Bcan 40 Foldable Mini Trampoline Reviews

The BCAN 40″ Foldable Mini Trampoline combines sport and fun. Its easy-to-maintain design makes this mini trampoline ideal for indoor workout sessions.

Despite being lightweight, it is heavy-duty enough to withstand 330 pounds (150 kg). Compared to other springs or bands, the closed steel spring design is much more durable and safe. 

The handlebar is adjustable, too. You can easily adjust its height. Thereby, this foldable fitness trampoline retains its stability during use with or without the handlebar.

There are 6 steel tubes on this trampoline that are detachable for storage, and the rubber covering makes this trampoline anti-slip and noiseless.

The BCAN Foldable Trampoline is waterproof for more effective cleaning methods with its unique mat design.  

The assembly instructions are fairly straightforward. The trampoline’s frame and the handlebar are also extremely durable, although it may be necessary to re-tighten the handle screws after use for some days; it would be better if they didn’t loosen so quickly. It does not come with disassembly instructions but assumes they are the reverse of assembly instructions.

All in all, it’s the best trampoline for heavy adults with the best weight capacity, exceptional design, anti-slip rubber feet, and best-closed steel spring design. Under $300, it’s a gift for your fitness workouts.

Without Handle Stability

There is no effect of the handle on the trampoline’s stability. I feel quite secure using it, as it is sturdy and strong. In the case of old adults, having a handle is essential to feel secure and safe as they jump.

When you hold a handle, you feel safer and have a little more courage to jump higher. I suggest other trampoline types without the handle if you do not need intense jumping. The handle would still be a great addition otherwise.

Product Details

Maximum weight330 pounds
Trampoline weight26 pounds
Frame Size40 inch

Bcan 40 Foldable Mini Trampoline Reviews

bcan 40 foldable mini trampoline review
  • The heavy-duty handlebar offers four adjustable levels. The level can be adjusted from 2’6″ to 3’5″.
  • It guarantees a long-term jump without rust due to its thickened steel 3 mm; stainless steel high-strength preservative spring.  
  • The trampoline will be folded into 1/4 of its total size. Folding and unfolding it by hand is also easy. 

Positive About This

The workout is easy and great on this trampoline, but it also works up a sweat in the process. The most important thing is to not overdo it at first so you won’t end up with sore muscles and be motivated to use it. Be patient, and this little trampoline will become your best friend.

bcan 40 foldable mini trampoline

Negative About This

The main concern here is the unstable design of the handrails that are attached to the handlebar. Even when the hand screws are tightened completely and washers are used, the handrails still wiggle as they do not consider the length of each handrail that needs longer socket caps.


  • Stainless steel closed springs
  • Oxford pad that folds
  • Rubber u0026 Steel Tubes
  • Waterproof u0026 resistant


  • No warranty available


How high can you jump on this BCAN foldable mini trampoline?

The jump pad allows you to jump as high as you want. You can assist yourself in jumping by using the bar. In my case, however, I think it should be used as a form of exercise; so hopefully, you won’t jump off of it but rather pound your heels into it, if that makes sense.

How to assemble this BCAN 40 foldable mini trampoline?

For instructions, go to the manufacturer’s website or Google it if you didn’t receive one in the package. Additionally, make sure you check your spam or email account since they send you instructional videos that cover all aspects of Construction.

How do you fold this BCAN foldable mini trampoline?

Start by removing the U-shaped bar. Take off the legs. Place it flat with the top-up. Make sure the hinges are clear on one half and pull the other top-up.

Video guide


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