How Hard is Trampolining?

Trampolining is a tough sport. Athletes work their whole life to train and master themselves under the trainers. However, if you are just talking about recreational jumping on a trampoline, it’s easy to jump on the trampoline. You just have to jump and enjoy. But wait! it is not recommended for a long time in a day, plus without caution, because it can cause a lot of problems—for example, back pain, knee problems, brain injuries, etc.

In case you or your child is willing to learn gymnastics, you should look for a gymnastics trainer. The reason behind this is you can’t understand it from YouTube. However, if you are already in training, you should look for the best trampoline for gymnastics and never compromise on the safety and quality of the trampoline.

If you are really keen to learn, you have to spend some real money. Cheap gymnastics trampolines will not work for even beginners.

Now I assume you have a gymnastics trampoline and are under training.

Keep in mind that without assistance, you will not be able to learn gymnastic tricks because from the start, you need to have somebody who can help you. For example, if you are learning Forward or Backward Roll, you need a hand. Otherwise, it can be frustrating and hard for you.

Types of Gymnastic Trampolining

Before getting into any sport, you need to learn the rules so that you can learn trampolining. If you don’t know, trampolining is the part of the Olympics since 2000. So, there are a lot of rules you need to know.

Let’s talk about Types of Trampolining.

There are basically 4 types of trampolining, more precisely disciplines:

  • Trampoline
  • Synchronized trampoline
  • Double mini-trampoline
  • Tumbling

In the first discipline named trampoline, an athlete shows 10 skills combined in front of judges.

In synchronized trampoline, 2 athletes show 10 skills together as a duo.

In the third discipline, a duo or a single athlete shows his skills; however, the skills can be different from the next competitor.

In tumbling, a 25-meter tumble track is used, and an athlete shows his 8 skills.

Think about what you can do. Yes, it’s confusing because you don’t know about 10 skills. Don’t worry, in the beginning, you only need to know some basic skills.

Basic gymnastics trampoline skills you need to learn

Without thinking further, you need to learn the following skills:

  • Basic jump and safe landing
  • Basics of shapes like tucks, pikes, and straddles
  • Twisting
  • Seat landings
  • Front landings and back landings

Keep in mind, that the basic skills can take time, depending on your physical appearance and training.

Some Motivation and Suggestions

If you are worried about your weight and are still learning trampolining, don’t worry, you can do it. At least you will be more fit in case you failed to grasp the advanced trick. Basic tricks are not very difficult; you just have to focus on the training.

In the beginning, never go for high jumping even if you are fit because if you can lose your balance. After some time, when you know it’s time to do it, go for it.

Another essential tip is never to look in the middle of the trampoline while jumping; instead, you should look at the end diameter of the trampoline to avoid any misbalancing.

Last but not least, be patient because it takes time, and you will learn one of the hardest sports. Even if you just want to understand the fundamental trick, it can take time because not every person is capable of learning tricks in the same time span.

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