11 DIY Trampoline Lights Ideas

Trampolines are awesome, but they’re even better when they’re decked out in lights! There are plenty of different ways to attach lights to your trampoline that will make the nights fun and bright. And because we love DIY projects, we came up with these 11 DIY trampoline lights ideas that you can do easily with the help of your kids.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

11 Diy Trampoline Lights Ideas

  • Light up your trampoline with LED lights
  • Add some color using colored LED lights
  • Turn on the dance party with a speaker light ring
  • Hang up some lanterns for an extra glow
  • Make a glow in dark hop scape with paint and a glow-in-the-dark paint pen
  • Install neon lights all around the border of your trampoline
  • Use rope lighting to create a glowing outline
  • Add battery-operated candles for soft lighting and ambiance
  • Dormant Jumping Lights
  • The Final Touch: Add A Battery Operated Strobe Light
  • My Invented DIY Trampoline Lights Idea

1) Light Up Your Trampoline with LED Lights

Due to the wide selection of colors and styles available, LED lights are great for trampolines. You can even get LED rope lights to wrap around the outside edge of your trampoline for a complete light-up experience. 

LED Lights
LED Lights

This project is best for kids and families, as you don’t have to worry about electrical safety since all the parts are connected and powered by a single plug. To get started, wrap the inside of your trampoline with LED lights. 

Try to cover the entire trampoline with lights evenly spaced out. Then, connect all the wires to a single plug so that you can turn the lights on and off with one switch. 

Make sure you have a strong support system for the lights, so they don’t fall while people are jumping.

2) Add Some Color Using Colored LED Lights

Colored LED lights are like a crayon box of lights. You can get them in all sorts of different colors, and you can even set two or more colors to change automatically. These lights are great for kids, as you can set a color scheme that corresponds with their party theme or school colors. 

Colored LED Lights
Colored LED Lights

This project has a bit more electrical work and connection than the previous project, but it can still be done by anyone. Follow the wiring instructions on the box of the lights you buy, and you’ll be all set. 

To hang the lights, you can either stretch and clip them directly onto your trampoline frame, or use fishing wire or zip ties to tie them onto the frame. If you choose to directly connect them to the frame, make sure you put them in areas where they won’t get in the way of people jumping.

3) Turn On the Dance Party with A Speaker Light Ring

This project is perfect for a dance party or a music-themed celebration on your trampoline. You can connect almost any Bluetooth speaker to a light ring, and then it will pulse to the beat of the music! 

Speaker Light Ring
Speaker Light Ring

Even though this project can become more complicated, it’s still completely doable. You will need a light ring, a Bluetooth speaker, and some wire and electrical tape to connect them. 

Follow the instructions on the light ring, and then connect the Bluetooth speaker to the light ring. Since the Bluetooth speaker will be hanging from the light ring, make sure you wrap the wire in electrical tape so it’s safe for you and your guests.

4) Hang Up Some Lanterns for an Extra Glow

The lanterns add a warm glow to your trampoline. These can be used in a variety of ways, like lining the entire frame with lanterns, hanging them at the top of the frame, or putting them on the ground around the trampoline. 


For this project, you’ll need to choose a good trampoline frame and a bunch of lanterns. Before hanging the lanterns, make sure the frame is sturdy enough to support them! You can either hang them or set them down.

If on the ground, make sure you put them far enough away from the trampoline so people won’t trip over them.

5) Make A Glow in Dark Hop Scape with Paint and Glow-In-The-Dark Paint Pen

Decorating the outside of your trampoline is a great way to add some fun visuals during the day, but it’s even better when it glows in the dark! This project uses a bunch of different materials, but it’s worth it. 

You’ll need a large canvas, poster board, paint, a glow-in-the-dark paint pen, and a stencil for the design you want. Start by covering your canvas with the first layer of paint. 

In-The-Dark Paint
In-The-Dark Paint

Then, use the stencil to create your design in the second layer of paint. Finally, use the glow-in-the-dark paint pen to write out the design and create a cool silhouette! Once it’s dry, mount the canvas to the outside of your trampoline. You can use screws or large staples to attach it.

6) Install Neon Lights All Around the Border of Your Trampoline

Neon lights make everything better, and they’re especially great for a trampoline. Neon lights can be connected around the entire frame, or you can attach them to the frame and then wrap them around the outside. You can also get a long strip of lights and lay them down the center of the trampoline. 

Neon Lights
Neon Lights

To connect the lights, you will need to buy a special neon light transformer that can handle the load. Almost any hardware store sells these for about $15.

The lights will come with instructions for how to connect them. When installing the lights, make sure you attach them to a wooden or metal frame. Using spray adhesive, tack them to the frame, and then use a staple gun or screws to affix them to the frame.

7) Use Rope Lighting to Create a Glowing Outline

If you want to make your trampoline a glowing outline, rope lighting is a perfect choice. You can either wrap it around the entire frame, or you can cut it to the shape of your trampoline and wrap the lights around the bottom. This project is super easy and can be done by anyone.

Rope Lights
Rope Lights

Make sure you get the correct type of lights, and then just attach them to the trampoline frame with staples, tape, or clips. There are many different ways you can use rope lights.

8) Add Battery Operated Candles for Soft Lighting and Ambiance

Battery Operated Candles
Battery Operated Candles

For the easiest DIY trampoline lights, all you need are some battery-operated candles. They’re easy to place on the trampoline, and they look great with the surrounding lights. They also give your trampoline a soft, warm glow that is perfect for a date or a quiet night with friends.

9) Dormant Jumping Lights

If you don’t want to invest in trampoline lights or you don’t have any outlets near your trampoline, you can use dormant jumping lights. What are dormant jumping lights, you ask? They’re lights that are attached to the springs of a trampoline so that the bouncing of the springs turns them on and off. 

Dormant Jumping Lights
Dormant Jumping Lights

For this DIY trampoline lights idea, you will need trampoline springs, lights, clamps, and a way to attach the lights to the springs. You can do this by clamping the lights onto the springs, or you can solder them in place.

10) The Final Touch: Add A Battery Operated Strobe Light

For the last piece to this DIY trampoline lights puzzle, you can add a battery-operated strobe light. A strobe light creates a fun club-like atmosphere, and it’s the perfect way to end your fun night on the trampoline. 

Battery Operated Strobe Light
Battery Operated Strobe Light

We recommend choosing a battery-operated strobe light, so you don’t have to run an electrical cord to the trampoline. After all, the trampoline is meant for jumping, not standing around underneath it. 

A battery-operated strobe light will help you keep the focus on the fun and not the mess of power cords.

My Invented DIY Trampoline Lights Idea

One of my favorite DIY trampoline lights is using a laser projector to light up the trampoline. I picked up this laser projector from Amazon for a steal. It projects various shapes and designs onto the trampoline, and it can be seen clearly from a distance. 

Finding a laser projector is easy, but finding one that has a green laser instead of a red laser can be tricky. 

Red laser light is too intense and can be harmful to your eyes. This green laser light is perfect for illuminating your trampoline and giving it a cool vibe. 

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Final Thoughts

There are a ton of ways to decorate your trampoline with lights, and we hope that these 11 DIY trampoline light ideas give you plenty of inspiration! Whether you want to go with a laser projector, a strobe light, or something else, there’s sure to be something here that catches your eye.

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