Restore Your Old Trampoline Frame or Replace for Safety

As a trampoline owner, this is a question I’ve struggled with many times. Our trampoline has brought my family countless hours of fun and exercise over the years, but it’s also showing its age. The jumping mat is faded, the springs are stretched out, and the frame has some rust spots. I know trampolines don’t last forever, so I’m trying to decide if it’s worth fixing it up or if I should just buy a new one.

Here’s my thought process on the pros and cons of each option:

Assessing the current condition of my trampoline

Before deciding whether to restore or replace, I took a close look at each part of my trampoline to see what kind of shape it’s in.

The jumping mat

  • Has faded from bright blue to a dull grayish color after years in the sun
  • Has a few small holes and thin spots, but no major tears or damage
  • The stitching around the edges is frayed in some spots

The springs

  • Many springs are stretched out and sagging
  • Some springs have even broken or are missing altogether
  • This affects the bounce and performance of the trampoline

The frame

  • Has surface rust on the legs and other exposed metal parts
  • No major structural issues but the rust is a concern

The safety pads

  • The foam padding has held up well but the vinyl cover is cracked and peeling in areas

So in summary, while my trampoline is definitely showing wear, it doesn’t seem to have any critical damage. The two main issues are the weakened springs and the rust on the frame.

What’s involved in restoring my trampoline

If I want to restore my trampoline and extend its life, there are a few steps I’ll need to take:

Replace damaged parts

I can order replacement parts for most trampoline brands. For mine, I’d need:

  • A new jumping mat
  • Replacement springs
  • New spring tool to help attach them
  • New frame pads

Installing these parts is straightforward. I’ll follow the manufacturer’s instructions to remove the old pieces and install the new ones.

Clean and protect the frame

To take care of the rust issue, I’ll need to:

  • Scrub affected areas with a wire brush to remove rust
  • Apply a rust-inhibiting primer spray
  • Finish with a protective coat of outdoor paint

This should help protect the frame from future corrosion.

Check for other wear

While I’m replacing parts, I’ll thoroughly inspect the frame for any other issues, tighten hardware, check the safety net, etc. That way I can catch any other potential problems.

Things to consider when deciding whether to restore or replace

As I weigh my options, there are a few key factors I’m keeping in mind:


  • Restoring: About $150-$200 for new mat, springs, pads. Plus my time/effort.
  • Replacing: $300+ for a decent new trampoline.

Restoring is the cheaper route for now. But I’ll likely need to replace parts again down the road.

Quality and safety

  • My current trampoline brand is decent quality. I trust the replacement parts to restore it safely.
  • But a newer one could have better materials, features, warranty, etc.

This is making me lean slightly toward replacing. Safety is my top priority.


  • Restoring will require disassembling, cleaning, proper installation of parts.
  • Buying new means only basic assembly out of the box.

I don’t mind the restoration work. But it’s a consideration.


  • With new parts, I can probably get a few more good years out of my current trampoline.
  • A new one would last 5-10 years or more.

This is a tough one. I’d love to squeeze a little more life out of my current trampoline. But a new one could last a lot longer.

New features

  • Sticking with my current trampoline model means basic features.
  • A new one could have upgrades like net poles, zipper door, higher weight rating, etc.

Lack of new features isn’t a deal breaker. But cool new ones could make a new trampoline more appealing.

Change of scenery

  • Keeping the current look is fine. It’s familiar and well-loved.
  • But a new trampoline could inject some fun with a fresh color scheme, shape, etc.

This is a minor thing, but something to think about. A new trampoline would spice up our backyard.

My decision…at least for now

After weighing all the factors, I’ve decided to restore my current trampoline for now. Ordering the new parts and doing the repairs will be less costly than buying a whole new one. If I take care with the installation, it should restore performance and safety.

I don’t mind putting in the restoration work to keep enjoying this trampoline a little longer. But I’ll be diligent about inspecting it and will replace it in the future if any issues come up that I can’t easily repair. A new trampoline is tempting, but still seems like a want rather than need at this stage.

I’m thankful to have weighed this tricky decision carefully. Had the frame or mat been too far gone, replacement would have been the only option. As it stands, I now have a renewed sense of confidence that my family will be jumping safely again this season. And when the time does come to buy a new trampoline, we’ll have some exciting new features to look forward to!

Key takeaways: restoring vs. replacing a trampoline

  • Inspect each part to assess current condition and what needs repair
  • Factor in cost, quality, effort, lifespan and new features
  • Restoring with replacement parts can extend usable life
  • But replacement may be better if damage is too severe
  • Focus on safety as the #1 priority, not just cost savings
  • Either option can work well with the right considerations

What has been your experience when deciding whether to restore an aging trampoline or buy a new one? Let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear your trampoline stories!

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