Langxun 60 Mini Trampoline Review

Suppose you are looking for a bigger trampoline than a normal mini-trampoline but not a full-fledged trampoline. In that case, there is no better trampoline for that purpose than Langxun 60 inches mini-trampoline. It would be an ideal trampoline for kids to stretch out and burn off that boisterous toddler energy.

A trampoline-like Langxun 60 inches mini trampoline is hard to beat because you won’t have a problem putting it together and dragging outdoors and indoors.

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This trampoline has a seamless design between the enclosure and mat, eliminating the possibility of kids getting stuck in the space between the enclosure and the mat. 

It also took up a relatively small amount of space. Further, there are a lot of safety features, but the best feature is springs that are inaccessible to the children’s reach, and accidentally pinching fingers is not possible.

Additionally, the external net design, unique among other trampolines, allows the trampoline to have more surface area and be more beautiful, durable, and comfortable.

Moreover, just like a full-size trampoline, it has a great rebound. I would say it is suitable for kids between 2-12. I am impressed with the price also the quality is excellent.

All in all, those looking for an indoor (or even outdoor) trampoline for their children should consider Langxun 60 inches’ mini-trampoline.


Frame size5 Feet
Pad TypeFrame Pad
Frame MaterialAlloy Steel
Trampoline’s Weight30.73 Pounds
Weight Capacity220 Pounds
Number of Springs30
Jumping Surface Area19 Square Ft.
ColorsBlack Mat and Yellow Frame Pad and Foam
Frame height47.2″

Langxun 60 Mini Trampoline

langxun 60 mini trampoline
  • The upper enclosure frame is supported by galvanized steel T-sockets that help prevent the twisting of the trampoline frame. High-density, tightly woven, UV-treated PE thread makes the customized, robust safety net.
  • 3.5-inch heavy gauge springs provide excellent bounce and are corrosion resistant. Designed from heavy-duty, UV-protected polypropylene, trampoline mats are durable and strong. The yellow color makes trampolines look more dynamic and athletic.
  • With this LANGXUN trampoline, you will find a basketball hoop that you can adjust, as well as a dartboard for children. Multi-functional design, kids will have lots of fun. 
  • It is easy and fast to assemble, including the necessary hardware and tools. Once you receive the trampoline, it can be installed immediately. Installation does not require any tools or accessories.


The company offers a one-month unconditional return policy, as well as a half-year free replacement policy for damaged parts.

Why should you buy Langxun 60 inches’ mini trampoline?

  • Once you get started, putting it together is easy. Use the spring holder tool and net buckles under the V-ring (attached to the aping). It only took me under an hour to assemble it by myself.
  • The trampoline is also portable and can be moved indoors or outdoors, depending on the situation!
  • I can use it much more easily after zipping and unzipping the safety net zipper a few times.

Why should you not buy Langxun 60 inches’ mini trampoline?

  • Both the poles and the net supporting the safety net are of normal quality. It is a constant worry because the kids like to push into the net to get a little adventure.
  • It would be better if the poles to the safety net were bolted instead of snapping together.


Is it durable enough to be used outdoors?

I believe so. I keep mine outdoors. My kids can’t tip it over since it’s zip-tied to my fence. When the kids place their weight on one side, it tips easily. We’ve had no problems outside with it.

Are replacement parts available for this trampoline? 

The company offers After-sale guarantees. The company will provide replacement accessories for free, and you can reach them directly by email.

Is it hard to move from room to room? Could it be moved through a narrow doorway? How would you store it?

It is not at all heavy. It is easy to move from one place to another. The safety net and posts would have to be removed to move it through doorways. It might not be possible to move the legs without assistance. However, we keep ours in the playroom all year round. It is, however, very lightweight. 

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