What to Wear on a Trampoline or At Trampoline Parks?

One of the top questions I get asked frequently is “What to Wear on a Trampoline or At Trampoline Parks?”. The answer depends on several factors, but there are some guidelines that apply in most cases.

In a nutshell, you’ll want form-fitting, athletic clothing that allows free range of motion while protecting your skin. Avoid anything overly baggy, dresses/skirts, denim, or cargo shorts. Go with athletic tops, stretchy pants or shorts, and secure your hair back. Trampoline grip socks are a must for traction and hygiene. Take off jewelry, especially dangling pieces that could catch. Shoes usually need to come off too.

Follow the trampoline park’s specific guidelines if visiting one, as rules vary. But keeping these tips in mind will have you stylishly bouncing in comfort and safety!

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What to Wear on a Trampoline or At Trampoline Parks?

Hair and Accessories

When bouncing on a trampoline, having loose, long hair flying around can be dangerous and get in your face while jumping. So the first rule is to tie your hair securely back and up. Some good options are a ponytail, bun, braids, etc.

I like using hair ties and scrunchies that don’t damage hair. Invisibobble spiral hair ties are great, as are satin scrunchies.

As for accessories, it’s best to avoid wearing jewelry on the trampoline, especially delicate items, dangling earrings, necklaces, bracelets etc. These could not only get lost while jumping, but also potentially catch on netting or equipment. Rings should be removed too for safety.

What to Wear on a Trampoline

The main factors to consider when choosing trampoline outfit are comfort, coverage, and movement.


For your top, you’ll want something:

  • Form-fitting – Avoid loose or baggy tops that could flap around or blow upwards while jumping. Opt for a stretchy athletic top that stays put.
  • Comfortable – Breathable, sweat-wicking fabric is best.
  • Covers your midriff – Crop tops tend to ride up and expose skin, which can lead to plastic burns. A t-shirt or tank is better.

Some good options:

  • Stretchy tank top
  • Athletic t-shirt
  • Long sleeve workout top (in cold weather)
  • Sports bra with loose tank over it


For bottoms, key factors are:

  • Stretchy material with some give to allow free movement
  • Elastic waistband that stays secure
  • Covers skin to avoid abrasions

I like:

  • Yoga pants or leggings
  • Stretchy shorts with compression underneath
  • Athletic shorts/pants

Avoid denim, cargo styles, dresses, skirts.

Trampoline Socks

Many parks require grip socks with rubber tread that prevent sliding across the trampoline surface. Benefits include:

  • Traction for controlled jumps
  • Padding for comfortable landings
  • Hygiene since socks are required

Bring your own grippy trampoline socks or purchase them at the park. Some good brands are SkySocks and HuGs.


Shoes usually need to come off before getting on trampolines. If allowed, opt for flexible shoes with smooth, non-marking soles e.g.:

  • Gymnastics slippers
  • Aqua socks/shoes
  • Dance paws

Avoid outdoor footwear or hard-soled shoes.

Dress Code By Trampoline Type

There are some variances in trampoline park dress codes depending on the specific activities:

ActivityRecommended Clothing
TrampolinesForm-fitting athletic wear, grip socks
Foam PitsStretchy shorts/pants, secure top
Rock ClimbingLeggings or pants, fitted top
Ninja CourseStretchy shorts/pants, fitted top

So long as you follow the general guidelines of stretchy, athletic clothing that won’t catch on things, you’ll be set for all trampoline park attractions!

Extra Tips

A few bonus style and safety tips:

💡 Secure clothes in place by tucking shirts into waistbands

💡 Use accessories like headbands, hats, sunglasses to contain hair and protect eyes

💡 Apply sunscreen if outdoors

💡 Stay hydrated and bring water

💡 Dress in layers if cold

💡 Arrive early to check park guidelines

💡 Listen to court monitors for guidance

The Best Trampoline Outfit

To recap, the ultimate trampoline outfit consists of:

👚 Fitted athletic tank or tee

👖 Stretchy shorts or yoga pants

🧦 Grip socks

👟 Flexible trampoline shoes (or bare feet)

💺 Hair tied securely up and back

You’re now ready to bounce!

I hope these tips help you dress comfortably and safely for your next trampoline adventure! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Related FAQs

Can adults go on trampolines at trampoline parks?

Yes! Trampoline parks cater to jumpers of all ages. There is usually a general court where adults and kids can bounce together. Some also have age-specific courts and times for bigger kids and adults only.

What is the weight limit for trampolines at parks?

Weight limits depend on the specific equipment but generally range from 180-300 lbs per trampoline. There may be special XL trampolines for heavier jumpers also. Check with your park.

Can you wear braces or glasses on trampolines?

Yes, you can, but lenses are recommended over glasses for safety. Braces shouldn’t cause issues, but remove anything like hair ties that could catch. Monitor for discomfort.

What do you wear for aerial silk, hoop, or trapeze?

Form-fitting athleisure wear is best for these aerial arts too. Leggings or unitards allow full range of motion. Tops should be fitted or tucked in. Bare feet grip silks best.

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