When did trampolines become popular in homes?

Many people ask me “do you when did trampolines become popular in homes?”

Well, since the 20th century, trampolines have become a popular backyard pastime for families. Trampolines have a long history, from the circus to your living room, which we will examine in this article.

History of trampolines

George Nissen, a circus performer from 1887, invented the first trampoline-like device. He stretched canvas over a metal frame for his acrobatic stunts to create a “bouncing rig.” Eventually, the bouncing rig was renamed a trampoline from the Spanish word trampoline, meaning springboard.

As a training tool for athletes and gymnasts, trampolines gained popularity in the 1930s. Additionally, they were used in pilot training to teach pilots how to control their body movements in mid-air. During the 1950s, trampolining was made an Olympic sport, further enhancing its popularity.

Trampolines in Backyards

In the 1950s, trampolines became more affordable and accessible for families when manufacturing costs decreased. For most families, backyard trampolines were considered luxury items.

In the 1970s, manufacturers started making smaller, cheaper trampolines, which made trampolines popular among families. Many families became obsessed with trampolines after they appeared in catalogs and commercials. Trampoline parks opened nationwide, offering safe and fun ways to bounce for families.

Safety concerns

As trampolines gained popularity, stricter safety regulations were necessary due to concerns about trampoline safety. The number of injuries associated with trampolines increased, requiring more stringent safety regulations. Children under six should not ride trampolines due to their risk of injury, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics in the early 2000s.

Nowadays, trampolines remain popular, but families are taking precautions to protect their children by using safety nets, pads, and other accessories. When trampolines are used, parents should always supervise their children.


It has been more than a century since trampolines were invented. Over the decades, trampolines have won the hearts of countless families worldwide. Despite safety concerns, trampolines can be entertaining for the whole family with the proper precautions.

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