Which Animals Love Trampolines the Most?

A trampoline may seem like a simple backyard toy, but watch how animals react when they discover these bouncy surfaces. Their curiosity and enthusiasm is contagious, putting a smile on your face. While safety should come first, these videos reveal the innocent joy animals experience on trampolines.

So what animals like trampolines the most? Based on the videos and reports gathered here, dogs appear to be the #1 fans. But goats, foxes, cows, kangaroos, and even turtles want in on the action too. Cats can take or leave it, but when they do try, they bounce in that special feline style.

Below we’ll countdown the top trampoline-loving animals and look at some of their most amusing bounces.

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#1. Dogs Love Trampolines

Dogs Love Trampolines

The way dogs instantly take to trampolines shows how in tune they are with having fun. As loyal companions to humans, dogs will happily follow us onto these bouncy surfaces and jump all day if we let them.

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Puppy Playtime

One of the cutest trampoline videos is of two golden retriever puppies experiencing their first cautious bounces. With encouragement from their human friends, the puppies grow more confident, bouncing gently and playfully nibbling each other in between jumps. It’s delightful to watch their curiosity turn to playfulness on the trampoline.

Backyard Fun

There are countless videos of dogs of all ages and breeds bouncing on trampolines in backyards. Often the family dog will tagalong whenever the kids want to jump. And those with trampolines report their dogs begging to get on too. They simply love racing around the trampoline mat, stopping periodically to watch the kids bounce.

Healthy Exercise

Beyond fun, trampolines provide an excellent source of exercise for dogs. The soft mat is gentle under their paws compared to hard surfaces. And the buoyancy reduces stress on joints while still elevating heart rate. So trampolines give dogs a healthy cardio workout.

It’s clear why trampolines make dogs so happy – they’re instinctively attuned to playtime and bonding.

#2. Goats Can’t Get Enough

Goats Love Trampolines

You might not picture goats as trampoline lovers, but watch how eagerly they climb up and start bouncing. Given their adventurous nature, goats take to the trampolines with zeal, only sometimes tripping themselves up with their awkward limbs. But they get back up and jump even more enthusiastically.

Bouncy Bliss

It’s delightful watching videos of goats bouncing on trampolines. Despite their bulky bodies, they hop surprisingly high, clearly enjoying the lift and bounce. You can see the pure joy they experience, bouncing continuously, stopping only to give each other friendly head butts. Given the chance, it’s clear goats could bounce all day long.

#3. Foxes Bring Their Playfulness

Foxes on Trampoline

Foxes love to explore and when they discover trampolines, their innate playfulness shines through. These videos show foxes eagerly climbing up to bounce and playfully interact on the mats.

Backyard Fun

One video captured two foxes who spent the entire summer frequently returning to bounce and play-fight on a backyard trampoline. They seem to intuitively understand how the elasticity added fun to their wresting and chasing games.

Curious Explorers

Another clip shows a fox tentatively approach the edge of a trampoline and gently place a paw on the mat to inspect the surface. Not quite brave enough to bounce initially, the fox returns later and is filmed having a small bounce. It exemplifies a fox’s cautious but curious nature.

So while goats rush onto trampolines, foxes gracefully sneak on to explore. But both love interacting on these bouncy surfaces once discovered.

#4. Kangaroos Have a Hopping Good Time

Kangaroos on Trampoline

Given how much kangaroos love hopping across the open plains of Australia, it makes sense they would be drawn to jump on trampolines too. And some hilarious footage exists showing just that.

Backyard Bouncing

One video captured a kangaroo who wandered into a backyard and ended up bouncing on the trampoline. Its powerful hind legs and big tail provide plenty of thrust to get good lift. amd it rebounds easily across the mat in signature kangaroo style.

Crash Landing

Another clip shows a kangaroo get spooked while on a trampoline and attempt to hop off. But it misjudges the edge and ends up crashing off the side of the trampoline. Fortunately it wasn’t injured! But it exemplifies what happens when bouncy trampolines mix with the largest jumping animals on earth.

#5. Elk Unexpectedly Love Them Too

Elk on Trampoline

You really never know what animals might try to get in on trampoline fun. One unlikely trampoline lover found bounding around a backyard trampoline was – an elk! The hefty animal somehow made its way partially onto the trampoline. While it struggled to get proper footing and really bounce, the elk definitely wanted to play. It shows how irresistible trampolines can be to inquisitive creatures.

Honorable Mentions: Cows, Turtles and More

Beyond the top trampoline-loving animals, we found a few more unexpected animals caught on camera bouncing:

Cows – A herd wandered onto a large trampoline and their heavy bulk made the mat sink. But despite minimal bounce, the cows still had fun pacing in circles and trying little hops.

Cow on Trampoline

Turtles – An unlikely friendship between a puppy and turtle formed after meeting on a trampoline. The playful pup bounds enthusiastically while the turtle enjoys a much gentler bounce.

Turtles on Trampoline

Cats – Notable for their indifference, cats only sometimes take to trampolines. But one cat named Smokey was filmed enjoying short sessions running and playing with tails and toys on the mat.

Cat on mini rebounder

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This shows how almost any animal is worth keeping an eye on around a trampoline!

Safety First For Pets on Trampolines

While videos of animals on trampolines are adorable and fun, homeowners should take precautions allowing pets on them. Trampolines pose risks for animals if unattended or allowed to jump too high. And their claws can damage mats and padding. Consider these tips:

  • Supervise pets to ensure safe bouncing
  • Keep dogs on leashes and cats indoors when not monitoring
  • Check for damage to coverings and mats after animal use
  • Secure trampolines with nets to avoid escape attempts

With some simple guidelines, trampolines can provide fun but safe exercise for pets.

The Irresistible Appeal of Trampolines

After enjoying all these delightful videos, it’s clear a wide variety of animals love playing on trampolines as much as people do. We can learn a lot from how openly happy animals act while bouncing. Trampolines exemplify simple, healthy fun in such a carefree way.

Dogs, goats, foxes, elk and even cows can’t resist jumping for joy when they discover trampolines in their environments. It speaks to how uplifting springy, bouncy surfaces are for unleashing play. Ultimately the common trait all these animals share is an enthusiastic spirit for bouncing good times.

So next time you see your own dog eagerly bounding around the trampoline, remember they intuitively know something we humans often forget – bouncing is darn fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of trampoline is safest for pets?

Look for a high-quality trampoline designed specifically to handle pets, with a durable mat that can withstand claws. Trampolines made to hold adult humans are best to support heavier dogs. And always opt for safety net enclosures.

Should I let my cat on the trampoline?

Cats can enjoy trampolines but require close supervision as falling off poses a hazard. And their sharp claws risk puncturing the mat fabric. Limit access to short sessions under watchful eyes.

Can trampolines help dogs lose weight?

Yes! Trampolines provide an excellent aerobic workout for overweight dogs to help shed pounds. Just be sure to introduce gradually and provide ample water breaks. The low-impact rebound is gentler on joints while elevating heart rate.

Why do goats like jumping on trampolines?

In addition to being innately energetic, goats seem to enjoy the feeling of lift and bounce trampolines provide. Given their adventurous nature, goats also love exploring and playing on new structures. The trampoline mat likely feels like a fun new toy to frolic on.

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