Zupapa Trampolines Review

In the world of trampolines, Zupapa is the most popular brand. Thanks to their quality and dedication, every trampoline they produce is a superb addition to any backyard.

In this Zupapa trampoline review, you will get everything you can imagine about Zupapa trampolines, particularly Zupapa Outdoor Recreational Trampolines.

There are a lot of topics, so it may be easier to view them all in one place via this expandable table.

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Zupapa Trampoline Review

Designs of Zupapa Trampolines

Zuppa trampolines received a positive response from customers due to their design.

Zupapa trampolines come with a heavy-duty steel frame, poles, and steel joints. You can feel the firmness of the poles and legs because they have been bungled tightly at two different places.

Zupapa poles

Further, new technology and techniques have been incorporated into the brand’s new version. The net pole and frame of the trampolines are galvanized during the hot-dip galvanizing process to prolong their lifespans. In this process, steel is dipped in melted zinc to produce a rust-resistant coating that is multi-layered.

Steel springs feel more durable than expected since they are made of steel. A padded cover will be provided for the springs, but that may not last long.

All the outdoor trampolines from Zupapa have similar trampoline heights, with net enclosures measuring 8.8 feet.

If we talk about net enclosure, it needs to be placed between the spring pad and the mat.

Bouncing rates of Zupapa Trampolines

Zupapa has a spring bounce system on trampolines. That’s why the spring will make it a lot louder but provide an exceptional bounce. Don’t worry. It’s not that noisy, and it will not create problems outdoors.

There are three different sizes to choose from, 12 feet, 14 feet, and 15 feet. The 12-foot model has 72 springs. Ninety-six springs will be at 14 feet while 108 springs will be available at 15 feet.

With the trampoline’s exceptional bouncing, both parents and children will enjoy jumping out on the mat. In addition, high bounce can be a great way for kids to improve their balance, coordination, and agility.

Weight Capacities of Zupapa Trampolines

12- and 14-foot trampolines can weigh up to 330 pounds each. The 15-foot trampoline weighs 375 pounds so a whole family can enjoy jumping on this trampoline together.

Furthermore, the mat’s quality is very impressive. It can give the kids great joy to jump on it even for a long time.

Safety Standards of Zupapa Trampolines

Zupapa makes sure that all its models are safe and more secure than others. As mentioned above, Zupapa trampolines have poles and legs that are securely attached. As a result, they are safer and prevent structural twisting.

Its No-Gap design prevents gaps between the mat and mat pad, ensuring a secure and safe trampoline experience.

Zupapa no gap design

Zupapa Trampolines have been TUV approved in more than 99.99% of cases. In the United States and other countries, TUV is widely known as a German organization for assessing and measuring the safety of particular products.

Because of this, I can say that using Zupapa trampolines is 100% safe, especially for your young children.

Installation of Zupapa Trampolines – Easy or Difficult?

Easy assembly is said to be a feature of Zupapa outdoor trampolines. To clarify any confusion, it is recommended that you contact the brand. Instructions may not be sufficient in most cases.

Zupapa outdoor trampolines come with all the necessary parts. As part of the kit, you will receive a net enclosure, net poles, steel joints, 2 sets of spring bridge tools, 6 wind sticks, gloves, springs, a rain cover, and a ladder.

Although the net’s zipper is strong, it keeps the net tightly in place because it goes down but it could be negative if the zipper is damaged.

Furthermore, the net sleeves cannot sufficiently hold to the metal poles and padded tubes. It is yet another minor problem.

Available Sizes of Zupapa Trampolines

Before purchasing a Zupapa trampoline, it is essential to consider the size according to your family. The trampoline’s diameter (usually in feet) should be considered when measuring it.

You should give your children more space, in my opinion. But remember that you can only choose a large trampoline if you have the area for its installation. Otherwise, you may have space limitations.

Zupapa 15 foot trampoline

Zupapa 15 ft trampoline reviews

You will need plenty of lawn space in your yard if you choose to buy this giant trampoline from Zupapa. Additionally, this giant trampoline has one of the most prominent weight capacities, meaning that much more jumpers can be accommodated at once.

The weight capacity of a 15-foot trampoline is 375 pounds. It is possible to jump safely simultaneously with up to five people, depending on their weight and size.

If you want a comprehensive review of this trampoline you can read our dedicated article on it: Zupapa 15 ft trampoline reviews.

Frame Size15 Feet
Pad TypeSafety Pad
Frame MaterialAlloy Steel
Item Weight207 Pounds
Maximum Weight Recommendation425 Pounds
Number Of Springs108

Zupapa 14 foot trampoline

As a medium-sized trampoline in the trampoline family, the Zupapa 14 is slightly shorter than 15 feet. It’s one of the more popular choices because it doesn’t take up much space.

There is a weight capacity of 375 pounds for Zupapa’s 14-foot trampoline. This 14-foot trampoline can safely accommodate four people at once even though it’s pretty small, depending on the size and weight of each jumper.

Frame Size14 Feet
Pad TypeSafety Pad
Frame MaterialAlloy Steel
Item Weight190 Pounds
Maximum Weight Recommendation425 Pounds
Number Of Springs96

Zupapa 12 foot trampoline

Set up your trampoline with this option if you have a small area to work with. Although it is 12 feet in diameter, the trampoline is still large enough to accommodate several people, and the weight limit is not a problem. It is also a relatively inexpensive option.

The maximum weight capacity of the Zupapa 12-foot trampoline is 330 pounds. Three people can jump on this trampoline simultaneously, depending on their size and weight.

Frame Size12 Feet
Pad TypeSafety Pad
Frame MaterialAlloy Steel
Item Weight161 Pounds
Maximum Weight Recommendation425 Pounds
Number Of Springs72

Zupapa 10 foot trampoline

I think 10 feet is an ideal size for more backyards. However, it is not ideal for more than 2 kids at the same time. You should definitely look for a big trampoline for 2 or more kids.

Frame Size10 Feet
Pad TypeSafety Pad
Frame MaterialAlloy Steel
Item Weight120 Pounds
Maximum Weight Recommendation375 Pounds
Number Of Springs64

Zupapa 8 foot trampoline

Zupapa 8ft trampoline is an ideal solution for budget buyers who need a small and bouncy trampoline for 2 kids.

Frame Size8 Feet
Pad TypeSafety Pad
Frame MaterialAlloy Steel
Item Weight100 Pounds
Maximum Weight Recommendation425 Pounds
Number Of Springs48

Poles and Frames of Zupapa Trampolines

Steel galvanized poles and frames are becoming increasingly popular, and Advanced Zupapa models are equipped with hot-dip galvanizing, ensuring more outstanding durability and reliability. It is a good choice for those who value stability and longevity.

If we talk about the pole you intend to buy, it should come with a “W-shaped” section. Attaching it with joints/hooks is relatively straightforward.

Netting and Mat Materials of Zupapa Trampolines

You can distinguish between high-quality and low-quality mesh and mats by the quality of the material.

The Zupapa mats are made from polypropylene, making them more durable than their usual counterparts.

Be sure to find a trampoline that can protect itself from extreme weather conditions. Polythene is the best material to use when it comes to netting.

Springs of Zupapa Trampolines

If you choose a trampoline for your children, make sure it has more springs. Zupapa has a lot more springs inside it than the standard trampoline there, thankfully.

Zupapa springs

The downside of having too many springs is that your child may feel stiff and restless with heavy bounce.

In addition, if you want to keep your trampoline for a long time, you will need to take proper cleaning measures to remove rust.

Sewing and Padding System of Zupapa Trampolines

Do you need a safe trampoline? Of course, you should consider trampoline stitching and padding.

Padding is essential to prevent your children from accidentally hitting steel. It fits between the fountain of the trampoline and its pole.

Usually, the stitching is between the springs and the mat. There should be no gaps in the trampoline sewing system. With no space, it will be safer for children and teens.

Zupapa trampolines have solved all of these problems. Zupapa assures that there would be no gaps in the sewing and be of high quality.

Warranty of Zupapa Trampolines

The Zupapa warranty is among the best on the market. Zupapa will send you replacement parts free of charge if your warranty is still valid. Warranty details are as follows:

Are The Zupapa Trampolines Safe?

The parent’s primary concern about trampolines is safety. Trampolines made by Zupapa are perfect for parents who want to get their children up and moving without depending on video games.

Let’s look at some safety measurements with Zupapa trampolines:

A Zippered Safety Enclosure for Extra High Jumping is the best place to start for kids to jump safely since most adults will still be unable to jump high enough to cross a 72-inch safety net even with extra bounce. As a result, it is one of the best trampolines for adults.

There is no chance for the jumper to slip because of the zip entry. Even for the biggest of child jumpers, accidents are nearly impossible because of the padding and support.

Jumpers can take off their shoes since nobody has to worry about taking off Fido, getting bugs, etc.

The ladder eliminates the need to stand on buckets, blocks, or other items that can tip over when your child or you get on or off a trampoline.

Zupapa trampoline ladder

The trampoline cover makes it more valuable for UV-resistant materials, even if you do not intend to jump for a while. Debris-like leaves and twigs will not damage the mat.

The Zupapa’s poles and legs are held together by a steel clamp at two points. In addition to preventing leg bending, the double clamping design can help make the Zupapa a more robust, more secure trampoline than others.

In the trampoline kit, lawn stakes are included to prevent the unit from moving while in use. 

As part of the Trampoline’s safety features, the Zupapa comes with rubber grippers that reduce slippage. 

Are the Zupapa Trampolines Worth the Money?

According to other trampoline reviews, the Zupapa trampoline is said to be one of the best value models on the market. Overall no problem with the quality, safety, and build, but there are some problems with assembly. It has been reported that some users had trouble assembling the products and understanding the instructions.

Everyone feels that it is safer than other trampolines. So, in terms of money, you should consider Zupapa outdoor trampolines.

Zupapa Trampoline Assembly Process- Step by Step

It is relatively easy to assemble. Zupapa trampolines are among the easiest trampolines on the market to assemble except safety net. You may want to consult the instructions that came with your trampoline for specific assembly instructions as they will vary depending on the model and size of your trampoline. In general, these steps should be followed:

This list of steps seems overwhelming when viewed as a whole. But you should be able to set up your trampoline in a few hours.

Assembly tools

Zupapa Assembly Kit comes with two T-shaped tools designed explicitly for securely and efficiently securing springs. These tools, along with safety gloves, are handy during the assembly.

You do not have to upgrade or make the best equipment since the company provides everything you need for assembly.

Frequently Asked Questions: Zupapa Trampoline Review

What are the Customers’ reactions to the Zupapa trampoline shipment?

The delivery arrives in 3 boxes within 3-5 business days. Most users report finding all pieces and packages within this timeframe, but some have noticed missing parts. Although parts may have been missing, customer service is exceptional, and Zupapa delivers fast parts.

Zupapa trampoline replacement parts customer service.

How safe are Zupapa trampolines, according to consumers?

Overall, consumers are satisfied with the safety of the Zupapa trampoline. A few observers have noted that the durability of products can be compromised over time (cracked mats, broken enclosure nets, broken glasses). But overall most of the customers are satisfied.

How do consumers rate the durability and quality of Zupapa trampolines?

There are many positive reviews, and Zupapa mentions the quality and durability of the trampoline. With Zupapa’s upgrade in hot-dip galvanizing and UV-absorbing UV9 material, padding and nets are given a longer life span.

Zupapa trampolines now have a 10-year warranty on frames and a 2-year warranty on mats, pads, and springs due to these manufacturing changes. That is why Zupapa is so popular with its customers.

The quality and durability of Zupapa Trampolines, coupled with the advanced customer service offered by the company, make them one of the best choices in the industry.

How do consumers rate Zupapa trampoline assemblies?

The process of assembling the trampoline took most consumers 1-3 hours. The most common complaint was difficulty reading the instructions. Zupapa now offers video instructions for all the trampolines he sells on his website to those of us who prefer visual illustrations.

What can I do if I need replacement parts for my Zupapa trampoline?

Zupapa.us offers alternative parts to Amazon. Although some parts are available on Amazon, they are much cheaper from the manufacturer’s website.

What do you say about the care and maintenance of Zupapa trampolines?

When not jumping on the trampoline, Zupapa recommends using the rain cover included. When a trampoline is covered, it can help protect it from dust, dirt, and UV damage.

Zupapa rain cover

What are the benefits of Zupapa trampolines?

TUV-certified Zupapa trampolines are manufactured in Germany with high quality, making this an excellent investment for your family. Zupapa has made great efforts in 2018 to upgrade its standards and warranties, showing its loyalty to customers.

How do Skywalker and Zupapa trampolines differ?

While purchasing, you’re likely to purchase Skywalker as well. Both companies are excellent. However, the difference between the two is precisely what you are looking for in a trampoline, and your decision between the two companies has a lot to do with what you are looking for.


Although Skywalker isn’t TUV accredited, it meets ASTM standards for safety but TUV is better than ASTM.

As far as the oval category is concerned, Skywalker trampolines are relatively small, ranging between 8 to 14 feet. These trampolines might not be the best for you if you want more giant trampolines. It may be an option for you to consider if you need a trampoline that is 8 or 10 feet and is not found in the Zupapa family.

It is typical for Skywalker trampolines to weigh under 200 pounds. Zupapa is the place to go if you are overweight.

What is the best place to buy Zupapa trampolines?

You can find Zupapa trampolines at most major retailers, including Wal-Mart and Sears. Depending on the season and the current demand, brick-and-mortar stores can vary in size available.

Some of the reasons we prefer ordering on Amazon are:

  • Availability is not affected by the weather. The order volume is extraordinarily high, so you will typically find what you are looking for in about a year. However, most people are still unable to own one.
  • If you order a trampoline on Amazon, it will arrive directly at your door. You are not required to load it into your car, drive it home, and then unload it. It will be taken care of by the shipper.
  • You can contact Zupapa customer service by ordering via Amazon if you need help or have any questions about your trampoline. 

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