Can You Put A Trampoline On Concrete?

You can put your trampoline on concrete. If you have a yard but do not have enough smooth or grassy surfaces, you will put your trampoline on a hard concrete surface. This is not a problem, but the thing is, it’s not a good idea.

There are many reasons why experts or experienced people do not prefer to put a trampoline on a hard concrete surface.


Major reasons are 

  • Serious injuries or even death.
  • Trampoline movement and its frame breakage

Serious Injuries Or Even Death

We know that the world’s population is increasing day by day because of which the space for gardens is not left too much.

Some people do not even have yards, and some have yards but not enough grassy areas.

In all of these, that doesn’t mean that we should ignore safety and health for the sake of enjoyment of small intervals of time.

Kids love to jump on a trampoline without thinking about their safety .they do not think about where the trampoline is being placed. All they want is just enjoyment for a few couples of hours or a few couples of minutes.

Even teenagers or adults like jumping over the trampoline. They want to fly as high as possible, but they have to come back to the surface. The same case applies to kids as well.

If any of them misplaces during a jump, then he or she can fall on the concrete surface and will end up in the hospital. This could lead to serious injuries like:

  • Breakage of bones.
  • Head injuries
  • Breakage of the neck.
  • Breakage of backbone
  • Even death

It is dangerous for the people who enjoy the trampoline and for the people watching them enjoying.

If somebody falls on them from a height, they will be injured badly.

These types of cases do not occur only at homes but also at some public parks. Some parks do not have a good grassy area, so the management put a trampoline on a hard surface because accidents occur.

When you jump too high and land on the mat of the trampoline, the trampoline shrinks to the bottom due to which your feet or back can touch the ground, and you can get hurt badly, or the bones can be damaged.

Your head could hit the ground or your neck, or even your backbone. It could also be a cause of death. And what could 

be even more dangerous?

Trampoline Movement And Its Frame Breakage:

If you place a trampoline on the concrete surface and do not fix its legs, it can change its position whenever you jump, and at a certain point, you will miss the mat and then land on concrete. This will lead to serious injuries.

Experts recommend grassy areas because whenever you jump, the legs of the trampoline get deeper into the ground.  In this way, they remain fixed. If you are thinking to put a trampoline on the grass then you need this guide. What to put under trampoline on grass ?

For the concrete surface, you need to fix the trampoline’s legs first, for which you need to drill holes.

  • On a concrete surface, when people jump on a trampoline due to excessive force, it bends repeatedly, and there is no support for it from its bottom, i.e., its legs are on concrete. As a result, its frame disturbs it, and its joints start to break after a month.

Ways to put a trampoline on concrete:

If you are sad that you can not buy a trampoline because you have a yard made of concrete and do not have enough grassy areas, you are scared for the safety of your kids. Don’t be sad.

There are many ways to put your trampoline in your yard of concrete. All you have to do is just find the safest ways. These are:

  • Use artificial grass.
  • Use of sand.
  • Use a trampoline net.
  • Fix its legs.

So let’s have a look at these tips.

Use Artificial Grass:

The use of artificial grass is very common nowadays. People are using it at a very high rate. They have soft and porous surfaces.

  • First of all, it will act as a soft base for a trampoline, and its frame will be protected.
  • Second, if anyone falls from the trampoline, he/she will land on grass, not on concrete.
  • It will give an attractive look to your yard.
  • In this way, you and your family can easily enjoy yourself at home. 
artificial grass mats

Use Of Sand:

Sand is also the safest way for base softening for the trampoline.

If you spread sand under the trampoline and around it, it will act as a soft base for the trampoline.

  • Nobody will direct land on a hard surface. The landing will be on the sand. There will be fewer chances of severe injuries.
  • Its legs will be sunk in the sand, and it will get a fix.
  • This idea is a little bit messy, but kids will also love to play with sand.

Use Of Trampoline Net:

It is better to use a trampoline net if you have a concrete yard. We know that kids love jumping on a trampoline. They even forget about safety precautions. Their chances of falling are much more if you do not use the net. So it’s better to use a net around the trampoline so that the chances of falling become less and they remain within the safety zone.

use trampoline safety nets

Fix Trampoline’s Legs:

If you put your trampoline on a concrete surface, whenever you jump on it, the trampoline changes its position if its legs are not fixed, and it is so dangerous.

So it’s better to fix its legs.

For that purpose, you need to drill holes on both sides of the legs of the trampoline in concrete and use upper bounce safety enclosures to fix the legs or poles of a trampoline on a concrete surface.

In this way, your trampoline position will be fixed.

When someone jumps on a mat and returns to it, the trampoline will not change its position. Then it will be safe, and you can enjoy it without any hesitation. 


Putting a trampoline on concrete is not recommended, but you can do it.
Jumping on a trampoline placed on concrete can cause some injuries, and the trampoline structure mostly starts breaking down.
So, it is advised not to put a trampoline on the hard concrete surface.
If you don’t have a large backyard, take some precautionary measures to place your trampoline on concrete. You can use safety nets around the trampoline, artificial grass mats, and rubber on hard concrete floors to reduce the risk of falling on the floor.
Useful Resource: 3 Tips For Trampolines On Concrete

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