My Honest Jumpfly Trampoline Review After Taking the Leap

🏀⚡️🤸‍♀️ When my kids begged me for a trampoline, I’ll admit I was hesitant. I’d always been curious about jumping on trampolines but concerns about safety held me back from taking the leap. That all changed when I discovered the Jumpfly Trampoline! 🤸‍♂️🏀⚡️

After tons of research comparing brands and reading rave reviews, I decided to purchase the Jumpfly Outdoor Trampoline with Enclosure Net (and Basketball Hoop). And let me tell you – it has exceeded all expectations for safety, quality, ease of use, and most importantly, fun! 🥳

In this detailed Jumpfly Trampoline review, I’ll walk through my entire experience from unboxing to setup to our first few weeks of jumping. I’ve also included some key considerations if you’re debating this trampoline brand yourself. Let’s bounce in! 👇

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My Journey To Owning A Trampoline

My Journey To Owning A Trampoline

I’ll be upfront – trampolines used to intimidate me. I associated them with injuries and emergency room visits. But over the years my curiosity grew as I learned about safety innovations like enclosure nets.

When my two kids ages 8 and 10 started begging nonstop for a trampoline, I decided it was time to confront my fears. I spent hours consuming trampoline reviews and comparisons to find the safest option that would also provide long-term fun.

The Jumpfly Trampoline kept appearing in my searches with rave feedback on sturdy construction and safety features. I was also attracted to the value pricing and bonus basketball hoop.

After a month of research evaluation, I finally committed to being a trampoline owner and purchased the 10 ft Jumpfly for my family. Spoiler – it was one of the best decisions ever!

Unboxing And Setup – Easier Than Expected!

Unboxing And Setup - Easier Than Expected!

When the large Jumpfly box arrived at my house, I’ll admit those familiar safety worries crept up again. Was I really ready to have this in my backyard?

However, when my kids and I opened the package to find everything neatly organized and thorough instructions included, excitement took over!

The Jumpfly packaging included:

  • Pre-assembled trampoline frame
  • Trampoline jumping mat
  • Safety enclosure netting
  • Springs
  • Safety padding
  • Basketball hoop with ball
  • Ladder for getting on the trampoline
  • Anchor kit to secure the trampoline
  • All necessary tools for assembly

With all pieces accounted for, it was time to construct this baby!

Smooth Assembly Process

Smooth Assembly Process

Between the clear visual diagrams and smart tool-free design, the Jumpfly trampoline assembled much easier than expected. My brother-in-law came over to lend an extra pair of hands and we had the entire structure built in around 90 minutes.

Here’s an overview of our step-by-step process:

  1. Laid out all parts to understand how they connect
  2. Attached the trampoline legs and shaped the frame
  3. Secured the frame together without needing nuts/bolts thanks to the unique tension system
  4. Added the black safety pads around the frame
  5. Attached the safety enclosure poles and net
  6. Secured the jumping mat to the frame using the easy spring loading tool
  7. Added the ladder and basketball hoop

The most tedious parts were shaping the safety net (which required some muscle work) and positioning the basketball hoop screws. But overall a smooth and intuitive assembly.

My brother-in-law and I were quite proud standing next to our finished trampoline structure! Next came the true test – jumping! ✅

Safety First – Key Design Features

I will openly admit that even after buying this well-reviewed Jumpfly Trampoline, I still had some lingering safety worries having this in my own backyard.

Luckily, Jumpfly’s thoughtful design gave me peace of mind. Here are some of the key safety components that set my mind at ease:

Sturdy Steel Frame

Sturdy Steel Frame

The heavy-duty 1.2mm galvanized and rust-resistant steel frame provides stability and durability. It’s built to withstand years of outdoor jumping! No creaking or shifting like cheaper trampolines.

UV Protection

Special coating prevents fading or damage from sun exposure over months and years outside.

Safety Enclosure Netting

Safety Enclosure Netting

The thick net fully encloses the entire trampoline jumping area with a zippered entrance. It keeps jumpers protected inside and has held up impressively to my kids’ wild moves!

G-Shaped Springs

G-Shaped Springs

These springs securely hook to the jumping mat without slipping or tearing. Safety padding covers the springs to prevent contact.

Curved Frame Poles

Curved Frame Poles

The frame poles gently curve inwards rather than sharp corners of standard trampolines. This avoids painful collisions for my energetic kids!

With all these safety considerations in mind, I felt secure allowing my kids to finally jump!

Family Fun Time!

Family Fun Time!

On trampoline inaugural day, we added one final touch – staking down the trampoline anchor kit. This secures it firmly in place in case of gusty winds.

Then came the moment my kids had been begging me for – their first jumps! Their faces lit up hopping on the padded surface. My daughter practiced gymnastics moves while my son played “can’t touch the ground” and other bouncing games.

Seeing their joy while also knowing the Jumpfly’s safety features were in place, I was able to join in the fun myself. We played elimination contests to see who could stay on the trampoline the longest!

The basketball hoop adds a totally different dynamic to work on slam dunks. And when we need a water break, the external shoe holder keeps shoes safely stored.

More Reasons I Love Jumpfly’s Trampoline

After a few weeks of family jumping, this trampoline has exceeded expectations. Here’s what stands out:

All-weather durability – Rain or shine, hot or cold, the components endure it all! We look forward to jumping all year round.

Easy maintenance – Just some occasional rust-proof spray upkeep and re-staking if needed. Far less work than I anticipated.

Convenient ladder – Entry step makes it easy for the kids to climb without assistance (and mom too!).

Fast delivery – Shipped fast and arrived in pristine condition.

As you can see, the Jumpfly checks all my boxes for safety, convenience, quality, and family fun!

Key Buying Considerations

If you’re currently trampoline shopping yourself, keep these tips in mind:

🔎 Prioritize safety features – Enclosure net, durable frame, and UV protection are must-haves!

🛠 Consider setup process – Look for easy assembly without complex tools or hardware.

⚖️ Compare warranties – More coverage years = more confidence in equipment longevity!

🏋️‍♂️ Pick the right weight capacity – Ensure it fits your family numbers and ages.

👪 Consider added elements – Basketball hoop? Shoe storage? Anchor kit? Determine which accessories you’ll enjoy.

Available Trampolines from Jumpfly

10 ft
12 ft
14 ft
Enclosure Height
66.9 in
66.9 in
70.9 in
Frame Height
27.6 in
33.5 in
33.5 in
Mat Width
103.9 in
127.2 in
149 in
Frame Width
119.7 in
144.1 in
168.1 in
Weight Capacity
330 lbs
400 lbs
450 lbs

The Final Verdict

I can officially say my days of trampoline uncertainty are over! The Jumpfly Trampoline has provided endless entertainment for my family while also giving me peace of mind.

If you’re looking to add both thrill AND safety to your backyard, I enthusiastically recommend this brand. Don’t let fears hold you back any longer – take the leap into the wonderful world of trampolines!

Ready to bounce with complete confidence? Grab your own Jumpfly Trampoline today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Jumpfly Trampoline last?

With its durable construction from weather-resistant steel and UV protective coating, the Jumpfly Trampoline frame can last over a decade outside. Other components like springs and jump mat generally last 3-5 years with proper care.

Does Jumpfly offer trampoline financing?

Yes! Jumpfly partners with Klarna to offer flexible financing options, including paying over time with 0% APR. This makes these safe trampolines more affordable.

What size Jumpfly Trampoline is best for adults?

Jumpfly offers 10ft, 12ft, and 14ft options. For adults, the 12ft or 14ft is best to accommodate taller heights and more powerful bouncing. The 12ft supports up to 400lbs while the 14ft supports up to 450lbs.

Does the Jumpfly warranty cover water damage?

The Jumpfly warranty protects against defects in materials and manufacturing. It does not cover external factors like water damage from improper drainage or extreme weather events. Be sure to stake down anchor kit and position trampoline on flat surface allowing water runoff.

How do I contact Jumpfly for trampoline questions or issues?

You can contact Jumpfly’s helpful USA-based customer support team via email at or by Whatsapp at: +1(726) 213-1037. They also offer convenient webchat support for any trampoline inquiries!

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