Little Tikes 7ft Trampoline Reviews

No doubt Little tikes have so many top-quality trampolines, but Little tikes 7ft has its own qualities in terms of safety and a good jumping area for relatively smaller spaces.

If you are not a big fan of big-size trampolines because you have 1 or 2 kids and want to place the trampoline inside and drag it outside too, then don’t go anywhere this Little Tikes 7ft Trampoline Reviews is for you. Little tikes 7ft is suitable for kids aged 36 months – 10 years. So, for 2 kids, it’s a perfect trampoline.

Kids will enjoy this 7ft trampoline because it is not too springy, and they can easily get on and off by themselves. Without a net, it may not be possible to put it together. Considering its lightweight, it is easy to move in and out of the garage or indoors when it is windy, ensuring it does not blow away.

The instructions are easy to follow, and it is easy to assemble. Assembling the springs could be a bit difficult at first, but it became more difficult as you went along (understandable).

If you feel anything is missing, then don’t worry, call customer service and tell them your problem. Further, it comes with 90 days of warranty.

All in all, you should consider this Little tikes 7ft trampoline for your kids but after reading this article fully.

Product details

Frame Size7 Feet
Pad TypeFoam Pad
Frame MaterialAlloy Steel
Item Weight32 Kg
Maximum Weight Recommendation45 Kg

Little Tikes 7ft Trampoline Reviews

little tikes 7ft trampoline reviews
  • The quality and durability of this kid trampoline assure via a protective net for a safe, bouncy experience.
  • High-quality materials and blow-molded plastics construct the frame and padded springs covered with foam.
  • Even though seven feet may not seem like much compared to the larger 12′-15′ trampolines available, it is perfect for kids under 10 years old. 

Why should you buy Little tikes 7ft trampoline?

This little trampoline is a great buy for kids despite the high price. It is as safe as it can be because it is covered in netting and padded throughout.

Even after a very bad storm, the trampoline will not move one inch from where it was left. So, don’t worry if you are looking for a heavy trampoline.


What is the best way to remove the poles and net?

You can find Little Tikes’ website which contains instructions for completely disassembling the trampoline. Reverse the assembly process.

Is it possible to keep this trampoline outside?

The colored material will fade after 1-2 years of heavy outdoor use, so it’s up to you to put this trampoline on.

Can this trampoline be moved easily?

There is no problem moving this trampoline. Just dragging it a bit is enough for me to move it myself on my lawn. It would take two people to lift and move it if you don’t want to drag it.

Is Little Tikes 7ft Trampoline trampoline suitable for adults?

Jumpers are restricted to 150 lbs. because of the possibility that their rebound will hit the ground underneath. I wouldn’t recommend it because there is so little room below. However, it is durable enough for an adult.


If you want to buy a trampoline for little kids under the age of 10, you should go for Little tikes 7ft trampoline without hesitation. The main reason for writing this Little tikes 7ft trampoline review is the same. Most parents hesitate to buy a big and expensive trampoline for kids. But this one comes at a reasonable price and gives good quality for kids.

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