Happy Trampoline Pro Rectangle Trampoline Review

Recently, we decided to invest in a trampoline to encourage the kids to be more active and work on their gymnastics skills. After lots of research comparing different brands and models, I ultimately chose the Happy Trampoline Pro 13 x 23 ft Rectangle Trampoline based on the stellar reviews and impressive specs.

Why I Chose the Happy Trampoline Pro Rectangle Trampoline

Why I Chose the Happy Trampoline Pro Rectangle Trampoline

The Happy Trampoline Pro Rectangle Trampoline immediately stood out to me for several reasons:

Commercial-grade materials

The heavy-duty steel frame, galvanized inside and out, provides superior stability compared to many competitor brands using cheaper materials. This was extremely important to me for safety reasons.

9-inch galvanized springs

Longer and more durable than standard trampoline springs, these are designed to provide excellent bounce and withstand heavier weights up to 750 lbs total capacity.

Large jump surface

At 13 x 23 ft, this rectangular trampoline provides ample room for multiple kids to jump safely with panoramic views. The polyethylene mesh jump mat feels very secure.

Safety net enclosure

The net enclosure keeps jumpers protected without obstructing views or inhibiting bounce quality. It adds tremendous peace of mind.

Reversible spring pad

When one side shows wear, I can reverse the pad to extend its usable lifespan. This is a thoughtful touch that increases value.

Considering the exceptional materials, craftsmanship and safety features, I felt the Happy Trampoline Pro justified its higher price point compared to less rugged rectangular trampolines on the market. As a bonus, it had free Prime shipping!

Unboxing and Assembly

After excitedly awaiting delivery day, I ripped open the sizable boxes when they arrived to take inventory. Everything was individually wrapped and padded for protection. All hardware and tools for assembly were included along with an instruction manual.

The assembly directions were reasonably clear, though having two adults to construct such a large unit was invaluable. It took approximately 3 hours working together carefully. The process entailed:

  • Constructing the heavy duty frame and connecting the bases
  • Adding each of the 172 galvanized springs
  • Laying and securing the jumping mat
  • Bolting on the frame for the safety enclosure
  • Attaching and threading the netting
  • Securing the spring pad around the frame

I was relieved when final testing revealed a very sturdy, level frame with no areas of concern. The kids eagerly volunteered to break in the ample bounce surface!

Performance After One Year of Use

Performance After One Year of Use

It’s now been just over a year since we started using our Happy Trampoline Pro rectangular trampoline. I’m happy to report that it has held up incredibly well and provided countless hours of fun and exercise for the whole family! Here are some reflections:

  • Durability: Despite nearly daily use in all weather conditions, there is no visible wear or rust on the heavy galvanized steel frame. The netting and mat both look brand new as well thanks to quality craftsmanship.
  • Safety: We’ve had zero injuries more serious than a scraped knee! The stability and ample padding continue providing peace of mind.
  • Family fun: My kids invite friends over regularly to jump and play games on this spacious trampoline. It easily handles groups of little daredevils thanks to the 750 lb weight capacity.
  • Exercise: Using the trampoline for cardio has become a daily habit for me and my fitness enthusiast daughter. Jumping is such an invigorating full-body workout!
  • Quality: After comparing notes with friends who own cheaper rectangular trampolines, I’m confident we made a wise long-term investment. This trampoline should provide many more years of safe enjoyment.

The ONLY downside thus far is that the net requires frequent re-threading to keep gaps closed. But it’s a minor issue, easily remedied every month or two.

Key Specs and Features

Key Specs and Features - Happy Trampoline Pro Rectangle Trampoline

Before making a major purchase like this, I strongly encourage researching the key specifications and components to understand what you’re getting. Here are the main details for the Happy Trampoline Pro 13 x 23 ft Rectangular Trampoline:

  • Total Dimensions: 276″ L x 156″ W x 42″ H
  • Frame: Heavy-duty 3.0mm galvanized steel
  • Number of Springs: 172 (9″ long each)
  • Weight Limit: 750 lbs total
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Included: Galvanized steel ladder for easy access

This trampoline is also available in smaller 10 x 17 ft, 10 x 20 ft and 10 x 23 ft sizes, along with a 14 x 16 ft model. But for my family’s needs, the 13 x 23 ft size provides the ideal amount of bounce space.

Pros and Cons of the Happy Trampoline Rectangular Trampoline

Based on my firsthand experience after a year of heavy use, here is an overview of the biggest PROS and a few minor CONS for this trampoline model:


  • Commercial-grade quality and durability
  • Generous weight capacity and jumping area
  • Longer, stronger galvanized springs
  • Durable netting, mat and spring pad
  • Reversible spring pad extends lifespan
  • 5-year warranty on frame
  • Easy assembly with included tools
  • Ideal safety features like net, pad and ladder


  • High initial cost
  • Very heavy and bulky to move
  • Net requires occasional re-threading
  • Challenging for one person to assemble

As you can see, the pros far outweigh the cons thanks to exceptional craftsmanship and well-designed safety components.

Cost Considerations

With a $2999 list price, the Happy Trampoline Pro 13 x 23 ft rectangular trampoline definitely sits at the high end of the market. However, it exemplifies the saying “you get what you pay for.”

If seeking a more budget-friendly trampoline, consider one of the smaller 10 x 17 ft rectangle sizes that Happy Trampoline offers. But make sure to compare the specifications closely. Many cheaper brands cut corners with lighter frames, shorter springs and questionable padding. Those savings frequently evaporate once replacements and repairs become necessary after a few years of use.

In my situation, making a significant upfront investment enabled enjoying this trampoline for years while keeping my family safe. Quality recreational equipment like this also adds long-term value to my home for future owners. But every family needs to determine their own budget and priorities.

Final Verdict

One year later, I remain thrilled by my purchase and highly recommend the Happy Trampoline Pro Rectangle Trampoline to anyone seeking a spacious, durable backyard trampoline. It has provided outstanding performance and safety that gives me great peace of mind as a parent.

Despite the sizable price tag, keep in mind that cheap trampolines usually equate to a disappointing jump experience plus safety hazards. This exceptional quality model deserves every penny!

I only wish we had installed our Happy Trampoline years earlier to enjoy more summers of family fun while keeping my kids active outdoors. If you invest now, just imagine the great memories ahead bouncing with your loved ones for years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What size Happy Trampoline Pro should I get?

It depends on your available yard space and the number of people using it. For most families, I recommend the 13 x 23 ft or 10 x 20 ft models to accommodate 1-4 jumpers comfortably.

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes, Happy Trampoline provides a 5 year warranty on the steel frame against defects and 2 years on other components like the mat, springs and safety enclosure.

How long does assembly take?

You should budget 3+ hours for assembly by two adults working together. It’s challenging for one person to construct a trampoline this large.

Can adults jump on this?

Definitely! The 750 lb weight capacity easily supports grown-ups and teens. The commercial-grade design is perfect for fitness enthusiasts.

Is there an installment payment plan?

Yes, Amazon offers 48 month financing for as low as $118 per month. This makes the Happy Trampoline Pro more affordable for buyers on a budget.

I hope this comprehensive review detailing my firsthand experience with purchasing and owning the Happy Trampoline Pro Rectangle Trampoline for the past year helps inform your buying decision! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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