Can You Jump On Wet Trampolines?

You can jump on a wet trampoline. You can enjoy or have more fun on a wet trampoline. Jumping on a wet trampoline feels more bouncy than usual, but this is not a great idea. This is risky, and you can get injured badly.

How does the trampoline get wet?

When their rainfall occurs, your trampoline gets wet. When you water the plants in the garden, water drops fall on the trampoline, due to which your trampoline gets wet.

In summers, when kids jump on the trampoline, for more fun, their parents or any elder sprinkle water on them using a garden hose.

In this way, kids, along with their elders, love jumping on a wet trampoline. 

In case of snowfall, when it melts, the trampoline gets wet.

Mostly all the trampoline’s frames are galvanized. They are strong enough to bear any weather. The things that damage the trampoline are exposure to the trampoline in the rain for a long interval of time or storms or strong wind.

Now the question is:

“How are you gonna be injured?”

That doesn’t seem very clear!!!!

But it’s not.

If you have a trampoline and you didn’t install a safety net around it, and there occurs a rain, and you choose a trampoline to enjoy on it, then it is dangerous.

When the trampoline mat is wet, it becomes more slippery. When you jump on a wet trampoline, you feel more bounce than usual. If you get slipped, you will trip off the trampoline mat and land on the ground. 

You can hurt your knee or even your spinal cord. The injury can even be more serious than you think.

Even though your trampoline has a safety net, you can fall off from the trampoline. How?

Let me tell you. As I have already mentioned above, that wet trampoline is much more bouncier than usual. If you jump aggressively, you can miss the mat, and you will fall over from the safety net and land on the ground, leading to serious injuries.

Slippery Ladder:

When you sprinkle water on the trampoline to make it wet or your trampoline gets wet because of rain, the mat becomes slippery, and the ladder becomes slippery. We can’t control kids all the time, especially the younger ones. They slip from it and hurt themselves when they climb up the ladder.

So it is better not to sprinkle water on a ladder or keep it dry as much as possible. Help your kids while climbing up to ensure their safety. 

Can You Jump On Wet Trampolines Higher?

Many people say that when they jump on the wet trampoline, the bounce they feel is higher than on the dry trampoline.

There is a little bit of physics involved in it.

The evaporation process starts when you drop water on the trampoline’s mat on a hot summer day. It takes away the warmth of the trampoline and evaporates as we know that evaporation is a cooling process. So the trampoline mat gets cold and comes to its original state reducing the elasticity.

When you jump on it, the trampoline mat becomes more bouncy, and you feel it much bouncier than usual.

can you jump on wet trampolines higher

In Wet Weather, Can You Jump On A Wet Trampoline?

Yes, you can jump on the wet trampoline, but if there is a thunderstorm or heavy rain, I would recommend not doing that.

If there is a thunderstorm, then there is a risk of electrocution. When your trampoline gets wet, the springs and frame act as an earthing conductor, and we know very well the nature of water. It is a good conductor of electricity as well. So you should avoid contact with the trampoline.

When the light strikes the metal in the trampoline and water on its mat will conduct electricity and lead you to death or serious injuries.

So it’s better to stay away from the trampoline during heavy rain or thunderstorms.

Does Water Damage The Trampoline?

Water can not damage your trampoline. Generally, all the trampolines are made up of material that can bear different weather conditions until a specific time.

Companies use galvanized material to make trampoline frames. These materials are anti-corrosive. They act as a defense shield against rust and corrosion. Trampoline mats can not be affected by water or moisture.

When your trampoline gets wet, the water or moisture will not affect it. But that doesn’t mean that you keep your trampoline outside for a long period, or your trampoline remains outside in the rain or in snowfall without any sort of covering.

Let me inform you that for a limited time, these galvanized materials protect your trampoline. Still, if you do not take care of it properly and do not save your trampoline from rain, moisture, or snow, it will destroy your trampoline, and you will see rust and corrosion built upon its frame. The mat of the trampoline is water resistive. It does not absorb water. So when it rains, the water is stored on the mat, making a water puddle. If you do not get rid of that puddle on time, it can badly destroy your mat.

In winter, the water or moisture freezes on the trampoline, which is difficult to remove, and you act lazy to remove it, which is why your trampoline starts getting rusty.

Is Jumping On The Wet Trampoline A Cause Damage? 

You can jump on the wet trampoline, and it will not damage but only in this case if there is no water puddle on the mat of the trampoline.

On hot summer days, when kids want to jump on the trampoline, they can’t because the trampoline is so hot. The next thing they do is sprinkle water on it using a garden hose to cool it down. The trampoline mat becomes watery, making a puddle, and after that, they start to jump on it.

In this way, they can have more fun, but they don’t know that they are damaging the mat.

The mat can bear a certain weight, but when you jump on the mat while it contains a water puddle, it increases the weight( your weight +jumping force+ water puddle weight ). Due to an increase in weight factor, it can tear up your mat.

So it is necessary to clean the water puddle before using a wet trampoline.


You can jump on the wet trampoline, but there are many risks. So make sure that the safety net is installed around the trampoline and do not jump aggressively while the mat is wet. Stay away from the trampoline while it is raining or thunderstorm. Keep your kid’s trampoline away from electrical lines or light to prevent yourself and your kids from electrocution.

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