Families can enjoy year-round trampoline fun with a good quality trampoline. However, jumping on a mat with holes or tears would be devastating. Trampoline patching and repair kits can fix holes in the trampoline mat. However, you must first learn how to fix the trampoline’s hole.

Here, we will examine in detail the topic “How to Fix a Hole in a Trampoline.” Further, you will learn about the best trampoline repair kits so that you can repair the hole on your trampoline yourself.

How Does a Trampoline Mat Get a Hole in It?

There are many ways to make holes in trampoline mats. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • Dropping heavy objects on the mat. Trampoline damage can occur when tree branches fall on the trampoline due to strong winds.
  • Tears may form if one jumps while wearing a boot or blade.
  • Cigarettes can burn trampoline beds.
  • Exposure to sun, wind, or rain may cause the mat to burst after prolonged use.

When and Why Is Trampoline Hole Repair Necessary?

There can be a small or large hole in a trampoline mat. You can leave the hole open until the edges are sharpened at less than 0.2 inches. You can fix a hole less than 1 inch in diameter yourself using basic sewing skills. The hole should be grafted using a repair kit if larger than 1 inch. If you do not wish to do it yourself, you can hire a professional.

You should fix the hole in the trampoline mat as soon as possible. This will prevent children from jumping. When a perforated mat jumps, it will eventually destroy the mat, resulting in a massive loss of money.

You can quickly repair a hole in a trampoline mat with the trampoline repair kit above, and when there is more than one hole, you can consult a pro or replace the mat.

Accessories for Repairing Trampoline Holes

It is essential to gather all the necessary items before going to the trampoline mat hole repair. There are various tools and materials needed for each method, but many of the items are the same. Scissors, razor blades, tape measures, lighters, chalk, needles, threads, pins, sewing machines, screws, extra tarpaulin, etc., are among the most common items.

5 Effective Ways to Repair Holes On a Trampoline

You are eagerly awaiting the final hex to repair the first hole in the trampoline. Trampoline holes and rips can be repaired in five simple ways.

Adhesive patch

Repairing trampoline mat holes with an adhesive patch is the easiest and most popular method. Only small holes can be repaired with this method. These patches are often shaped like circles or ovals.

In the following steps, we will explain how to repair a trampoline hole step by step.

Step 1: Mark the tear or hole.

Check the mat for tears and holes. Draw circles around the hole with chalk. Make sure everyone gets a turn.

Step 2: Cut the patch more significantly than the hole.

To cut the patch, open the patch box and cut the patch 2 inches wide from the hole’s diameter. The patch can then be overlapped.

Step 3: Cut the tarp to the same size as the patch.

Use a ruler or tape measure to measure the dimensions of the extra tarp. Cut the pre-cut patching kit to the same size as the tarp patch. This step is not always necessary.

Step 4: Pin the patch and sew the patch with the mat.

To fill the hole, pin the cutting patch in place. In order to increase tear resistance, remove the ends of the patch using a needle and thread stitch. The most popular stitches for this purpose are cross stitch and whip stitch.

You can also use cross stitches in embroidery to strengthen the patch. Both sides can be stitched. It’s not essential.

Step 5: Clean the hole area and patch.

A damp cloth can then be used to wipe around the patched area for further processing.

Step 6: Apply glue to the hole.

Glue the holes and screws above and around the holes and screws you drilled. Ensure the glue is no thicker than 1.5 mm and no wider than 5-10 mm around the hole.

Step 7: Attach the patch to the mat.

Now fold the mat back and press the patch for a few minutes. Ensure there is perfect contact between both surfaces. Allow the patch to dry, settle, and harden for 12 to 24 hours.

Method 2: Sew-On Replacement Patch

Mat holes can also be repaired by sewing a patch over the hole. Sewing a patch over the hole takes more effort, but results are better in the long run. Many trampoline repair kits include canvas patches, heavy-duty thread, and durable needles that are UV-resistant.

The alternate patch should be cut into a circle. The patch should not be wider than two inches from the hole. Sew the patch straight with the mat on top of the hole. Tighten the thread to make it more durable. Teamwork also makes work easier and produces better results. Many screws come with instructions on how to sew them into the trampoline hole. Make sure you follow them.

Method 3: Repair of Flex Tape

This method works well if you need to repair something immediately. You can choose from a variety of sizes and colors. An excellent example of this is GEAR AID.

It can be used on dry or wet surfaces as well as underwater. Trampoline hole tears are repaired by applying flex tape to the front and back of the hole. It is then sealed with flax spray. Finally, allow the tape to dry overnight.

Method 4: Sewing machine

This method is applied when a hole is 3-5 inches in diameter. It’s challenging to find good patches for such a big hole. However, the sewing machine can be used to repair the mat.

Begin by separating the mat and spring. Place your mat on the sewing machine after separating it. Before you begin sewing, make sure you have a large, strong needle and UV-resistant thread. Run solid and stiff jug-jug stitches over any holes or cracks to ensure seam stability.

Time-consuming but useful when repair kits or patches do not work.

Method 5: Get The Services of a Professional.

Trampoline repair kits will not work if the trampoline has more than 3 to 4-inch holes. Contact a trampoline repair professional if you need to replace the trampoline mat. You can find many trampoline repair services locally.

Even if the hole is too small, you can hire a pro even if you are uncomfortable patching trampolines. They can help you fix the mat more efficiently.

Some Tips to Prevent Mat Holes

  • Avoid installing the trampoline near a tree branch.
  • Remove your shoes and sharp items before jumping.
  • Don’t allow overweight people to jump.
  • When it’s hot, cover the trampoline mat.
  • During the hottest part of the day, spray UV protection.
  • Clean the mat routinely to remove dirt and bird droppings.
  • Do not smoke while jumping.
  • Winterize the mat.
  • Use the right spring size.

10 Trampoline Safety Tips

  • Do not jump on the wet trampoline. It is slippery.
  • Just jump, but don’t flip. People can suffer severe injuries or even die when they return from a trampoline accidentally.
  • Don’t exceed the weight limit of the mat. It can cause injuries to the legs and spine if the mat touches the ground.
  • To avoid falling off the shore accidentally, consider installing an underground trampoline.
  • Install safety nets around the trampoline.
  • Cover the springs with protective pads.
  • Trampoline landscaping with grass instead of rocks or cement.
  • The trampoline should not be positioned near trees, walls, roofs, light poles, or electricity poles.
  • Make sure no sharp objects are in your pockets before jumping.
  • Do not jump on the springs.

Must watch video on Trampoline Repair

The Best Trampoline Repair Kits for Repairing Trampoline Holes

Trampoline mat holes are repaired using different trampoline repair kits. Here are the 5 best trampoline patching kits available. Check out the reviews and find the best option for you!

Gear Aid Strict Repair Tape

Because most trampoline mats contain vinyl fabric material, we highly recommend Tenacious Tape with GEAR AID as the best trampoline repair kit. It comes in a variety of colors so that you can choose the right one to match your trampoline mat. It has rapid rips and hole-fixing capabilities.

The washable and waterproof coating will be created on GEAR AID’s 3 x 20-inch strip. With peel-and-rod tape, you can repair your rods without heat or stitching. Rubber, vinyl, plastic, nylon, and mesh will permanently adhere to this adhesive. The repair kit will do just fine for trampoline mats or spring pads. Other products such as trampoline tents, jackets, tarps, etc., can also be repaired with this repair tape.


  • Repair of sharp and robust holes
  • Washable and waterproof
  • No stitching or heat required
  • Cheap Trampoline Repair Kit


  • Not suitable for denim, seams, cotton, or natural fabrics

Gorilla patch and waterproof seal tape

The gorilla patch and seal tape would be an excellent choice for repairing a trampoline hole. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, camping, marine, and more, it is a permanent bond that seals instantly. Underwater use is also possible. This product has a UV-resistant layer of extra-thick adhesive.

Low-density polyethylene is used to make this product. It has double the tape of a 5 feet elastic tape. Black and white versions of the 4 x 10-inch gorilla repair kit are available. Waterproof patch that can be applied to wood, vinyl, PVC, metal, acrylic, etc., in hot and cold conditions from 70 to 200 degrees F. Trampoline holes and tears can easily be repaired with this patch.


  • Instantly seals air, water, and moisture
  • UV resistant
  • Waterproof patch
  • Thick layer screws.
  • Permanent bond


  • Do not use silicone or water repellent.
  • Costly

Tear-Aid Fabric Repair Patch

Trampoline mats for children are usually made of fabric for safety reasons. TEAR-AID Repair Kits are the best way to repair them since they are explicitly designed for textiles when it does explode. The patch provides excellent protection against tears and holes. It is made of elastomer, is resistant to tearing and punctures, and has a matte finish.

A wide variety of materials can be patched with Type A Fabric Patching. These include nylon, fabric, canvas, plastic, rubber, polyethylene, polypropylene, neoprene, polyurethane, acrylic, fiberglass, aluminum, and polyester. You can use this 3 * 12-inch tape in any shape. There is no glue involved in this process. UV-resistant tape resists color fading over time.


  • Invisible repair
  • UV resistant screws
  • Self-adhesive repair kit
  • Suitable for fabric and many other materials


  • It can be used to repair small holes
  • Only effective on fabrics

Park Tool Pre-Glue Super Patch

The repair of trampoline holes with the Repair Kit Park tool GP-2 Pre-Glue Super Patch can also be repaired. There are no stitches or heat required for this self-adhesive patch. A box contains 6 waterproof patches that provide excellent performance for a long time. Two kits provide a total of 12 patches.

This rectangular puncture repair kit is handy for vinyl and fabric jumping beds sticking to any shape. This patch covers small holes rather than larger ones. The package also includes sandpaper for those times when you need it. Using this patch to repair holes and tears on the baby’s trampoline will make it safe for use.


  • Comes with sandpaper
  • Self-adhesive repair
  • Waterproof patching
  • Includes 12 patches


  • Unsuitable for large holes
  • Loses adhesion with time

Patch Bond Formula-X Trampoline Mat Repair Kit

The last trampoline matt patch formula we have is an X patch bond. This formula works well for holes up to 2 inches in diameter and 3 inches in length. This large repair kit is made of Prometron material that measures 8 inches by 8 inches diagonally. It can be used to cut as many screws as necessary. This guide is beneficial for newcomers because it explains the process in detail.

A unique black marine glue and brush are included with PATCH BOND. This mat is extraordinarily durable because of its waterproof glue and good tensile strength. Even though this patch is designed for small holes, the mat must be well sewn before using it on large holes.


  • Comes with clear instructions
  • Big patch
  • Primitive ensures material durability
  • Includes glue and brush


  • Not suitable for large holes

Things to Consider Before Patching Trampoline Holes

  • Select the correct repair kit based on the material of the mat.
  • Make sure the glue bottle is shaken well before applying it.
  • Be sure to read all instructions before using the glue.
  • Clean the surface first.
  • Be sure the tape is in complete contact with the mat.
  • Use waterproof and UV-resistant tape.

Frequently Asked Question: How to Fix a Hole in A Trampoline?

Can holes in trampolines be repaired?

Hole diameters under 1 inch can be self-repaired, but a trampoline professional must graft holes larger than 1 inch. A trampoline mat should be replaced if it has more than one hole.

Can you use flex tape to fix the trampoline?

Another efficient and daring method is that trampoline holes can also be patched with flex tape repair. The tape is waterproof and can be obtained almost anywhere. The rubber tape comes in 4″ wide and 5′ long rolls. The color of the rubber tape matches most of the trampolines.

Is Flex Seal Tape UV Resistant?

This adhesive sticks to virtually any surface and adapts to virtually any shape and size, even underwater. The adhesive becomes more robust over time. It withstands extreme temperatures and stormy weather and is UV resistant and VOC-free.

Can you fix a trampoline mat?

Trampoline mats can be damaged in many ways, including wear, weather, and aging. Unfortunately, the possibilities for repairs are limited and specific. There is no way to repair a mat with a hole of any kind, whether it’s in the middle or near the edge.

What is the best material for a trampoline?

Polypropylene trampoline mats are the safest on the market. Too many fibers are woven to make a pleasing mesh pattern. A stable, smooth surface is created by interconnecting the fabric thermally to withstand constant elasticity and stress.

What are trampoline nets made of?

Soft polyethylene can be used to make trampoline safety nets. Trampoline safety nets are commonly made from polyethylene. A thermoplastic polymer can melt into a liquid and reform into a solid.


It is not difficult to fix a trampoline hole. The hardest part is finding the correct repair kit for the trampoline. However, we made it easy by providing the best trampoline patching reviews. Your task now is to choose the most appropriate repair kit from the five options listed above. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Contact an expert if you need help finding a solution to your problem. Now that you know how to repair a trampoline hole with patches, I hope you enjoy doing it yourself.

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