How to Measure a Rectangle Trampoline Mat?

How to Measure a Rectangle Trampoline Mat? You will need to know a few pointers to measure a rectangle trampoline mat to be confident that the mat you purchase is the right size for your trampoline.

  • To calculate the size of a rectangular trampoline mat, you will first need to measure the width of the mat and the length of the mat, but hold on! There’s more!
  • Standards sizes can differ quite a lot from one brand to another
  • Whenever you go shopping for a mat, you will find that not all brands have the same sizes, e.g., 8x12ft, even for a nominal size, e.g. 8x12ft. This is because each brand has different-sized frames and springs for their mats. Measuring your mat to ensure that it fits your frame size and spring length is very important.
  • Typically, companies will tell their customers to measure their mats by measuring them through the middle of both the long and short sides.
  • There is a possibility that this will lead to the wrong size mat being sold, likely one that is too small as rectangle trampolines will tend to bow in the middle of the long side especially when they are overloaded.
  • You can determine if you have this problem by looking at your edge.
  • Not all trampolines of the same nominal size, e.g., 8×12 ft. have the same metric frame size or spring length. If you have tried many suppliers without success, it will help you to know this so you can begin to consider buying new springs and mats if necessary.
  • Spring quantity: On trampoline websites, they write the number of springs you have along the length and width of the trampoline. You should also check if any springs are going into corners these are typically written as +4.
  • When you are doing the math and measuring, you should be very careful to ensure that you do not deviate from the required size in any way. Even a small variation as little as 25 mm can make the difference between a usable trampoline and one that is not.
  • Connecting styles of mat corners is also essential. In terms of style, you can choose from three basic options: webbing, springs, or nothing. You can be aware of this before buying a mat, so you will be able to choose the correct mat before buying it for the first time.

What to Do If You Only Have a Frame and No Mat and or Springs?

  • For some reason, if you do not have the jumping mat or if it has a huge hole in it, you will not be able to get an accurate measurement of the jumping mat.
  • The frame should be measured again between the two first spring holes on both the long and short sides of the trampoline, but this time measure the frame to get the outside frame measurement.
  • If you have springs, you should measure their full length, hook end to hooked end, so that you know how long they are.
  • As a result, you will need to contact the company that you think will be able to provide you with a mat based on the number of springs you have for each direction that you have.
  • The spring length for a particular size mat will need to be determined by calling them in order to inquire about what length springs come with the mat of that size.
  • There might then be a need to replace a complete set of springs in the future.

When it comes to measuring a rectangle trampoline, it is pretty easy to do. With the above advice, you’ll have your measurements in no time.

If you cannot find a suitable mat, we recommend that you purchase a strong, durable, and best rectangular trampoline with net that will keep your kid safe and happy all day long.

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