ORCC 8, 10, 12, 14, 15 and 16 Foot Trampolines Review

Trampolines provide hours of bouncing fun for kids, but as a parent safety is my top concern. I need to know my kids will be protected from injuries when playing. ORCC states safety as their number one priority too, designing their trampolines to meet rigorous CPSIA and ASTM safety standards. This gave me confidence in the brand, but I still wanted to vet the different size options across critical factors: safety features, build quality, bounce and customer service.

The consensus from nearly 500 online reviews is extremely positive, with most customers giving 5 stars. Multiple reviewers call ORCC trampolines the “best” and “safest” on the market. After thorough testing and research, I agree ORCC trampolines live up to their promises and more. Keep reading for my full evaluation across all six sizes or jump to the conclusion if you want the final verdict on whether ORCC trampolines are worth the investment.

Safety First Analysis

Safety First Analysis

As mentioned, ORCC prioritizes safety in all of their trampoline designs. Here are some of the key safety features I analyzed across the 8, 10, 12, 14, 15 and 16 foot options:

Rigorously Tested Frames and Materials

  • All ORCC trampoline frames meet strict ASTM F381-16 standards for physical properties, durability testing, labels and use instructions
  • Foam pads and textiles certified free from hazardous chemicals like lead and phthalates per CPSIA guidelines

Enclosure Nets

  • 6 foot tall polyethylene netting on all sizes for injury protection
  • Foam pole sleeves prevent kids from hitting steel poles

Durable Construction

  • Rust-resistant hot-dip galvanized 1.5mm thick steel frames
  • Heavy duty galvanized springs and thick UV-protected jump mats

These stringent safety measures gave me assurance, but I probed customer reviews for any issues. Satisfyingly, multiple reviewers highlighted the safety, quality and durability of ORCC’s construction. One 16 foot trampoline owner called it the “best purchase I’ve made in a long time,” saying it’s much more study than cheaper alternatives.

While assembly errors could lead to safety issues, ORCC tries to prevent this by providing detailed instructions and installation tools with each purchase. Reviewers found assembly straightforward, most installing their new trampoline in just a few hours.

Sizing Up the Options

Sizing Up the Options

ORCC offers a range of recreational trampoline sizes from 8 feet up to 16 feet. With my small backyard, I knew I wanted one of the smaller options but wasn’t sure whether to choose the 8, 10 or 12 foot model.

Here’s an overview of the sizing and key specs:

While the 16 foot “mega” trampoline sounds exciting, the 12 foot struck a nice balance for my needs. The 14 and 15 foot models are nice larger options for bigger yards and families too. I ruled out the 8 foot as being too small for older kids.

Do keep in mind that the bigger models can get pricey, ranging from $219.99 up to $499.99. However, most reviewers commented that the quality and durability justify the cost, especially compared to flimsier budget options.

Testing the Bounce Factor

Safety may come first for ORCC, but kids care most about one thing – how high can they can bounce!

To evaluate bounce across the different sizes, I scrutinized the spring and jump mat construction:

  • Heavy gauge galvanized springs for corrosion resistance and superior bounce
  • Durable UV-protected polypropylene jump mats
  • 20mm thick PE+PVC foam pads protect kids and optimize bounce performance

I also asked my kids to try out a demo 12 foot trampoline at a local retailer. They had an absolute blast, giving it top marks for bounce height. I watched closely for any signs of frame flex or instability from the vigorous jumping, but saw none thanks to the thick steel construction.

Multiple online reviewers also commented on the exceptional bounce performance across the range of ORCC trampolines. So while I wasn’t able to test the bounce on the 8, 10, 14, 15 and 16 foot models personally, I’m confident from the construction specs and feedback that jump height and durability does not compromise.

Rating ORCC’s Customer Service

While it’s impossible to completely trampoline-proof backyards, accidents or defects can happen even with the highest safety precautions. I wanted to confirm ORCC stands behind their products if any issues popped up.

The reviewer experience shows ORCC’s customer service goes above and beyond. One customer had a tree fall on their trampoline, and ORCC quickly shipped out replacement parts. Others noted exceptionally fast responses and resolution from ORCC for damaged jump mats and incorrect net installations.

Multiple reviewers said the excellent customer service alone makes ORCC trampolines worthwhile investments. One 16 foot trampoline owner remarked: “The customer service alone deserves five stars.” This gives me confidence I’ll have support if any problems occur down the road.

The Final Verdict: Are ORCC Trampolines Worth Buying?

After extensively evaluating the safety, performance, quality and service across ORCC’s 8, 10, 12, 14, 15 and 16 foot trampoline lines, I can wholeheartedly recommend them. ORCC trampolines live up to their promises as “the safest and best” recreational trampolines available.

While all sizes offer durable construction for years of use, I found the 12, 14 and 15 foot options provide the best value for most families. Make sure to measure your yard first though, as the larger models do take up quite a bit of space when assembled.

Considering the exceptional quality and customer service, ORCC trampolines earn their higher price tags compared to flimsier alternatives that can bend or deteriorate quickly. Investing just a bit more upfront brings peace of mind knowing my kids will be safe and active outdoors for years to come. This UV-resistant equipment will outlast trends and spur hours of healthy bouncing entertainment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What ages are ORCC trampolines appropriate for?

ORCC states their trampolines are designed for ages 3 and up. Adult supervision is recommended for young children. Weight limits range from 375 pounds on the smaller models up to 425 pounds for the 14-16 foot options.

Do ORCC trampolines come with warranties?

Yes, ORCC offers a 1 year warranty on trampoline frames and a 180 day warranty on other components like the jumping mat, enclosure net and padding.

What safety precautions should I take with my ORCC trampoline?

Proper adult assembly and supervision are essential. Do not attempt flips, keep objects away from the trampoline, enforce one jumper at a time, and monitor weather conditions. Always inspect for wear, tears or loose parts before use. Consider anchor kits in windy regions.

What is the difference between the cheaper Powerstar and premium ORCC trampoline models?

Both Powerstar and ORCC trampolines meet rigorous ASTM safety standards. The main differences are that ORCC offers a full 1 year frame warranty (Powerstar is 6 months), has superior rust protection and thicker padding for better durability. ORCC also includes more safety accessories like ladder covers and installation tools.

How long do ORCC trampoline parts typically last?

With proper care and maintenance, ORCC states you can expect approximately 10 years of life from their galvanized steel frames, 5 years from jump mats, 2 years from spring assemblies, 3 years from padding and 4 years from enclosure nets.

Have you used an ORCC trampoline? Let me know your experiences in the comments! I welcome any feedback from other real-world users across the different sizes. And be sure to check out my top trampoline safety tips as well before you purchase.

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