What To Put Under Trampoline On Grass?

What to put under trampoline on grass? grass mats for trampoline? rubber mat for under trampoline? artificial turf under trampoline?

No, nothing to put on the grass under the trampoline. Don’t worry about the grass under the trampoline. The grass under the trampoline is shinier than the whole yard. In reality, the only part of the grass affected is the part where the legs meet the grass. 

In some cases, the grass under the trampoline gets affected and brown. It depends upon your geography, trampoline location, and how much sunlight the grass gets? And the moisture level of the grass.

What To Put Under Trampoline On Grass?

Whenever we start installing the trampoline on the glass, the thought comes to our mind about what to put under trampoline. This question comes to our mind because we think that the trampoline legs will ruin the grass. We forget that if we put something on the glass under the trampoline, the grass will die. So the best way to do this is to put something under the trampoline, like artificial grass, turf, or something like that.

However, if you are going to install your trampoline on slop you can go here.

How Does The Grass Under The Trampoline Get Affected?

Trampoline mats are made of special types of material that block sun rays from grass. Ultimately, the growth of grass stops, and it becomes nutrient deficient. Therefore, the grass under the trampoline starts drying.

While in hot weather, the grass appreciates being under the trampoline and becomes shiny compared to the whole yard’s grass. Excessive exposure to sunlight is harmful to them.

Trampoline mats do not let the rainwater or moisture into the grass. And the same for sprinkler water. In the end, your grass will remain dry all the time and start dying.

The legs of a trampoline introduce heavyweight to the soil. Trampolines get deep into the soil whenever you jump the legs, causing the grass to die.


There are a few basics and easy steps to prevent the grass under the trampoline from dying. 

Reposition Trampolines

Relocating to a trampoline is the best and cheapest option. The benefit of repositioning your trampoline will help the grass gain enough sunlight to survive for a week.

Normally grass survives easily for one week even if they don’t get sunlight. After a week, the green color of the grass starts disappearing. So, it is best practice to relocate your trampoline after a week.

Use Sprinkler

Use of sprinkler over both inground and above ground trampoline is the second-best option. A trampoline’s mat doesn’t let water or moisture pass through it. The trampoline mat will not stop the water from the grass.

Some people will think that using a sprinkler will destroy the frame, and the frame will start getting rust. But are mostly designed for outdoor use, and their frames are rust-resistant.

Reflect The Sunlight Onto The Grass

reflect the sunlight onto the grass

Use a mirror or other reflecting objects for sunlight reflection onto the grass. Still, this method is not considered ideal because this is a time-consuming activity, and you will have to keep the reflecting object at an angle with the sun as well as grass all the time. 

Once done correctly, then this method can save your grass from dying.

Use Grass For Shaded Areas

Some grasses are designed to grow in dark and shaded areas, and they don’t need enough sunlight for their growth. You can use these grasses under the trampoline, and they will not die.

Use In-Ground Trampoline

Use an inground trampoline and get rid of this tension. Just bury your trampoline in the ground, no more grass, no more worries. Burying a trampoline will increase the beauty of your lawn.

You can also put your normal trampoline into the ground; no need to buy another ground trampoline.

use in ground trampoline

Can You Put A Trampoline On Artificial Grass?

Yes, some people do not want to ruin their garden’s beauty at any cost. And also, they do not like the dead grass. If you don’t even want to change the location of your trampoline, artificial grass mats or under trampoline grass mat is recommended. 

Artificial Grass Mats under trampoline

The advantages of artificial grass mats are

  1. You can use “under trampoline mat” or put the “trampoline on artificial turf” for safety under the trampoline because they are smooth. If a mat breaks, the person will land on them, and that landing will be smooth. There will be no serious injuries.
  2. You can also surround your trampoline with grass mats. If anybody falls over from the trampoline, he/she will land on a smooth surface, preventing serious injuries.
  3. You don’t need any sand or rubber mulch in your yard anymore if you use artificial grass mats. 
  4. Your garden beauty will be maintained, and you don’t need to worry about it. They remain green and lush for a long period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions: What To Put Under Trampoline On Grass?

Do trampolines kill grass?

The trampoline may kill the grass or, worse and in some cases, it may accelerate its growth. Depending on where you live, where the trampoline is located, and how much sunlight and moisture it receives, the grass may turn brown or lush and green.

Where to put trampoline in yard?

Ideally, the trampoline should be placed on level ground, and there should be sufficient clearance around it to permit safe jumping. Instead of using concrete or tarmac, it would be more appropriate to have bark or firm grass under the trampoline. The ground must be level for the best jumping experience; otherwise, you will bounce down. Also, neither a fence nor a swimming pool should surround it.

How to keep grass alive under trampoline?

You can place a sprinkler under your trampoline from time to time (when it is not in use) if you don’t plan on moving it often. A trampoline can be placed on artificial grass during assembly or even on a soft surface such as soft bark to avoid potential damage to the grass.

What to put under trampoline on concrete?

If you are going to install your trampoline on concrete then you should look at our dedicated article for this purpose. We’ve already cleared everything about the trampoline on concrete.

Conclusion: What to Put Under Trampoline?

You can put artificial grass mats or you can use mats for under trampoline. If you can manage water sprinklers, then they are the best to keep your grass wet. Also, you can use an in-ground trampoline to get rid of drying grass. Look here for the best inground trampolines.

Useful Resource: 7 Best Things To Put Under Your Trampoline

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