How to Prevent Trampoline from Rusting?

It’s a typical Sunday afternoon, and your kids are outside enjoying themselves on the trampoline you bought them while you’re inside the house getting some work done. So, you log off of work, put your iPhone on silent, and head outside, where your children’s faces light up with anticipation as they realize you’ll be joining them in a game of tag and some energetic jumping.

You jump up on the trampoline, but the fun is cut short. Upon chance inspection of spring, you spot the one thing that absolutely must not be present: rust.

You tell your children that it is time to do their homework, they will likely roll their eyes, scoff, and run away. But now, you have a task more important than catering to your kids’ whims: rescuing the trampoline.

Have you ever been in this situation before? The answer is probably yes if you own a trampoline, but here’s what you need to know about trampoline rust and how to get rid of it.

Rusty Trampoline Springs

The trampoline starts squeaking when the spring gets rusted. Jumping on a mat attached to rusty trampoline springs is extremely risky because the rust is weakening the metal material they are made of. Imagine a series of springs breaking as you jump on it. This is a terrible situation, right?

Especially if you thought the springs might snap, but you had no idea where you’d land. The springs should be replaced if the rust is extensive, but if it has just begun to form, you can choose between replacing them and cleaning them.

How to Clean and Get the Rust Off of Trampoline Springs?

Using a simple DIY method, you can easily clean the rusted springs and prevent rust from reforming. First, use red electrical tape to make rust signs on all the springs so you can easily identify which ones need fixing later. Put aside half a cup of salt and add the juice of two lemons or limes. Then, using a wooden spatula, apply the mixture directly to the rusty areas that you’d marked off with the red electrical tape.

After waiting at least two to three hours, you can brush the paste and rust away with an old toothbrush or whatever you like. Then, using a spray attachment on your garden hose, thoroughly wash the springs. The next step is to wipe the springs down with a cotton cloth and coat them in petroleum jelly to protect them from rust.

Rust Remover

You can use a rust remover for aesthetic purposes. All you need is some rust remover of your choice to get rid of that ugly rust. Using this method, the rust’s chemical composition will be permanently altered, making it easy to wipe off and flush away. This remedy is best used on newly formed rust or if you feel the rust is detracting from the aesthetic value of your trampoline.

You should know that if your piece has suffered severe corrosion, this method will not bring it back to its original condition. The surface may be salvageable, but the piece itself is broken and needs to be replaced. If you want to see how much Iron Out rust remover costs on Amazon, click here.

Paint The Trampoline Frame

Light rust on the frame and legs of your trampoline is a warning sign that you should act on immediately by making the frame and legs watertight.

Follow these simple instructions to get rid of the rust on the trampoline.

All pre-rusted metal surfaces should be sanded down until only the base material remains, and then the remaining rust can be wiped away with steel wool. Give the metal pieces of the frame two coats of rustproof and waterproof paint.

After this, your framework should be safe.

How to Prevent Trampoline from Rusting?

Before you buy a trampoline, find out if the frame is galvanized on the inside and the outside. You won’t have to worry about rust developing thanks to this.

If you already own a trampoline but its metal components aren’t galvanized, you need to cover it to keep it safe from the elements. The cold winter months and times when the trampoline is not in use are prime times to always cover it.

If you’re not going to be using your trampoline for a while, you should bring it inside and keep it in a dry area.

If you live in an area that experiences a lot of rain, it is recommended that you treat your trampoline with a water repellent.

Avoid having your trampoline near any water source, including sprinklers and splashes from the pool.

Your Trampoline Might Be Rusting Because the Soil Is Acidic?

If you find that your trampoline’s metal components aren’t galvanized, you can make it less likely that rust will penetrate the coating by placing the trampoline on a PVC surface or artificial grass and applying multiple coats of anti-rust paint to the legs.

It’s also important to make sure the trampoline’s legs are firmly anchored if you decide to use a PVC surface, so the trampoline doesn’t slide and come into contact with the acidic soil as kids jump on it.

Sum Up

You have gained the knowledge necessary to protect your trampoline from the damaging effects of rust. It’s great that you didn’t ignore the littlest bit of rust on the trampoline.

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