How Much Weight Can A 14 Foot Trampoline Hold?

Mostly 14 foot trampolines can hold 250-500 lbs., depending on the construction and rating. However, it is not recommended to allow more than 2 kids and one adult at the same time on any trampoline. No matter what is the weight capacity of the 14 foot trampoline.

What I have told you about the ranges of weight capacity will be correct in only one case, and that is the certification of the trampoline. 

In fact, most trampolines are not certified, yet their weight capacity is stated to be very high. It is a marketing strategy to attract customers.

So whenever you buy a trampoline, read people’s reviews. But while reading the views, keep in mind that some reviews are paid.

How to find out if the review is paid or not?

It is not that difficult. Most people share their experiences. So if someone starts telling you the features of the trampoline, you should understand that it is a paid review.

He will tell more about the advantages of the trampoline and less about its shortcomings. He will also mention the defects that may occur in any trampoline, such as difficulty in installation etc.

How the weight limit on a trampoline is determined?

No matter what size trampoline you buy, there are three things to look for that determine the weight capacity of the trampoline.

  • Frame
  • Number springs
  • Jumping mat


Most manufacturers state the weight of the trampoline frame, which is usually correct.

If you are buying a 14 foot trampoline, its frame must weigh at least 50-pounds.

If you have already purchased a train, keep in mind that the level of the trampoline is also important. Otherwise, its weight capacity will be reduced, and it may break.

If you don’t have a level surface in your backyard or home, you can read these articles:

Number of Springs

The more springs a trampoline has, the bouncy it will be and the more weight capacity it will have. But remember that if the structure of the trampoline is not good, then more springs are of no benefit.

When you buy any trampoline, be sure to compare it with other trampolines to see how many springs it has and how many springs the one you are buying has.

Jumping mat

A trampoline mat comes after the trampoline’s springs and structure. The thicker the mat, the better the bonus it provides. And the chances of it getting damaged will also be less.

In this case, you should check the warranty of the mat, if its warranty is more than one year, it means that it will be good.

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