How to Find a Quality Used Trampoline and Save Big 😊

Have you ever thought about getting a trampoline for your backyard but were put off by those shocking price tags at the store? Buying new can stretch your budget, but I’ve got some insider tips on scoring high-quality used trampolines at bargain prices or even free. 💡

Believe it or not, trampolines actually lose a significant chunk of value once used, so you can often find gems for a fraction of retail costs on platforms like Craigslist and eBay if you know where to look.

Through my years of trampoline expertise from brands like Springfree, I want to equip you with a complete guide to buying top-notch reconditioned or used trampolines while optimizing value. In this post, we’ll cover:

Let’s start by looking at why going the used route can pay off tremendously if done strategically. 👇

Benefits of Buying Used Trampolines

Benefits of Buying Used Trampolines

1. Save a Bundle Compared to New

Without question, the #1 benefit of buying a reconditioned trampoline is the lower price tag. Since used trampolines have depreciated from their original retail value, you can often save hundreds depending on the make, model, and condition.

I’ve seen quality used trampolines listed for 50-75%+ discounts compared to brand new. Even premium Springfree Trampolines commonly run for 40-60% off retail when bought second-hand. For a family on a tight budget, those savings add up quickly!

2. Score Premium Brands You Normally Couldn’t Afford

Along the same lines, opting for a used premium trampoline lets you access top-tier brands that might normally bust your budget.

For instance, a brand new Springfree Trampoline can cost $800 on the low end ranging upwards of $4,000 — clearly a splurge purchase. But you might find a gently used Springfree for $500 or less on Craigslist.

For safety-conscious families who want the “best of the best” but not the shocking price tags, used trampolines open more options.

3. Accessories Often Included in Bundles

Finally, some used trampoline listings throw in complementary accessories like weather covers, anchor kits, basketball hoops and more — adding extra value on top of the discounted trampoline price.

So all in all, you can leverage used trampolines to get premium backyard gear for less while scoring freebies along the way. 👍

Next, let’s tackle the tricky question…

Typical Used Trampoline Prices: What Should You Pay? 🤔

So what can you expect to invest in a quality reconditioned trampoline? General ballpark figures are:

  • Small trampolines: $50+
  • Medium trampolines: $100 – $250
  • Large trampolines: $200 – $500
  • Premium trampolines: Up to $800+ (For context, they retail for $2,000+ new!)

But more than the actual dollar amount, concentrate on vetting wear and tear since safety is #1. 🚨

I suggest viewing price through the lens of: “What is the minimal amount I can pay to get a secure, long-lasting used trampoline?” rather than, “What is the absolute lowest price tag regardless of condition?”

If a listing seems suspiciously cheap given specs, quality may be lacking. Be wary of anything drastically below market rate.

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Now that you know reasonable used pricing, next we’ll explore the top sites to search for deals. 👇

Where to Find Used and Even Free Trampolines

Word to the wise: Be proactive about checking these platforms consistently since inventory turns over rapidly. And don’t hesitate to expand searches to neighboring cities.

Let’s look at the top 2 reselling hotspots:


Since it’s an auction platform, eBay isideal for scoring used trampolines often at steal-level pricing.

I suggest tailoring searches by:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Feature keywords like “enclosed,” “net,” or “weather cover”

Once you spot an option, vet the seller’s ratings before purchasing.


Craigslist lets you target local sellers in your immediate area. So it’s fantastic for finding used trampolines without paying shipping or arranging delivery.

Simply search “used trampolines” under For Sale sections in your city plus neighboring ones. Act fast when you see an enticing pick!

Pro tip: Some listings advertise trampolines for $1 or free as giveaways. Sopersistence hunting for deals pays off. 😉

Paying for Safety, Not Just Price

A final tip: When deciding on price point, focus more on functional integrity over rock-bottom cost. Trampolines with extensive rust, tears or decay may need repairs that eventually cost more in time, money and safety risk rather than worth initial savings.

Next, let’s talk about how to smartly assessused trampoline condition upon purchase.

Vetting Used Trampolines: Wear, Safety & Lifespan

While second-hand trampolines offer savings, they also bring unique risks requiring due diligence. Responsibly assessing wear and tear goes a long way for safety and value.

Here are used trampoline red flags to inspect before buying:

1. Frame and Spring Rust

Over time, weather exposure can corrode frames and springs, compromising integrity. Judge severity and longevity impacts before purchasing.

🟡 Mild surface corrosion may be acceptable
🛑 Deep rust penetration merits passing

2. Mat & Net Holes/Tears

While tiny mat tears happen occasionally through standard play, substantial rips or full holes greatly raise injury dangers from exposed springs or frames underneath. Judge size, severity and hazard levels before moving forward.

🟡 Little nicks might be tolerable
🛑 Large rips are dealbreakers

3. Missing Padding

Padding covering springs and frames prevents contact injuries. Ensure ample padding remains with no major gaps exposing hazardous areas.

4. Broken Parts

Scope out the overall soundness of key components like springs, poles and fixtures. Breakdowns in crucial areas often necessitate pricey replacements.

5. Weather Damage

Long-term outdoor elements accelerate wear and tear. Inspect for rust, UV damage, mold or excess deterioration compromising safety and lifespan.

While well-loved condition comes expected with used trampolines, excessive decay that compromises function and security poses dealbreakers despite tempting price tags.

Safety first! Now onto transport and setup…

Transporting & Installing Used Trampolines

Sourcing used trampolines online means arranging pickup and installation yourself — so plan accordingly!

Ideally have an extra set of hands since partially deconstructing then reconstructing trampolines takes muscle, time and coordination navigating all the fiddly parts.

Safety gear like gloves and goggles are musts. Bonus if sellers include weather covers, anchor stakes or manuals to ease the process.

If tackling transport and setup on your own feels daunting, many used trampoline owners hire professional installation services to handle the dirty work, typically charging a few hundred dollars.

While more hands-on work is the tradeoff for awesome used deals, the effort pays dividends through big long-term savings!

Now that we’ve covered the basics of second-hand trampoline hunting, let’s examine how used stacks up against new.

New vs Used Trampoline Pros & Cons

New Trampolines
Used Trampolines
Higher upfront price
Deeply discounted
Some wear & tear expected
Warranty Coverage
Full manufacturer’s warranty
Limited or none
Dealer transport and setup often included
Requires self pickup and install
Optimized if cared for
Varies pending prior use and abuse

So in summary:

New trampolines prioritize convenience, guarantees and peak condition — but charge premium pricing.

Used trampolines provide steep discounts yet need vetting on wear. Big savings require compromise through limited warranties and DIY transport/install.

Evaluate priorities around budget, quality, features and effort to decide the best trampoline route for your family!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are free used trampolines legit or risky?

100% legit! Many trampoline owners happily offer older units for free, especially if moving. However, inspect closely for excessive wear compromising safety despite the alluring $0 price tag.

Can you return a used trampoline if unhappy?

Unfortunately used trampolines sold via independent sellers on eBay, Craigslist etc almost never allow returns or refunds. You assume responsibility upon purchase. So vet meticulously beforehand!

Is it safe to buy used trampolines online sight unseen?

Not generally recommended. Secure video walkthroughs at minimum. Ideally view in-person before transacting to inspect wear. Third party sales pose risks.

Do pros outweigh cons of buying used trampolines?

Generally yes IF you vet carefully, value sharp discounts over perfect condition, and don’t mind transport/install work. But considerable risks exist, so assess judiciously.

What should I check when viewing a used trampoline for purchase?

Safety hazards like substantial rust, tearing, holes or broken parts. Also verify any included accessories plus research replacement part costs for likely future repairs.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this guide brings you one step closer to finding a stellar used trampoline bargain for endless backyard memories without blowing your budget!

Remember to check eBay and Craigslist routinely since deals come and go fast. Most importantly, vet safety risks thoroughly before purchasing. A small investment of effort goes a long way for peace of mind and years of use.

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