How to Move a Trampoline to Mow?

When you have a trampoline in your home, you encourage your kids and family members to exercise as much as possible. It is fun to jump on a trampoline and can be beneficial for building muscles, increasing blood circulation, and burning fat quickly.

Despite this, constant bouncing can damage your lawn if you don’t take care of it. Regularly cutting the grass and keeping it neat ensures that the lawn stays healthy and neat.

To mow the grass efficiently, you must shift the trampoline when you plan to mow the lawn underneath. This device can be easily moved from one place to another if you know how to move a trampoline to mow.

How to Move a Trampoline to Mow?

If you follow these three simple steps, you will be able to move your trampoline to mow with ease.

Use WD40 to Slide the Trampoline

The sliding technique is a great way to move a trampoline from one place to another. To make the trampoline easier to slide, it is necessary to apply WD40 under its legs so that it will be able to move easily to its intended destination.

I recommend you use this method if you plan to move your trampoline only a short distance from where it is currently located. Since the trampoline is made of metal, it would be great if you could get two or three people to assist you with the installation process.

Although WD40 may damage your grass, you should not be concerned about that since the grass will return to its normal state with time. A limited amount of WD40 should be applied to the surface. Otherwise, the grass might take a lot of time to heal.

Consider Trampoline Wheels

A trampoline is a large, heavy piece of equipment, so moving it yourself can be pretty challenging. Trampoline wheels can make getting the trampoline up and down easier.

If you would like, you can attach wheels to the legs of the trampoline so that you can move it to whichever place you want. As soon as you are done mowing the grass, removing the wheels from the mower is advisable because they can cause accidents if you leave them on.

When the trampoline wheels are attached to the trampoline, jumping on it can cause the trampoline to move, which can pose a safety concern. Depending on the brand, a trampoline can come with wheels or without wheels. However, there are online stores that sell wheels that you can purchase.

Some trampoline wheels do not fit all trampolines, and you must keep this in mind before you purchase one. In this regard, it is worth checking carefully to ensure that your trampoline’s wheels match the model of the trampoline.

Consider Professional Mowing Services

An excellent solution to get rid of the stress involved in moving the trampoline is to hire a lawn mowing service.

An expert lawn care company understands the different types of grasses and knows the correct techniques to keep your lawn looking beautiful and healthy all year round. Additionally, they do more than mow the grass for you. They know how to move a trampoline safely and effectively.

Therefore, when you hire a lawn care company, ensure that they know that you own a trampoline before they start working on your lawn. This means they will have to bring helpers or equipment to move the trampoline by themselves.

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