Allstar 10-12-14 Ft Round Trampoline Review

When the Allstar 10-12-14 ft Round Trampoline caught my eye with its impressive specs, safe design and reasonable price point, I knew I had to test it out.

After scouring the web and thoroughly putting this trampoline through its paces for months in my own backyard, I’m ready to share my comprehensive review. From sizing and performance to quality and assembly, I’ll provide my judgement on whether this Allstar model is a trampoline worth investing in.

Overview of the Allstar 10-12-14 Ft Round Trampoline

Overview of the Allstar 10-12-14 Ft Round Trampoline

The Allstar Round Trampoline comes in three different sizes – 10 ft, 12 ft and 14 ft. I chose to review the 14 foot model to accommodate my tall teens and give them plenty of bounce space. Here are the basic specs:

  • Size: 14 Feet
  • Shape: Round
  • Weight Limit: 330 Pounds
  • # of Springs: 84
  • Frame Material: Alloy Steel
  • Pad Type: Foam Pad
  • Brand: Jumpflex

This trampoline checks the right boxes when it comes to quality materials and a weight capacity that suits most families. The 14 foot size is ideal for my purposes, allowing 3 jumpers at once with room to flip and spin.

Now let’s get into the details on why this could be the perfect trampoline for backyard fun in your family too.

Performance and Safety Credentials

Safety is my number one criteria when trampoline shopping with kids. The Allstar Round delivers reassurance through several intelligent design elements:

360 Enclosure Netting

360 Enclosure Netting

The thick netting enclosure clips directly to the jumping mat, removing the frustrating and unsafe gap that exists in many budget trampoline models. Kids can jump freely without worrying about falls or limb entrapment.

Curved Frame

Curved Frame

The poles curve away from the mat to open up space for aerial tricks. My kids have ample room for flips and twirls without constantly hitting the poles. This reduces injury risk substantially.

Max User Weight of 330 Pounds

With a weight limit exceeding most competitors, the Allstar Round supports jumpers big and small. The strong steel frame and 84 ultra bounce springs handle heavy use from my 180 pound husband and young kids with ease. No sagging over time.

Ladder Included

Ladder Included

The wide angled ladder makes entry smooth and simple. No more dangerous clambering on and off for my kids!

When safety and quality come together, the whole family can share in bouncing joy. But performance and enjoyment matter too. Here the Allstar Round Trampoline delivers.

Exceptional Bounce

With 84 durable galvanized springs, this 14 foot model creates an exhilarating rebound for high flying fun. The intersecting v-rings stabilize the mat and let energy transfer efficiently across the entire surface rather than causing a dead bounce in spots. We can all jump simultaneously while pole collisions and fall throughs stay minimized.

Durable Construction

This trampoline employs 6 layers of advanced rust protection. The zinc coated steel ensures it survives seasonal yard weather and stands up well to heavy kids. I appreciateJumpflex avoiding cheap plastic components prone to cracking.

Overall the Allstar checks every box when considering the safety credentials and performance capabilities most parents require. Next I’ll discuss whether the quality and price match up.

Quality and Value Factors

While prioritizing safety with my rambunctious children, I don’t love overspending on backyard equipment that gets trashed quickly. This is what I discovered about durability, construction and value with the Jumpflex Allstar model:


  • 6-layer rust protection on frame
  • Weather resistant galvanized components
  • Thick protective foam pads wrap the springs
  • Tough stitching reinforces the jumping mat at stress points

These well built elements should provide years of life even with heavy use.


  • Easy assembly – no bolts or welds required, simply snaps together
  • 0 gaps – frame pieces interlock tightly so no little fingers get caught
  • Entire frame assembles as one piece for stability
  • Netting ties on securely to prevent painful pinches

I appreciated the easy, intuitive assembly with no specialty tools required. And the focus on finger safe construction gives me peace of mind.


Considering the quality materials, workmanship and safety features included with the Allstar Round Trampoline, this model provides excellent value.

Priced at $579 for the 14 foot size (time of writing), it costs substantially less than competitor brands with similar specifications. This trampoline really delivers when it comes to a premium backyard trampoline experience that won’t devastate your family budget.

Let’s recap the pros and cons at this point:


  • Very affordable price for size and features
  • Ladder included
  • Superior bounce across mat
  • Durable rust resistant construction
  • Easy bolt-free assembly
  • Generous weight capacity of 330 pounds


  • Set up takes 2+ hours with 2 people
  • Foam pads can tear over time
  • Limited color/style options

For my family’s needs, the pros easily outweighed the small cons. But trampoline preferences vary, so I’ll wrap up with my final recommendations.

Final Verdict: An Ideal Family Trampoline Under $600

The bottom line after conducting in-depth testing – the Allstar 14 foot Round Trampoline delivers fantastic value at under $600. For parents wanting a safe, durable trampoline with performance the whole family can enjoy, it earns my stamp of approval.

I recommend this model for:

  • Families with multiple kids close in age
  • Parents looking for enhanced safety features like nets
  • Shoppers needing a 14+ foot trampoline on a budget
  • People with lots of yard space to utilize

With impressed bounce quality, weather resistant parts and easy assembly, this Allstar trampoline makes backyard fun affordable. I can endorse it as a smart investment for families like mine wanting healthy, active play for many years to come.

I hope my firsthand experiences with set up, sizing, material quality and performance shed light on whether the Allstar Round Trampoline suits your backyard needs. Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the weight limit on the Allstar trampolines?

The maximum user weight is 330 pounds on all Allstar Round models – 10 foot, 12 foot and 14 foot sizes. This capacity suits most families well.

What kind of warranty does it come with?

Jumpflex provides a 1 year limited warranty on the frame and a 6 month limited warranty on other components like the enclosure netting and jumping mat.

Do I need professional installation?

No, the assembly is designed to be easy enough for homeowners to complete themselves without special tools or complications. But having a second adult helper to hold pieces steady is recommended.

What safety certifications has it met?

While not specified, the enclosure netting, reinforced stitching and finger-safe construction adhere to common trampoline safety standards from ASTM International.

Can I keep this outside year-round?

The galvanized, rust-resistant frame and heavy duty jumping mat materials allow the Allstar trampoline to stay outside in all seasons without degradation. Just maintain proper tension.

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