Bounce Pro Trampoline Reviews

It’s not necessary to spend a large amount of money on your next backyard or indoor trampoline unless you’re obsessed with a high-end model with all the bells and whistles.

This Bounce Pro trampoline is perfect if you want a trampoline that provides the necessary safety features, easy assembly instructions, and delivers a good bounce at a reasonable price.

As we proceed in this article, we will provide you with all the information you need about Bounce Pro Trampolines and offer some high-quality Bounce Pro Trampolines.


What is the durability of Bounce Pro trampolines?

There are mixed reviews regarding stability and durability. Some families claim that trampolines remain strong even after an extended period of use. Despite regular leaps of several months or even a year, most consumers are satisfied with their purchases.

On the other hand, users have reported long-term issues, including broken poles, splintered springs, and stretched bounce mats.

What is the bounce rate of a bounce pro trampoline?

It has been reported that the bounce pro mat is not stiff enough. Some parents think there is too much to pay, but it is not clear whether this results from springs or mats.

On the other hand, the bounce pro jump experience is trendy among those whose trampolines bounce hard.

Which features make Bounce Pro trampolines more secure and safe?

When it comes to trampolines, parents are highly concerned about safety. Your first concern is that the trampoline you purchase won’t be too difficult to assemble, that it will last for years to come with repeated jumping, and that it won’t be blown away during inclement weather. But none of that matters if your children aren’t safe.

Let’s look at the Bounce Pro trampoline’s safety features.

  • The enclosure net, one of Bounce Pro’s key security features, has received a lot of positive feedback. Bounce Pro deserves a big thumb up for designing their enclosure net to prevent metal springs from being exposed.
  • When the safety enclosure net is attached correctly and carefully, your kids’ feet should not touch the springs when they jump. As a result, there will be no slipping or finger injuries.
  • The net closes tightly. This Steel Flex Enclosure Ring from Bounce Pro helps keep the net tight so kids don’t fall off.
  • Every Bounce Pro trampoline comes with a padded spring cover for extra foot and hand protection. Despite some complaints about the protective padding being too thin, consumers were mostly pleased with both spring quality and coverage.

How difficult is it to install Bounce Pro trampolines?

It’s a credit to Bounce Pro that it incorporates a user-friendly instructions manual. The assembly takes time, but well-written instructions will obviously help you.

When installing enclosures, customers generally agree that working in two or three cuts down on time and hassle. Safety nets attach to trampolines by threading and securing them around the whole trampoline.

How long does it take to assemble them?

Although technically straightforward, the process is time-consuming and tiring. Two to three hours should be enough for a two-person team to complete the setup. When working alone, you can expect to spend three to four hours from beginning to end. Some people work more (or less) efficiently due to their extraordinary talent.

Read the directions carefully. They regretted going beyond themselves as they had to repeat themselves repeatedly. Taking it one step at a time will make your project smoother in the long run.

Nets must be securely fastened to prevent dangerous gaps between them and trampolines. Trampoline nets are time-consuming and challenging to install. However, a safety net keeps your children protected.

Occasionally, string ties can become loose over time, causing dangerous gaps and looking for a quick fix? Rather than using string ties, use zip ties.

Does Bounce Pro offer a warranty?

  • A 7-year warranty covers the steel frame of the Bounce Pro.
  • A 3-year warranty covers the bounce mat.
  • A year’s warranty is included for spring pads, enclosures, foam padding, and other components.

What is the general opinion of Bounce Pro trampolines?

The durability of bounce pro trampolines according to the customers

The Bounce Pro frame is described as sturdy and solid once assembled by numerous users.

Safety of bounce pro trampolines according to the customers

There is no risk of pinching fingers and toes due to the metal springs outside the enclosure net. Owners appreciate this feature. A tight net holds the children in the jump area to don’t fly away.

Assembly of bounce pro trampolines according to the customers

Bounce Pro’s instructions are straightforward to understand. Putting together can be time-consuming, but following directions can be a hassle, or there may be some uncertainty.

Cost of bounce pro trampolines according to the customers

A significant advantage of Bounce Pro is that it is less expensive than other brands. In our research, we found that the Bounce Pro has some potential ups and downs that could affect its quality:

Quality control of bounce pro trampolines according to the customers

Some quality control issues have arisen in Bounce Pro, even though many customers are satisfied with their experience.

Several reviewers complained that their orders did not include all the parts. As a whole, users report that they’re getting everything they need to complete an assembly.

The company immediately assisted customers whose springs, bolts, poles, or other parts were missing.

Even though the company didn’t send out the missing parts by overnight delivery, they quickly sent them out, as some customers would expect.

There are two compartments in more giant trampolines to be sent separately. I suggest you wait until both boxes arrive before setting up the trampoline. Ensure that all parts and tools are inserted before beginning assembly.

It has been reported that some customers have experienced difficulty assembling parts due to incorrect hole drilling. It is most common for customers to dig new holes to install them properly.

Sustainability of bounce pro trampolines according to the customers

Bounce Pro users feel confident about the trampolines and have high expectations for them. There have been some reports that the bounce mat or the auxiliary poles are prone to bending and breaking over time. But the parts can be replaced if necessary.

Bounce quality of bounce pro trampolines according to the customers

Several bounce pro owners report excellent experiences with their bouncers. Nevertheless, many people claim that the Bounce Pro has a lesser bounce than other brands.

Accessibility of bounce pro trampolines according to the customers

The bounce pro trampolines do not have a ladder, so you can quickly enter and exit. However, if you want to buy a trampoline ladder, you can purchase one reasonably priced as an extra.

You may be interested in Bounce Pro’s key selling points if you have already done your research.

Keep reading if you are unsure and want to learn more about Bounce Pro. Depending on your family’s needs, we’ll help you choose Bounce Pro.

Bounce pro trampoline reviews- Different sizes of bounce pro trampolines

Bounce Pro trampolines for kids

For young children, Bounce Pro offers several models that are 36 inches and 55 inches. In addition, some big models are seven feet, eight feet, and ten feet. For smaller jumpers, a padded handlebar keeps their balance. With the exception of the 36-inch model, all of these models have safety enclosures.

Bounce Pro’s 7-foot My First Trampoline has gotten excellent reviews from customers. The starter trampoline is padded and safe, and it’s designed for children ages 3 to 10.

You can see many reviews of similar models sold under the Sports Power brand name.

These two models are made by SportsPower, one of their customer service representatives confirmed.  According to the correspondent, it is the specific design features that distinguish the two. A particular difference between the Bounce Pro and Sports Power versions relates to the shape of the legs.

Bounce Pro trampolines for older children, teens, and adults

The bounce pro trampoline comes in sizes designed for older children, teenagers, and adults. Each trampoline complies with ASTM safety standards and is highly durable. It is essential to consider your budget, the size, and weight of the jumpers, as well as the available outdoor space.

Bounce Pro 12-foot trampoline

The 12-foot bounce pro won’t overwhelm your patio or garden despite its size. This model is ideal if you don’t want your trampoline to consume all your space or if you have limited outdoor space.

Bounce Pro 12-foot trampoline

Bounce Pro 14-foot trampoline

As your children grow and become more prominent and heavier, the extra bounce space will be appreciated. The additional 14 feet may be worth considering if you don’t have a space constraint and can afford it. I have reviewed some best 14 ft trampoline in a separate guide.

Bounce Pro 14-foot trampoline

Bounce Pro 15-foot trampoline

You’ll need more yard space and a bigger budget to make this work. When assembled, this essential model felt enormous to some people who bought it.

Bounce Pro 15-foot trampoline

Bounce Pro 7′ My First Trampoline

You will be wowing your jumper with this hexagonal trampoline’s vibrant colors. The 7-foot size is ideal for children who are still growing. A strong trampoline can withstand constant jumping despite its small size and compact design.

This trampoline can handle up to 100 pounds of weight. It is suitable for children aged three to ten. Lightweight and portable, this trampoline is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It won’t be a problem to fit the trampoline indoors since it is about six feet high. Steel tubes made of plastic can be used to strengthen the trampoline’s stability.

The lattice trampoline is accessed through a zipped enclosure with an approximately 25 inches high entrance. Your children will have fun jumping inside this trampoline even though it bounces light and measured.

The springs on the trampoline are galvanized and properly lubricated, so it will not make a sound when jumping. Also, the mat provides a soft bounce and is made of polypropylene.

Bounce Pro 7′ My First Trampoline

Bounce Pro 7' My First Trampoline
  • It comes with a hexagonal shape
  • Frame made from steel tubes
  • Capable of supporting up to 100 pounds
  • Steel springs that are rust-free
  • Top-of-the-line jumping mat material


  • Colors are fun
  • Material is excellent
  • Suitable for children
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Reasonably priced


  • Limited warranty


One of the most popular toddler trampolines is the Bounce Pro 7ft, My First Trampoline from Bounce Pro. It is designed with excellent safety features, and all materials have been reinforced to handle children from three to ten years old jumping abilities.

The unique hexagonal shape complements the colorful frames and poles of this playset. Children will enjoy the bounce, and you will appreciate the peace of mind.

Bounce Pro New My First Jump and Swing

Introducing your children to an activity-based trampoline is an easy way to keep them occupied and distract them from gadgets. There are no other features in Bounce Pro My First Jump and Swing. Jumping on the trampoline and swinging outside is a great way to let your children enjoy themselves.

Child safety is at the core of the design of this trampoline. It is supported and extra stable by three blue molded plastic legs. Featuring three sturdy steel arches, this trampoline includes a protective enclosure to prevent children from falling off. 

It has jump mats and steel goggles to produce a smooth bounce action for children.

You can also add a swing to make it more fun. The set is a good size for kids ages 3 to 10 that can be used indoors and outdoors. Weighing 100 pounds, it is compact and lightweight.

My First Jump and Swing is sure to provide hours of fun and exercise for your kids.

Bounce Pro New My First Jump and Swing

Bounce Pro New My First Jump and Swing
  • Robust Safety net
  • Swing feature for added entertainment
  • Rust-resistant steel frame
  • Stable legs with molded blue coating


  • Nicely designed
  • High-quality materials
  • Nice color scheme


  • A bit tricky to install


It’s an excellent way for your kids to have an alternative to jumping with the new My First Jump and Swing from Bounce Pro. Those who have more than one child will undoubtedly appreciate this feature. The other can always use the swing if the trampoline isn’t large enough due to weight restrictions. The children can either swing or bounce on the trampoline.

Frequently Asked Questions: Bounce Pro Trampoline Reviews

Is there a problem with Upper Bounce Trampolines’ quality control?

According to our information, the quality control record of the company appears to be worse than it used to be. Users of Bounce Pro trampoline kits have complained that everything required for the assembly was carefully packed into the kits.

There were also cases where vital pieces of hardware were missing, which required that the company be contacted or repaired. Some trampolines were installed without interruption. In other cases, predrilled holes didn’t fit correctly.

How is customer service at Bounce Pro?

Customer service reviews were mixed. While some customers complained about the response from the company, others found that the agent was helpful, kind, and efficient.

What is the best trampoline for bouncing?

Without being rigorously tested, it is difficult to answer how much bounce a trampoline provides without a thorough understanding of its features.

A trampoline’s number of springs is a good indicator of how much bounce it will provide for adults. You should expect to see at least 72 springs if you look for the high jump. Calculating the length of the springs is also essential; it is not just about numbers. Skywalker trampolines offer a Jump N Dunk model that is a prime example.

Basketball hoops were added to children’s basketball hoops to indicate that they were made for high jumps. 

Also read Best Trampoline with basketball hoop Buying Guide.

Do you prefer Bounce Pro or Skywalker?

Considering these brands, how would you know which is best suited to your needs? Even though Skywalker is one of the biggest names on the trampoline market, the Bounce Pro excels in certain circumstances with a wide range of options.

Skywalker is the trampoline we recommend if you need one that can handle adults or if you need a giant trampoline. Skywalker does not offer a combination like Bounce Pro for toddlers and toddlers.

The price of Skywalker models is also higher, often running between $100 and $200 more than comparable models.

Is it possible to move a trampoline on your own?

Yes, it is possible to move your trampoline yourself, depending on how heavy it is, if there are no enclosure nets and poles attached to it. The trampoline can be lifted by getting under it, putting yourself in the middle, and gently lifting it with your back.

When it comes to trampolines, what are the most common sizes?

In general, 8-foot trampolines are more common, which gives children more room to move, yet they still offer the same amount of space. The best trampolines for two jumpers simultaneously are medium trampolines ranging from 10 to 12 feet.

Does trampoline size include springs?

Generally, trampoline frames are the best way to determine the size of the jump mat. Make sure your springs are not stretched by measuring their size from hook to hook. Most springs are between 5.5 inches and 7 inches long.

What’s up with my loose trampoline mat?

Over-springs, bounce bones, and other factors can cause your trampoline mat to be loose. The bounce ropes on your trampoline need to be modified if your trampoline is brand new; however, the springs should be replaced if the trampoline is old and rickety.

Around the trampoline, how much space is needed?

All sides of the trampoline must have a clearance space of 1.5 meters. At least six meters must be above the ground. It must also be clean and free from obstructions and debris.

Suggestions after buying Bounce Pro trampolines

When you purchase Bounce Pro, we recommend the following:

  • Before assembling your trampoline, assemble all your parts and dispose of them. Having read several complaints pertaining to missing pieces, we urge you to make an inventory before beginning any work.
  • Before beginning assembly, please read the instructions and follow them carefully. Work performed systematically produced better results than work completed hurriedly.
  • Nylon zipper ties are an alternative to closed wires for connecting enclosure nets. In the opinion of some users, the wires were not strong enough to hold the net in place.
  • You could use a combination of wire and stack to secure the trampoline to the ground. Strong winds can damage your trampoline so take extra precautions.


For the price, the Bounce Pro is an excellent trampoline. Although the instructions are clear and helpful, assembling the furniture takes some time and can be painful. Trampolines of higher quality bounce better; however, Bounce Pro is a good choice if you’re looking for an affordable option.

Our recommendation is to choose a trampoline with a pre-connected net if you’d like to save time on assembly. A great alternative is Skywalker, but it is more expensive than Bounce Pro.

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