Can A Trampoline Stay Out in The Winter?

Trampolines are great fun for kids, but there’s one question that always comes up about them: Can A Trampoline Stay Out in The Winter? Should you leave them outside to weather the elements, or can you store them in your garage or basement to keep them safe and sound? 

Read on to learn more about trampolines in the winter, including how they fare in the snow and whether it makes sense to store them inside or outside when it’s cold outside.

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Can You Leave a Trampoline Outside All Year?

The short answer is NO, you shouldn’t leave a trampoline outside year-round. While trampolines have been made to withstand the elements and can start outside, they don’t do well in the long term. Trampolines aren’t made to withstand the cold, so leaving them outside would wear them down over time and increase the risk of breakage. Trampolines also don’t fare well in the snow.

In fact, you may not even be able to use a trampoline in a light dusting of snow. If the snow is too heavy, it can put a lot of weight on the springs and frame of the trampoline, which can bend or break. If the snow is too heavy, you can also put yourself at risk of falling onto the springs and getting injured.

What Happens to Trampolines In Winter?

Trampolines start pretty well during the winter, but they’re likely to get damaged by snow and ice over time. On the frame, snow and ice can build up, putting extra weight on the springs. 

Over time, those springs can start to bend or break, which is bad news since those are what allow the mat to bounce. 

You can try to clear the snow and ice off as best you can, but it’s probably a better idea to store it somewhere indoors when you have the chance. The mat is another big factor to consider during the winter. 

The mat is the part you land on when jumping, but it can get dirty and dusty if left outside. If you leave it outside, the mat will likely get dirty and grimy, which can be hard to clean. 

You can try hosing it off, but that may not be enough to clean it. If you want to keep your mat in good condition, storing it indoors is better.

Can You Store a Trampoline Indoors?

You don’t have to leave a trampoline outdoors if you don’t want to. You can store it inside, especially if you’re expecting heavy snow or have nowhere to keep it outside.

If you have a garage or shed nearby, that could be the perfect place to keep it. If you don’t have anywhere to store the trampoline, you can also put it inside your house, as long as you have the space and permission from your landlord or homeowner’s association.

Make sure you have plenty of room in a garage or basement room because you’ll also want to leave room for other things.

You’ll also want to ensure you have the right equipment and a good way to secure the trampoline, so it doesn’t move around too much.

Trampoline Storage Tips

Before you store your trampoline, you’ll want to ensure it’s clean and dry. If you want to clean it, you can use mild soap, but don’t do anything too harsh since there may still be rust on the springs.

After it’s clean, you want to let it dry so it doesn’t rust or mildew. You can put it in a garage or shed that has some airflow.

If you have a big enough backyard, you can also put the trampoline in the backyard with a tarp over the top to protect it from the rain. Don’t forget to cover the mat too, so it doesn’t get dusty while it’s in storage!

Wrapping Up

If you only use a trampoline in the summer, it’s fine to leave it out during those months. However, if you like to use your trampoline year-round, you’ll need to store it when the weather gets cold to keep it in good condition. You can store it in a garage or shed or inside your house if you have enough room and your landlord or homeowner’s association approves. When you’re ready to bring it back out, you can clean it off and let it air out before using it again.

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