must be strong enough to withstand the impact of children playing on it.

If a net is too small or it is not strong enough, it can become damaged and it can fail which will create a serious safety hazard.

2) When you install your net, make sure that the net is correctly attached to the frame of the trampoline and that it is attached to the frame so that it is taut. If the net is not taut, it will sag and it will be ineffective.

3) If you have installed your net correctly, the net will be taut and it will be touching the ground. The net should be approximately 3 inches above the ground and it should be touching the ground along the full length of the trampoline. This will prevent children from stepping on the net as they play on the trampoline.

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Trampoline Safety Net FAQs

How Long Does It Take To Install A Trampoline?

It will depend on the size of the trampoline and how you have chosen to install it. A basic trampoline can take 90 minutes or so. A trampoline with a safety enclosure and a heavy-duty net will take longer.

Do I Need A Trampoline Safety Net?

Yes, it is a legal requirement in many countries for all outdoor trampolines to be enclosed by a safety net when they are in use by the general public.

Can I Install My Own Trampoline?

Yes, you can install your own trampoline, but you will need to do it correctly.

Where Can I Find A Trampoline Installer?

You can find a local trampoline installer by searching online.

Final Words

Installing the trampoline net is a great project and it can save you money. It is very important, however, to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing a trampoline. You should always use a heavy-duty trampoline net when the trampoline is in use. Remember that a trampoline is a great addition to a backyard and it can provide hours of fun for children of all ages.

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