Tatub Upgrade 16FT and 14FT Trampoline Review

Recently, I came across the Tatub 16ft and 14ft trampolines and was immediately intrigued by their unique design and ample play space. After extensive research comparing features and reading customer reviews, I decided to purchase the 16ft model with enclosure net and basketball hoop accessories for my family to enjoy.

An Overview of Key Trampoline Features

An Overview of Key Trampoline Features

The Tatub trampoline line stands out for its high-quality materials, safety innovations and versatility for all ages. Here’s an overview of some of the key features:

Premium Construction for Optimal Safety

Safety is my top concern when choosing outdoor play equipment for my kids. The Tatub trampolines are crafted using heavy-duty galvanized rust-resistant steel for the frame, 108 durable springs, and tightly-woven UV protected netting enclosure. I particularly like the 12 curved poles wrapped in protective foam padding to prevent injuries.

Exceptional Bouncing Experience

With 108 springs supporting the heavy-gauge jumping surface, these trampolines provide a smooth, consistent bounce that puts a smile on my kids’ faces. The durable polypropylene mat feels firm yet flexible underfoot.

Spacious Play Area

With 192″ long frames, these trampolines offer ample room for multiple jumpers with space to leap and play games. The 16ft round model can easily accommodate 6-8 kids or adults.

Creative Accessories for Unlimited Fun

From basketball hoops to sprinklers, solar string lights and anchor kits, Tatub offers various accessories to customize your trampoline. I chose the hoop to add more active play options.

Why I Chose the Tatub 16ft Model

Why I Chose the Tatub 16ft Model

Comparing the 16ft and 14ft sizes, I opted for the larger model to give my three kids (ages 8, 10 and 12) plenty of play space now and even as they grow. I also have nieces and nephews over frequently, so the added room is perfect for sleepovers and play dates with up to 8 kids.

While the 14ft is still an impressively large trampoline, the few extra feet of diameter in the 16ft model allows for even higher, more adventurous bouncing potential. And I love that adults can jump too – my husband and I enjoy getting in on the fun for family exercise!

Our Experience with Assembly, Installation and Performance

When the boxes arrived I was initially intimidated, but the included instructions and labeled parts made assembly fairly straightforward. It took about 2 hours total for my husband and brother-in-law to construct the frame, attach the mat and install the netting.

We chose a nice flat area of our yard and secured the trampoline with stakes and anchors to protect against wind or shifting. The kids couldn’t wait to start bouncing! Here are some of my observations after the first few weeks of play:

Easy Setup with Clear Instructions

Key steps are laid out in simple diagrams that my husband found easy to follow during assembly. All necessary parts were neatly packaged and inventoried.

Ultra-Stable Frame for Safe Bouncing

The heavy-duty galvanized steel frame feels reassuringly sturdy and secure as the kids play. The arched leg design and weight limit of 330 pounds offer excellent support.

Smooth, Consistent Bounces

With so many durable springs absorbing impact, jumps feel smooth and controlled versus jarring landings I’ve experienced on cheaper trampolines in the past.

Lots of Laughs and Creative Games

From bounce contests, to “floor is lava” and basketball challenges, this versatile play structure sparks their creativity and provides hours of healthy fun.

Added Peace of Mind

The tightly-woven net enclosure gives me assurance that the kids are safely contained as they leap and play imaginary games high up in the air.

Key Pros and Cons to Consider


  • Generous 16ft diameter and 330 lb weight limit suit multiple users
  • Durable rust-resistant steel frame and 108 springs for stability
  • Thick protective netting, curved foam poles prevent injuries
  • Allows for creative active play and games


  • Assembly requires some time and effort
  • Taking down in windy/icy weather is advised but inconvenient
  • Kids need supervision for safe play like any trampoline

Is the Investment Worthwhile for Your Family?

With the 16-foot priced at around $499 and the 14-foot priced at $399, it’s understandable to deliberate whether the cost is justified. For my family, the expense has been well worth it for these reasons:

Lasting Quality and Safety – I view this as an investment in many years of use, not a short-lived plaything. By choosing Tatub’s premium materials and construction focused on safety, it should keep the kids bouncing well into their teenage years!

Value for Cost – When I factored in the huge play space, high user weight limits, and creative accessories, Tatub offers outstanding features for the price compared to competitor brands. We’ve already gotten our money’s worth in hours of healthy outdoor fun.

Family Bonding – This has become a central spot for outdoor family activity in our yard that gets everyone laughing and playing together. The shared joy on my kids’ faces as they make up new games is priceless.

Year-Round Use – While we have to take it down in snow or icy conditions, we can still use it for a good portion of the year in our climate. And it’s something to look forward to setting back up after winter!

So if you have the available outdoor space and budget, I enthusiastically recommend the Tatub trampoline as a worthwhile investment in endless backyard family fun for years to come! Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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FAQs: Key Questions about Tatub Trampolines

What age/weight range is recommended for these trampolines?

Tatub states the trampolines are suitable for ages 6+ and the max weight capacity is 330 lbs. Small children under 6 should have close adult supervision.

How durable are these trampolines? Will they last multiple years?

With UV-protected materials and rust-resistant steel construction, Tatub trampolines are built to withstand years of regular outdoor use. Their quality is impressive.

Can adults jump on these trampolines with kids?

Yes! Part of the fun is joining your kids in games and taking turns bouncing. The generous weight limits accommodate lighter adults easily.

Is there an enclosure net for safety?

Yes, the upgrade packages I chose include a tightly-woven net fully enclosing the trampoline on all sides for safe bouncing and preventing falls.

How difficult is assembly and takedown for storage/winter?

These are large units that do require some assembly time/effort. However, the instructions are very clear and it’s manageable with two adults. Takedown is quicker, but recommended before extreme winter weather.

Where is Tatub company located and where are trampolines made?

Tatub is a fitness company located in Ningbo, China. Their trampolines and accessories are designed and manufactured in China to strict quality control standards.

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