5 Easy Trampoline Tricks For Kids

Trampolines provide hours of bouncing fun and exercise for kids of all ages. But beyond just jumping, trampolines open up opportunities for kids to learn gymnastics skills and impress friends with cool tricks! In this guide, we’ll share some of the easiest trampoline tricks that will turn your little jumpers into backyard acrobats.

With proper supervision and the right technique, even preschoolers can start learning tricks like seat drops, front drops, and knee drops. As kids get older and more coordinated, they can progress to skills like swivel hips, turntables, and cannonballs. Trampoline time is a chance for kids to be active and imaginative. So let the tricks begin! πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ

Safety First! πŸ›‘οΈ

Of course, safety should always come first when kids are jumping and flipping on the trampoline. Here are some key tips:

  • Adult supervision is essential – always watch kids on the trampoline.
  • Allow only one jumper at a time.
  • Enforce rules – no pushing, somersaults, or flips.
  • Use protective padding on poles, springs, etc.
  • Check for rips, frays, or holes before bouncing.
  • Remove shoes, jewelry, glasses before jumping.
  • Place the trampoline on a flat, level surface away from trees, poles, walls, etc.

By following basic safety rules, you can minimize the risk of injuries and let kids focus on fun and learning new skills!

5 Easy Tricks for Beginners

Seat Drop

This is one of the simplest trampoline tricks to learn. Have the child start from a standing position. They then bend their knees and sit down on the trampoline mat. Then they can bounce back up onto their feet! The key is landing softly by keeping the feet wide and absorbing the impact with bent knees. Kids can perfect their seat drop technique before moving onto trickier maneuvers.

Front Drop

Similar to a seat drop, but this time the child will drop onto their hands and knees. Start from a standing position with knees slightly bent. Bend forward at the waist and drop down onto hands and knees on the mat. Then bounce back up, keeping the body aligned. This helps kids get comfortable landing on all four limbs as they progress to harder skills.

Knee Drop

This begins the same way as a front drop, but the child will land with just their knees touching the mat. Make sure kids land lightly on their knees, keeping their upper body upright. This trick strengthens balance and coordination. Work on landing with both the right and left knee leading.

Swivel Hips

Have the child stand sideways with feet slightly apart. Bend the knees and lower into a slight squat. Then push off the trampoline, twisting the hips and shoulders 180 degrees before landing. This trick improves body control while twisting midair. Make sure kids complete the turn fully before landing.


A turntable takes swivel hips to the next level by adding in a frontways rotation. Start sideways with knees bent. Jump up rotating the hips 180 degrees, but also bring the knees up to execute a 180 degree front flip. Land back in the starting position. This exciting trick takes lots of practice!

Intermediate Tricks to Try

As kids master the basics, they can try more challenging tricks. Here are some intermediate trampoline skills to work towards:

Front Flip

Every kid dreams of doing flips on the trampoline! Start slowly by practicing front drops and getting upright after landing. Then, explode off the trampoline into a front flip. Keep the head up and spot the landing throughout the flip. Allow plenty of airtime to complete the rotation fully before landing on the feet.

Back Flip

A backflip follows the same process, but kids will start facing the opposite direction. Throw the head back as the body flips backwards. Spot the landing throughout and absorb the impact with the legs when landing. Backflips take courage so let kids work up to them at their own pace.

Pike Jump

For this skill, start from a standing position and bend forward at the waist, reaching for the toes. Then jump up forcefully from this “pike” position. Stretch the body out into a straight line while airborne. Kids can have fun seeing how high they can jump while maintaining the piked shape.


This advanced trick takes coordination. While airborne, tuck the arms and legs into a ball while rotating the body sideways. Untuck as you approach the trampoline to land on two feet. Start with just a quarter or half twist. Work up slowly to a full sideways rotation before landing.


A cannonball adds excitement by combining tricks. Start in a seat drop position. As you rebound upwards, tuck your knees into your chest while flipping backwards. Un-tuck the body just before landing on your backside. Then bounce back up to finish!

Mastering Cool Tricks βœ…

Learning trampoline tricks takes practice and patience. Set kids up for success by following this progression:

Start simple – Master basic landing positions like seat and front drops before moving on. This builds confidence.

Add rotation – Work on 180 degree twists and turns like swivel hip and turntables. Get comfortable spinning in the air.

Increase speed – Tricks need power and lift. Bend knees to generate momentum before jumping.

Spot your landing – Keep eyes fixed on the trampoline to stick the landing every time.

Stay in control – Learning proper technique is crucial, even as tricks get harder. Maintain body control throughout each maneuver.

With encouragement, creativity, and progressively challenging themselves, kids will be expert tricksters in no time! Trampolines are the perfect place for kids to burn energy while also building athletic skills that will aid their development and confidence. Let the fun and flipping continue! 🀩

Trampoline Games for the Whole Family

Once kids have mastered some awesome tricks, get the whole family in on the trampoline fun with these lively games:


See who can stay bouncing the longest! Kids take turns doing tricks while others try to knock them over or get them to fall. Last person still bouncing wins.

Hot Lava

Lay red towels on the trampoline to designate “hot lava” zones. Kids bounce around from safe zone to safe zone without touching the lava. Hitting a lava zone means elimination.

Bounce Challenge

Who can complete the most tricks in 60 seconds? Take turns bouncing while family members count trick repetitions. Highest score wins.

Trampoline Dodgeball

Scatter pillows on the trampoline as “bombs”. Toss soft balls at each other, trying to make opponents touch a bomb. If you touch a bomb, you’re out!

Follow the Leader

Take turns being the leader, performing trick combinations for everyone else to copy. Get creative and have fun with it!

With a bit of creativity, trampolines can provide hours of entertainment and family bonding in the backyard. Just be sure to enforce safety rules so the games don’t get too wild!

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Trampoline Safety Tips 🀞

While trampolines provide lots of laughs and exercise for kids, they also pose some inherent risks. Here are key safety precautions to take:

  • Always supervise children and limit to one jumper at a time
  • Use shock-absorbing padding on the frame, hooks, poles, etc.
  • Place on a level surface away from obstacles like trees or poles
  • Inspect for tears, holes, frays, or worn connections before use
  • Enforce no flips or somersaults to avoid landing on neck or head
  • Remove accessories like jewelry, glasses, shoes before bouncing
  • No food, drinks, or gum while using the trampoline
  • Ensure net enclosures are installed and in good repair
  • Let an adult bounce first to check stability and condition
  • Store away trampoline in windy or stormy weather

The proper precautions will ensure trampoline fun while minimizing the risk of broken bones, sprains, head injuries and other dangers. With safety as the priority, parents can feel good about letting their kids leap, spin, and flip to their hearts’ content!

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Trampolines are a great way for kids of all ages to stay active and practice gymnastics skills from the comfort of home. With proper adult supervision and a focus on starting simple, kids as young as preschoolers can begin learning basic tricks like seat drops, knee drops and front drops.

As they master body control and spatial awareness, children can progress to more advanced skills like flips, twists and cannonballs.

Trampoline time provides hours of healthy bouncing fun and helps develop confidence, balance and athleticism. Just be sure to prioritize safety with padded protective gear, enforced rules, and active adult monitoring.

Let the tricks and games begin – trampolines encourage creativity, movement and family bonding! With these tips, your little jumpers will be soaring and spinning like acrobats in no time. Let the backyard fun continue! 😊

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