20 Different Types Of Trampolines

It is easy and fun to exercise on a trampoline. Exercise is an effective way to relieve stress, improve endurance, and improve heart health.

The trampoline was invented in the 20th century and had a rich history, including the circus, the Olympics, and NASA. The trampoline was invented by American gymnast George Nissen in the 1930s using tire tubes and scrap steel.

Nissan designed it for use by Tumblrs as an acrobatic training device before he could prepare it for use by circus performers. Children had fun jumping on trampolines while their parents pumped gas at gas stations during the 1950s.

The US Navy Flight School used trampolines to train pilots and navigators during WWII. The US Space Agency also trained astronauts on trampolines while in space. In 1997, trampolining was also included as an Olympic event.

Adults and children alike can benefit from this activity. The best brands in the market offer a wide range of trampolines. In today’s modern world, you do not have to visit a store in person to buy a trampoline. A wide range of trampolines can be purchased online after exploring your options.

20 Different Types Of Trampolines

1. Round trampolines

The most common type of trampoline you’ll see in a backyard is a round trampoline. Outdoor trampolines are usually available in various sizes and are ideal for outdoor use. It is also possible to use a trampoline indoors for kids, although your chances of finding someone using a mini trampoline are higher. You need to know many features of this type of trampoline.

These trampolines have circular springs that reduce the risk of injury. These types of trampolines allow you to jump back to the center naturally. You are less likely to fall off. The design is excellent for outdoor use as it prevents people from falling and allows them to focus on entertainment instead of the risk of falling.

round trampoline

Young children are also most likely to use round trampolines. The design is simple but effective and will help keep trampoline users safe. Accidents can still occur on round trampolines, but they are less frequent. Trampolines with round springs can also be found on the market that provides additional safety features.

There are many different types of round trampolines on the market. Advanced models will be more expensive than basic models but will handle heavier loads. Children and teens can also be entertained in the backyard at a low cost. Buying a round trampoline will probably be your first trampoline purchase if you have a limited budget because there are many affordable options on the market. You can read my reviews on best trampoline for money.

2. Rectangular trampolines

Jumping on rectangular trampolines feels very different than on round trampolines. Professionals prefer them because they bounce differently. These rectangular trampolines are often purchased by gymnasts and by people who regularly use trampolines. Because they come in small sizes and are easy to maneuver due to their shape, they are perfect for people with limited space.

It is common for these trampolines to be more expensive than round ones. This may not be the most cost-effective option if you want just a trampoline for fun. However, they are more appropriate for specific areas. The rectangular design makes it easier to position the trampoline than the round one.

rectangular trampoline

In rectangular trampolines, there is a level at which you can jump so that when you land, there is a good bounce. Performing trampoline jumps in gymnastics or other sports requires a lot of skill. These types of trampolines are also regularly used by parkour professionals and obstacle course athletes.

A rectangular trampoline like the one shown here may be expensive, but it is incredibly safe and efficient. Gymnasts and cheerleaders love this trampoline. While you are training on this trampoline, you will have fun, and it is also suitable for recreational uses. Trampolines with steel frames are exceptional, and this trampoline will meet all your needs.

3. Square trampolines

The square trampoline acts as a kind of bridge between circular trampolines and rectangular trampolines. You would be wise to purchase one of these if you are just starting. You can use them for training people in specific scenarios and having a little fun while doing it. In addition to being less expensive than rectangular trampolines, square trampolines also offer a similar level of safety as round trampolines.

Trampoline squares are less ordinary than trampoline rounds, but they’re still quite common. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, depending on the trampoline’s size. A trampoline designed for training purposes will still be more expensive than a round trampoline, but it’s a good idea to have one. What you want to do with the trampoline will determine whether you should buy this type.

square trampoline

This will be an ideal trampoline if you’re looking to have fun and train simultaneously. You would be better off buying a round trampoline if you want a trampoline purely for recreational purposes. A trampoline with a larger surface area and more weight could probably be had for a lower price. They are not as cheap as round trampolines, but they are not prohibitively expensive.

Despite this, some people prefer square trampolines. Therefore, you should go ahead and buy one if you like square trampolines. Your family will enjoy many hours of entertainment with it. You need to ensure everyone has a good trampoline experience by buying the right size trampoline.

4. Oval trampolines

This trampoline is almost identical to a circular trampoline. Jump areas are larger on circular trampolines because of their shape. Oval trampolines are a combination of rectangles and rounds. Thus, you will gain additional advantages. The trumps pull the acrobats toward their center while simultaneously bouncing as high as a rectangular trampoline.

oval trampoline

The oval trampoline is a good choice for backyards with large spaces. Assembly and disassembly of these trampolines require some effort. For the trampolines to last a long time, they should be cleaned after a few days.

5. Octagonal trampolines

Octagonal trampolines are the last form of trampoline you should know about. The large size of these octagonal trampolines makes them popular among people. Octane models are ideal when you need to jump on the trampoline simultaneously with a lot of people. Trampolines with large surfaces can accommodate more people at the same time.

As you know, you still have to abide by the weight-bearing restrictions on your trampoline. However, most people are still unable to afford a cell phone. Octal trampolines will have a slight difference in size. Small trampolines can be found and large ones that the entire family can enjoy.

octagonal trampoline

Jumping on these trampolines will also feel a little different. You will experience different levels of bounce depending on their size. It is possible to get higher and harder jumps with octagonal models that are slightly more compact. No matter what, your family will enjoy this trampoline.

Several octagonal models will be made for children. It is an enjoyable trampoline experience. The unit shown here can handle up to 450 pounds. Multiplying the trampolines simultaneously would be perfect for multiple children and possibly some adults.

The price of octagonal trampolines is higher than that of circular trampolines. If you need to lift too many cases, you may choose an octagonal trampoline. In any case, round trampolines are safer than square ones. Consider your options and decide which trampoline will meet your recreational trampoline needs.

6. Mini trampolines

A mini trampoline is sometimes called a fitness trampoline. There are many uses for this kind of trampoline. Jumping exercises are one of the most popular uses for these trampolines. Gymnasts use trampolines for various competitions, so practicing them is essential.

These trampolines are small, making them easy to train in small spaces. Rebounding is a great exercise that works many muscles in the body. You will see the best results if you train on one of these mini-trampolines. Even a small apartment will fit a trampoline of this size, so it is convenient.

mini trampoline

This trampoline is designed specifically for fitness. In addition, you can buy a normal trampoline if you prefer. With this trampoline, you can bounce while holding a trampoline stabilization bar. It is up to you to feel comfortable with the trampoline process before holding the bar.

The mini trampoline will be an excellent tool for weight loss. During rebounding, more calories will be burned. Your strength and endurance will also increase over time. You should try it if you are considering practicing any other type of exercise. Still confused read this blog rebounder vs trampoline.

7. Water trampolines

There are a few differences between water trampolines and the other trampolines on this list. There are lots of fun on these trampolines, but they’re very different from other trampolines. If you have never seen one before, it is an inflatable pad where people jump. People often jump high into the air on these trampolines, often very large.

Trampolines like these are used in large natural bodies of water. They are usually used with a water slide most of the time. The trampoline is set up so that someone can slide down the water slide. The individual getting off the trampoline will be pushed into the air by the person on the opposite side of the trampoline.

This can be fun because people are thrown into the water. If anyone has difficulty swimming, you should have good swimmers on hand. As long as you take the proper precautions, this should undoubtedly be a fun way to spend a hot summer day. As a result, it has become a popular activity in its own right and an essential component of many people’s summer fun.

water trampoline

Water trampolines are also available that are more like traditional trampolines. This type of trampoline sits inside an inflatable structure. The trampoline can be climbed on top of, and people can jump on it as usual. Water trampolines are often used for jumping impressively in the water.

Trampoline models like the one shown here are traditional. When properly inflated, it has a diameter of 25 feet and a length of 42 inches. You can enjoy this summer activity if you live near a lake. Make sure you only use these trampolines in a large body of water because they are typically large and dangerous in pools. Your children will have a blast as long as you are safe.

8. Caged Trampolines

The safety of trampolines is a significant concern for many buyers. Children and adults alike can have a lot of fun on these trampolines. Unfortunately, accidents do happen from time to time. Trampolines are notorious for pulling people out of them and sending them to the ground.

This is a terrible situation. In some cases, serious injuries can result. In response, trampoline companies developed models that come with trampoline cages. The trampoline will not be thrown off, and the lifting experience will be safer.

caged trampoline

This trampoline has a round design and a simple safety fence. Trampolines made of self-protecting material are commonly referred to as caged trampolines. A simple mesh cage is usually used, but a fabric mesh is sometimes used. The safety wall allows you to see your kids while they play so that you can keep an eye on them.

It is straightforward to tighten the security fence. Even when children hit the wall, it will be harder for the wall to come loose when adequately tightened. This solution can quickly solve your worries about your children’s injuries. A protective wall will make them much safer on the trampoline, and you can only let them enjoy themselves.

Trampolines with protective walls are available for adults, as well as for children. With a weight limit of 330 pounds, this trampoline can accommodate several children playing together. You should look for a trampoline that can support at least 1,000 pounds at once for safety reasons. You can find the right trampoline for your needs among the many options on the market.

9. Trampolines with springs

Spring-based trampolines are the most common trampolines. The traditional trampolines are occasionally mentioned. The bounce increases as the number of springs increases. Spring lengths beyond 7 inches tend to be bouncier.

trampoline with springs 1

When you buy these trumps, the springs should be covered entirely by protective pads. It would be best if you covered spring trampolines with safety pads.

10. Springless Trampolines

Springless trampolines are even available on the market that you may want to consider. Because they are seen as a safer option, these trampolines are becoming more popular. Injuring yourself on a trampoline spring is one of the biggest concerns when jumping on one. Things can go wrong and result in severe injuries.

Various technologies can be used without springs to allow people to bounce. The same result will be achieved using stretch bands or other solutions instead of springs. People will be able to enjoy their trampoline time fully. When people do not worry about injuries as much, they can concentrate on having fun.

springless trampoline 1

The downside to this type of trampoline is that it is noisy. They can be expensive compared to conventional trampolines. The way they are made has to be unique, and it costs more than usual. You will have to pay a little more money if you want one of these types of trampolines.

Springless trampolines are pretty expensive, but they are also quite good. As you might expect, it has no springs and no hard edges that could cause injury. Installing this trampoline in your backyard will be the safest option. This trampoline is suitable for both kids and adults. It is an excellent choice.

This trampoline can accommodate jumpers weighing up to 250 pounds. This means that most adults will have no problem jumping on this trampoline. Overweight people will want to find a solution to gain more weight. It is believed that the trampoline can hold 1,100 pounds, so keep that in mind before you proceed.

11. Trampoline for young children

There are trampolines explicitly designed for young children on the market. Children will have a great time on these trampolines and can use some of their energy in a fun way. A mesh cage usually surrounds these trampolines. This is to ensure children’s safety when playing on them.

Despite bouncing around, trampolines don’t pose any danger to your child. The trampoline cage should keep them safe, and they should not be overly bound to cause harm. As the baby crawls into it, it can jump to its heart’s content. Jumping on a small bed is similar, but it is significantly safer.

trampoline for young children

This trampoline has an excellent mat as well. Polypropylene is used in its construction, and it is woven so that it will not slip. This makes it easy for your toddler to lift and down without slipping. If they don’t have to worry about minor accidents, their playing time will be even more enjoyable.

This trampoline does not contain conventional springs as a precautionary measure. You won’t have to worry about your child getting hurt while playing this way. Thirty stretch bands are used, which can be just as efficient as springs in general but are much safer. Children between the ages of three and seven should use this trampoline.

12. Bungee trampolines

Bungee trampolines are a bit unusual because they are generally not something you’d find in a store. Special fairs and other significant events often have trampolines like these. A structure or a crane is attached to bungee cords. Benjy jumpers can jump higher on the trampoline than ever before, which will make them feel safer.

You can see at specific fancy fairs is a unique attraction. This is probably something you have never experienced before. People who have experienced it find it very popular, but it isn’t a common sight for everyone worldwide. There is a lot of excitement, and it will liven up a dull afternoon.

bungee trampoline

You have to be brave enough to try this type of trampoline. People will be kept safe by the bungees, and staff will be on-hand to keep an eye on things. It is still beyond the reach of the average person to own one. Trampoline experiences are highly personal, so whether you enjoy them or not will depend mainly on your sensitivity.

13. Recreational Trampolines

You may want to keep your kids healthy while having fun. Trampolines are a great choice. It’s easy for your kids to be happy by putting a trampoline in the backyard or underground. Water and ground trampolines are available. In addition to children, trampolines are fun for adults as well. Many trampolines are suitable for adults.

Trampolines are more expensive and less safe than these toys. Round trampolines are most common.

14. Competition Trampolines

Trampolines used for competitive purposes are high-performance units. The bounce they provide is comparable to burning a lot of energy. Generally, skilled trampolinists and Olympic athletes use these trampolines.

Trampolines for high lifting are made from durable materials. These trampolines are more expensive than regular trampolines because of their excellent performance. Please do not use them if you are not a professional gymnast.

Size-based trampolines

Trampolines of various sizes are needed for various uses, ages, and weights. We describe the various trampoline sizes based on their expertise.

15. Large trampolines

Gymnasts generally require a trampoline with a high bounce and a large size. They can choose between a variety of sizes. It is recommended that round trump users take a 14-foot trampoline. You should select a trampoline that is 10 x 17 feet or more significant if you are a rectangular jumper. These trampolines can carry a lot of weight.

16. Medium and small trampolines

Trampoline sizes should be medium or small for children and adolescents. They are also concerned about safety. Standard sizes of trampolines are 7 * 10, 8 * 12, 9 * 14 feet. There should be no more than 12 feet of circumference for round trampolines.

17. Preschool trampolines

Small trampolines are usually made for children by trampoline makers. Their bounce is more incredible than more giant trampolines, and their carrying capacity is lower. Low-flying trampolines are safe for use during recreation.

Trampolines based on enclosure styles

Trampolines come with a variety of enclosed systems. Options may include nets, handles, or open enclosures.

18. Trampolines with enclosures

Trampolines with enclosure nets are available in a variety of styles. Acrobats are kept from falling to the ground by this trap. A net mesh enclosure usually allows you to view your children sitting outside while the enclosure is being constructed. A net mesh enclosure should be high enough for your children to be visible. Most enclosures have a minimum height of 6 feet.

19. Exposed underground trampolines

There are some trampolines without nets around them. There is nothing unsafe about modern in-ground trampolines since enclosed in exposed enclosures. It has become one of the most popular trampolines for kids.

These types are also present in competitions, bungees, and water trampolines. You need to be careful when using a trampoline if the frame is too high.

20. Trampolines with handles exposed

A single or double handlebar is available on some mini trampolines or rebounders. If you adjust the height of the handles, you can use your trampoline for gym exercises. For this purpose, padded handles are an excellent choice.


Hopefully, now that you’ve read the above discussion, you have an idea of what trampolines are and what they are used for. You can use this information when purchasing your next trampoline. You are again reminded that rectangular trumps bounce more, and circular ones are safer.

Choose them according to your needs and take good care of your trampoline.

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