Trampoline Activities For Kids: The Ultimate Guide to Fun and Safe Jumping

Trampolines provide hours of bouncing fun for kids of all ages. They promote activity, build coordination, and provide a safe way for children to burn off excess energy. With so many creative games and activities, trampolines keep kids engaged all summer long.

Trampolines aren’t just for backyard fun. With proper supervision and safety measures, they can be used for exercise, coordination building, sensory stimulation, and gross motor development. Read on to discover over a dozen trampoline games and activities to keep your kids jumping for joy.

Trampoline Safety Tips

Before we get to the activities, let’s review some key trampoline safety guidelines:


  • Adult supervision is essential whenever children are on the trampoline
  • Assign an adult to be the dedicated ‘spotter’ during trampoline play

Safe Set-Up

  • Set up the trampoline on a flat, level surface free of obstructions
  • Keep the trampoline away from structures, fences, and other play areas
  • Use a safety enclosure net designed specifically for your trampoline

One at a Time

  • Only allow one jumper on the trampoline at a time
  • Wait until the previous jumper has exited before the next person gets on

Controlled Jumping

  • No somersaults or flips – stay low to control your bounce
  • Smaller children should sit or kneel to keep their balance
  • Hold hands with small children learning to jump

Gear Up

  • Remove shoes, jewelry, watches, glasses before jumping
  • Tie back long hair
  • Wear comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement

Trampoline Games for Kids

Once you’ve addressed any safety concerns, it’s time for some bouncing fun! Try out these trampoline game ideas to keep kids engaged.

1. Hot Potato

You’ll Need: Soft ball or bean bag

This classic playground game gets a trampoline twist. Players pass the ball quickly while jumping, trying not to be the one holding it when the music stops. Switch up the throwing order each round to keep everyone on their toes.

2. Simon Says

Turn trampolining into an exciting game of Simon Says. Take turns being “Simon” and calling out bouncing actions for the other players to perform. Just watch out for when Simon says to do the opposite! This is a great way to build listening skills.

3.shadow Jump

See if your little jumpers can match each other’s moves in sync! One person leads while the other tries to mirror their every jump and landing in perfect time. Switch leaders so everyone gets a chance. Shadow jumping builds coordination.

4. Lava Escape

In this imagination game, the trampoline mat becomes a molten lava field! Use pillows, stuffed animals or pool noodles scattered around the trampoline as “islands”. Players hop from island to island, avoiding the hot lava below. Get creative and roar like a volcano erupting!

5. Basketball

Add a trampoline basketball hoop and transform jumping into a sport. Play H-O-R-S-E, take shots from increasingly tricky positions, or make up challenges – how many baskets can you score in a minute? Get the whole family involved in this fun game.

6. Target Practice

You’ll Need: Balls, toy bow and arrows, bean bags, or soft safe projectiles

Aim at chalk targets on the trampoline mat or attach a hula hoop to the safety netting. Score points by landing your shots on target as you bounce. Remember to throw gently and be aware of other jumpers’ positions.

7. Follow the Leader

One player leads the group in a series of jumping moves. Take big bounces, little bounces, jump with your arms out or spin in a circle – anything goes as long as the leader does it first! The person who follows the moves the best becomes the new leader.

8. Limbo

You’ll Need: Broomstick or pool noodle

Take turns shimmying under the limbo stick while jumping, lowering it each round. Keep your toes pointed and bounce high to squeeze under without touching the stick or falling off the trampoline. Bending backwards takes balance and control!

9. bounce Tag

Pick one player as “It” and have them try to tag the other jumpers. If someone gets tagged, they become the new “It.” Requires quick direction changes and controlled bouncing. For a greater challenge, call “Freeze” and everyone must freeze mid bounce!

10. Trampoline Twister

You’ll Need: Twister mat or make colored circles with chalk

Just like the classic game, players put their hands and feet on the colored circles according to a spinner. Keep your balance while holding crazy twisted poses as everyone bounces around you! This silly take on Twister gets your whole body involved.

11. Alphabet Jump

Practice spelling and alphabet recall while getting in some exercise. Call out a letter and have players make that letter shape with their bodies in the air before landing. Try simple words or spell someone’s name to get the hang of encoding letters through jumping.

12. Popcorn

All players crouch low on the mat, then bounce gently and lightly in place. When the caller yells “Popcorn!” everyone jumps high in the air with their arms stretched out, like popcorn bursting. You can pretend the trampoline heat is causing the corn to pop!

Developmental Benefits of Trampoline Play

Beyond just having fun, trampolines provide many developmental benefits for growing kids. Here are some of the major skills and abilities trampoline play helps build.

Balance and Coordination

  • Jumping requires total body coordination
  • Changing directions mid-air challenges dynamic balance
  • Bouncing games build spatial awareness

Muscle Strength

  • Repeated jumping is a plyometric workout that strengthens core and legs
  • Holding positions works arms and shoulders
  • Climbing on and off the trampoline aids upper body strength


  • Bouncing gets joints moving through a full range of motion
  • Reaching for balls/targets builds extension
  • Twisting and turning increases mobility

Body Control

  • Landing with control develops proprioception
  • Stopping/starting suddenly requires body awareness
  • Learning specific skills boosts motor planning

Social Skills

  • Taking turns teaches patience and sharing
  • Playing interactive games develops communication
  • Trampolining is a natural environment for positive interaction

Sensory-Friendly Trampoline Activities

For children with special needs, a trampoline can provide therapeutic benefits beyond recreation. The sensory input and motion have calming, focusing effects for many. Here are some adapted trampoline games for therapy.

Proprioceptive Input

Have the child lay prone and push down into the trampoline mat to experience deep pressure. Or lay supine and press hands overhead into the mat. This engages joints for calmness.


Sit together with the child cradled in your lap. Gently bounce up and down to create a soothing rocking rhythm. Hold them close or allow them to extend arms and legs.

Spin Jumps

Hold hands with the child and spin clockwise, then counter-clockwise for several revolutions. The vestibular input is centering. Increase or decrease speed according to their needs.

Patterned Jumping

Call out different cadences and bounce patterns for the child to match, like “slow, fast, fast” or “high, low, low, high”. Work on rhythms and following directions. Offer handholding as needed.

Animal Moves

Have the child imitate different animals with their jumping – big gorilla thumps, kangaroo hops, frog leaps, etc. Animal play engages imagination and body awareness. Take turns with the child leading.

The enclosed trampoline area provides a safe space for sensory regulation and exploration. Always ensure proper supervision and support.


With so many options for bouncing fun, trampolines are a perfect way to engage kids in active play this summer. Follow safety guidelines, get creative with games, and enjoy the giggles and fitness. Trampoline time builds cherished family memories – and tires the kids out for an easier bedtime! With a variety of activities suited for all skill levels and ages, trampolines are a smart investment for endless entertainment.

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