Partial Spring Replacement on Rectangular Trampoline

Do you have an older rectangular trampoline that doesn’t have as much bounce as it used to? Have you ever felt like you occasionally “bottom out” and hit the ground when jumping high in the middle of your trampoline mat? Upgrading some of your old and worn out springs could give your rectangular trampoline a performance boost.

As an enthusiast, I decided to research what partial spring upgrades could do to invigorate my old rectangle trampoline and prevent me from potentially injuring myself when coming down too hard on the mat. Here’s what I learned about maximizing safety and performance via a rectangular trampoline partial spring replacement upgrade.

Why the Center Area Springs Get Overworked the Most

Why the Center Area Springs Get Overworked the Most

When a person jumps on a rectangular trampoline, the mat in the center stretches down the most dramatically. During each bounce cycle, the central area springs and perimeter springs elongate to different degrees. As physics would predict based on the shape of the trampoline and mat, the inner network of center springs undergoes more radical stretch-and-recoil motion compared to the outer perimeter springs.

Replace the Most Heavily Used Center Third Springs

According to my trampoline field research and inquiries with manufacturers, replacing the most fatigued line of springs located in the center third area of each side of a rectangular trampoline will give the biggest performance boost for jump height and injury prevention. These middle third springs condition in the “Goldilocks zone” of the rectangular mat and support your highest, hardest contacts with the mat.

Balance Spring Specs for Bounce, Control, and Limits

The most important spring factors for a partial rectangular trampoline upgrade are:

  • Spring Strength/Elasticity – Measured by pounds per inch or Newtons per mm ratings, stronger springs boost you higher but reduce control. They also may overwork the mat and frame.
  • Compatible Mat Limit – Make sure any new springs won’t over-stretch your existing mat. A mat reaching its elastic limit loses efficiency and risks tearing.
  • Total Number of Springs – More springs spaced closer together improve stability and distribute force better across the mat and frame. But they cost more too.

What If the Springs Don’t Line Up with Current Hook Holes?

If upgrading to nicer springs that don’t exactly matchup with existing trampoline frame hook slots, new holes will need to be carefully drilled. Use a drill guide template made from cardboard or thin wood to ensure uniform new spring anchor points around the frame that don’t weaken structural integrity.

Weigh the Pros of Cons of a Partial Spring Upgrade

Before deciding to upgrade some major springs on your rectangular trampoline, weigh the following key considerations I’ve gathered:

Potential Benefits

  • Increase maximum jump height by 15-25%
  • Reduce risk of “bottoming out” the mat when landing
  • Prolong total lifespan of trampoline with new springs
  • Improve bounce efficiency and performance

Possible Drawbacks

  • Mixed spring strengths could produce uneven and unpredictable bounces
  • New anchored frame holes weaken the frame over time
  • Cost of project with new springs, tools, and hardware
  • Voided warranty if not a manufacturer-approved mod

Carefully factoring the performance upgrade potential against any downsides of a partial spring replacement job will lead to the best decision for your specific trampoline needs.

Conclusion – Maximizing Safety and Fun Is the Key Goal

For rectangular trampolines showing their age through diminished bounce and occasional scary landings, a strategic spring refresh can boost jump height and control. Replacing at least the middle third springs on all sides balances cost and high performance impact. But preserve your warranty and integrity of the whole trampoline system by not over-tweaking springs beyond limits. Safety and enjoyment should remain the ultimate design drivers.

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Further Questions about Rectangular Trampoline Spring Upgrades

Here are answers to some other common questions I get about boosting rectangular trampolines through partial or complete spring replacements:

Does adding more total springs significantly improve performance?

Yes, adding 2-4 additional springs per side generally enhances stability, distributes body impacts better, and increases airflow efficiency. But make sure a greater number of springs doesn’t over-stress the frame.

How much bounce height can I realistically gain from new springs?

Expect approximately 15-25% more maximum bounce height from new replacement springs on a rectangular trampoline. But actual results depend on the mat, frame, and many other interdependent factors.

Should I just replace all the rectangle trampoline springs at once?

Swapping all old springs for brand new ones gives the best and most balanced performance upgrade. But it also costs the most in parts and labor. Most bounce improvement comes from upgrading the center 50% of springs.

I hope this trampoline spring replacement guidance gives you a solid jumping off point for planning your own rectangular trampoline improvement project! Let me know in the comments if you have any other partial rectangular spring switch-out questions. Let’s keep bouncing higher and safer.

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