7 Easy Trampoline Tricks For Kids

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Are your children passionately interested in playing on trampolines? If the answer is yes, you should read this article because I am going to guide you about the easy trampoline tricks for kids that you can teach your kids effortlessly.

If you don’t know, the benefits of trampolining are even more significant than those of running and jogging to get in shape. Moreover, the reason for kids’ fascination with this play lies in its plain sailing. It is natural for them to learn how to play with trampolines without much effort. 

Since this widely practiced play has some potential hazards to be warned of, knowing some tricks or technics always aids the kids in safe play with Trampoline and to have fun to its fullest extent. The parent should be with their kids while playing with this device in the beginning days.

Easy Trampoline Tricks For Kids

Following are the easy trick to do on a trampoline:

  • Seat Drop
  • Back Drop
  • Knee Drop
  • Hand and knees Drop
  • Flip, Front Flip, and Back Flip tricks
  • Straddle
  • Pike

Seat Drop

Seat Drop is a trick that kids can intrinsically perform. Start practicing this trick by bouncing at the outset. Establish the bounce by keeping on jumping for a while. Continue jumping, putting your feet together, and pressing on the Fabric of the Trampoline with your toes. After you get some fresh air while doing this. When you go down, land on your rear end, push your hands against the Fabric, and go up. In the next turn, land on your feet. That’s it, this is called Seat Drop. It is very easy and can be learned without much effort.

Back Drop

The Back Drop is the trick in which the jumper, once establishing the bounce, lands on his back, not on the rear end, but the entire back. He then pushes his body against the Fabric of the Trampoline and gets enough energy to bounce. After bouncing, he straightens his body and lands in a standing position. He repeats this, and it is called the Back Drop jump.

Knee Drop

The Knee Drop is the third Technic that kids feel at ease in performing. Keep jumping for a while, in the next turn, land on your knees. Don’t tilt on either side, front or back. Keep your back straight and land on your knees with hips right above your knees. Point your feet on the Fabric, push your knees against the Fabric of the Trampoline and bounce back. When you bounce back, straighten your legs and eventually land on your feet, which means you are in a standing position. Practice this again and continue.

Hand and knees Drop

When one masters the above tricks, he or she can practice the trick known as Hands and Knees Drop. It appears like a Knee Drop, but since the jumper uses his hands too in landing, so it is called. Jump for some time, after you get some fresh air while jumping, land on your knees and hands, distributing your weight evenly. Push yourself to the Fabric with your hands and knees, and bounce. While going up, straighten your body and land in a standing position. And keep doing the same.

There is a variety of jumps for those kids who mastered above explained tricks. Flip, Straddle and Pick jumps are some of them.

Flip, Front Flip, and Back Flip Tricks

Flip is a kind of jump that is a bit complicated, and one should be careful in doing this. There are two Flips, Front and Back Flip. In Flip jump, once the jumper bounces, he makes acrobatic movement in the air and finally lands in a standing position. To say simply, one does a forward somersault. And just before he lands, he straightens his body and lands on his feet. Sometimes on his back.

To practice Front Flip, jump for some time and make yourself tuned to Trampoline. A good Front Flip jump starts with an excellent straight jump with your arms up above your head and your body. As you rise, you begin to lead into your hollow body position and hunch. You will make an acrobatic movement forward in the air, and finally, you will land in a standing position. In the Back Flip trick, you will rise after several good straight jumps and hunch backward when bounced. And finally, you will land in a standing position.


To do a Straddle jump, first, do some good straight jumps. In the next turn, when you rise, stretch out your legs to both sides of your body and touch your toes. The success in doing this trick lies in the timing. You have to do this entire stretching the legs and touching the toes task when you are in the air. After you touch your toes, straighten your legs and land in a standing position.


Pike jump is a variety of Straddle jumps. In this jump, you try to create a Pike with your legs before your body while trying to touch your toes. As one practices the Straddle jump, one tends to practice this jump as he gets somebody’s flexibility with the Straddle one. These are the Trampoline playing Tricks for kids. However, it is suggested for the parents to be with their kids while practicing these until they master playing with Trampoline without getting hurt.

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