How Much Does A Rectangle Trampoline Cost?

Rectangle trampolines are generally more expensive, and their prices range between $600 and $1200. But these prices are only for non-professional rectangular trampolines. The prices of professional rectangular trampolines cost up to $3000. The extra support and shape of rectangular trampolines make them more expensive.

 Below we will discuss the factors that make a rectangle trampoline more expensive.

Frame Strength

Frame strength is very important in any trampoline. Strong and sturdy frames are more important than the shape of trampolines. Some trampoline frames are made from stainless steel only without any further additives, and due to this, their frames start rusting. And upon regular use, they start damaging.
As rectangular trampolines guarantee maximum weight limit and durability, their frames are mostly made from galvanized steel or powder-coated steel. Both help in protecting the frame from rusting and other damages.

Bounce Quality

Rectangular trampolines are bouncier as compared to round and oval trampolines. They are kid and professional athletes’ favorites because they allow all-equal rebound jumps. Anywhere you jump on a rectangular trampoline, you’ll get an equal bounce height and power. This happens because each spring in a rectangular trampoline works individually when you jump at any place.


A trampoline’s safety is the most important thing to consider when purchasing. Kids become desperate when they get on a trampoline, and they do some dangerous stunts. 12 feet and longer rectangular trampolines are best for safety purposes, and their cost normally ranges from $500-800. Rectangular trampolines provide a wide and equal jumping area, therefore. They are considered safe. But experts recommend using the extra safety net so that wayward jumpers stay inside the rectangular playing area.

Used or New

Used rectangular trampolines are cheap as compared to new ones. But used rectangular trampolines have a less life span, their frames are old, their springs have less working capacity, and their mats have less weight limit. New rectangular trampolines are stronger and have a long lifetime.

Why are rectangular trampolines more expensive?

Rectangular trampolines are more expensive compared to other designs of trampolines. Moreover, a large amount of materials is used for the superior construction of a rectangular trampoline. This construction ensures its durability, performance, and safety. The material used in round trampolines, as compared to rectangular trampolines, is of inferior quality and due to which their performance is very poor while performing gymnastic activities. Although some high standards round trampolines provide similar durability and performance, their costs are the same as rectangular trampolines.

When it comes to usage and durability, professional athletes like trampolines with rectangular designs. A rectangular trampoline can offer greater performance than a round model and can accommodate training purposes much better than round models. Moreover, trampolines that have a rectangular design are most suitable for growing children because their building material is of high quality, which ensures safety as well as durability.


Rectangular trampolines are expensive because of their quality material, the ideal shape for gymnastics, and their supreme construction. Their cost ranges between $600 and $2000 for low and high-end models of rectangular trampolines.

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