What Trampoline Should I Get for My 11 and 9 Year Old Kids?

If you’re looking to buy a trampoline for your active preteen and tween, safety and durability should be your top concerns. As a parent of similar aged kids who recently went through the trampoline selection process myself, I’ve gathered recommendations below based on extensive personal research and experience.

What Trampoline Should I Get for My 11 and 9 Year Old Kids?

  • Focus on Safety Features
  • Prioritize Durability and Build Quality
  • Choose the Right Shape and Size

Focus on Safety Features

Focus on Safety Features

The most important consideration for this age group is safety. Be sure to choose a trampoline designed specifically for recreational backyard use, not a mini rebounder trampoline which is meant for indoor fitness. Key safety features to look for include:

  • Enclosed netting on all sides that is tightly woven and attached to the frame with no major gaps
  • Thick protective padding covering the springs, frame, and poles
  • A ladder for safe access in and out of the enclosure
  • A warranty of at least 5-10 years, showing confidence in longevity

Many parents prefer to have the netting attached on the inside of the springs rather than the outside. This prevents jumpers from landing on the springs themselves if they miscalculate a landing.

Prioritize Durability and Build Quality

Prioritize Durability and Build Quality

In addition to safety, durability is hugely important for a trampoline that will stand up to daily use by adventurous kids. High quality materials, thick gauges of steel, and rust/UV-resistant coatings will allow the trampoline to last for many years.

Look for reputable American brands that specialize in trampolines when possible and check that the weight rating sufficiently exceeds the combined weight of your kids. Carefully read through online reviews from verified purchasers to spot any red flags with particular models before purchasing.

Choose the Right Shape and Size

Choose the Right Shape and Size

For recreational home use, a round trampoline is generally preferred over rectangular or oval options. The circular bounce surface helps prevent jumpers from accidentally landing too close to the frame or netting.

Aim for a diameter of at least 14-15 feet which gives ample room for beginner bounces, flips, and games of trampoline basketball. Many families wish they had gone even bigger down the road as their kids improve their skills, so err on the side of more space if possible based on your backyard size.

You can expect to spend $500-1500 for a high quality round trampoline meeting all the safety and durability criteria mentioned above. In my experience, it’s worth investing more upfront for long-lasting peace of mind and years of bouncing enjoyment.

Top Trampoline Recommendations for Ages 9-11

Top Trampoline Recommendations for Ages 9-11

Based on firsthand testing and feedback from parents of tweens, here are my top picks:

1. Zupapa No-Gap Design 16 15 14 12FT Trampoline for Kids (Upgraded)

With its unique patented design that adjusts rebound levels, the Zupapa is ideal for families with kids of different sizes and skill levels. Safety features are top-notch and assembly is straightforward with their new rail-first system. This model tops many “best trampoline” review lists year after year.

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2. SKYUP Trampoline 1500 lbs. 9-16ft

For excellent value and performance at a lower budget, the best-selling SKYUP Trampoline 1500 lbs. 9-16ft punches well above its price point. This round trampoline combines safety, stability, and easy assembly at the best value of all the models on this list. It includes a tightly woven net enclosure attached to 8 rows of rust-resistant springs.

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3. Springfree Trampoline – Oval Medium

The Springfree Oval Trampoline is the patented leader when it comes to safety by design. However, this exceptional safety comes at a steep price. There are no dangerous metal springs or hard edges – instead, composite fiberglass rods provide flexibility. The shape allows multiple jumpers to play games safely. If budget is no concern, Springfree leads the field in innovation and protection. However, their warranty is shorter than many competitors at just 3 years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What size trampoline is best?

For ages 9-11 who are just learning flips, turns, etc., a 14′ or 15′ round trampoline provides ample safe bouncing space. This allows beginners to find their balance and confidence before upgrading skills or transitioning to a rectangular trampoline designed for aerobics and gymnastics.

How much does installation cost?

Most parents can assemble their trampoline at home with 1-2 helpers to layout and lever the frame pieces into place. Detailed installation instructions are included. No special tools are required beyond a rubber mallet. Total assembly time ranges from 3 hours for basic models up to 8 hours for elaborate trampolines with net enclosures.

Should I buy trampoline accessories?

While accessories like basketball hoops seem enticing, prioritize safety over accessories, especially for this young age group. Start with the basics like protective padding and make sure the net fully encloses the trampoline with no gaps. As kids gain skills and maturity, you can always add accessory bundles later on.

How do I maintain my trampoline?

Check that nuts/bolts remain tightened every 2-3 months. Keep the trampoline clear of debris and moisture that could lead to rust and inspect for frays or damage yearly before use each season. Replace worn parts as needed and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for longevity.

The Takeaway

Investing in a safe, durable backyard trampoline brings years of exercise and enjoyment for tweens and young teens. For parents looking to surprise their 9 and 11 year old kids this holiday season, focus first on stability and protection features before accessories. And as kids progress in skills over time, the right trampoline purchased today will flex and grow alongside them.

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