Best 14ft Trampolines to Buy In 2024

How can you find the best 14ft trampoline? Stop looking further. You will find it here in this article. Over the years, I have used a bunch of 14ft trampolines, so now I can review some of the best.

I have reviewed many trampolines since I started researching the top models on the market. I have been working extensively, and I have come up with the best products in terms of warranty, bounce, price, quality, safety and size.

Best 14ft Trampolines – Reviews

1. QCen 14FT Recreational Trampoline for Kids and Adults

QCen 14FT Recreational Trampoline for Kids and Adults
  • The enclosure net is made from PVC and weatherproof PE mats which are UV protected and will never fade.
  • Featuring an optimum safety design with 108 heavy duties 12 gauge springs that surround a deep perimeter safety enclosure net.
  • The galvanized shape Legs can sustain up to 330 lbs. and guarantee a long lifespan when used on a regular basis.
  • The ladder is also included for better reach.


MaterialSteel, EPE, foam, PE Cloth
Springs or springlessSprings
Suitable forOutdoors
Frame Size14 feet
Weight capacity167 Pounds
Trampoline’s weight186 Pounds
Warranty3-year limited warranty

Under $500, what you can expect more if a trampoline passes all safety tests under ASTM, TUV-GS, CE, EN71 and is positively reviewed by almost everyone. It also comes with a safety ladder for better accessibility, and it is missing most of the best trampolines.

This 14ft trampoline can provide your kids with a safe and fun way to exercise, improve coordination, balance effectively, and keep healthy. You should rest assured that the QCen trampoline provides Safer Jumping Environment and Excellent Bounce, and it is an engaging, fun, and beautiful memory for all ages.

The Three-layer coating on the heavy-duty steel frame components provides superior corrosion resistance, protecting against rust and premature aging. The 108 galvanized springs create a solid and firm bounce for safety and long life.

The polypropylene mats keep you safe from scrapes and bruises as you jump yet ensure you have maximum bounce time for healthy exercise.

Even though the trampoline is sturdy and of good quality, the instructions are vague and not too detailed. You must use your head or contact customer service to set up the trampoline. But, QCen Customer Support ensures that you are delighted with your product. A 3-year quality guarantee is provided by the company and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

With many certifications, good customer reviews, and the enormous size of this trampoline is very engaging. So, for under $500, you should consider this trampoline if your needs match.


  • Basketball hoop
  • Extra-large jumping area
  • Ladder included
  • The exceptional quality of spring pads
  • 3-year warranty


  • The instructions are not very detailed and quite vague
  • Not a good quality net

2. Zupapa 14ft Trampoline for Kids

Zupapa 14ft Trampoline for Kids
  • The unique two-steel joint design along with W-shaped legs provide a solid base for the whole trampoline.
  • There are no gaps between the mat and springs; therefore, the risk of getting your hands or feet caught in such gaps is greatly reduced.
  • This trampoline uses a galvanized steel frame that makes the trampoline more stable and durable for various weather conditions.
  • There is a thick and durable pad covering all the springs as well.


MaterialAlloy Steel and Polyethylene
Springs or springlessSprings
Suitable forOutdoors
Frame Size14 feet
Weight capacity100 Pounds
Trampoline’s weight375 Pounds
Warranty10-year limited warranty

With the highest weight capacity of 375 pounds, Zupapa 14ft trampoline is my second best after Doufit trampoline in this list in terms of weight capacity. It’s not on paperweight capacity but also certified by ASTM and TUV.

Zupapa trampoline is the innovative evolution of trampolines, being one of the biggest brands in Europe. With revolutionary safety technologies and stylish designs committed to providing products that deliver exceptional fun and years of worry-free enjoyment.

With solid springs and UV protected mat, this trampoline has all the requirements to provide a safe experience for children of all ages.

The frame is also galvanized for rust resistance is high in anti-corrosion performance. Having been treated against rust ensures its durability. Furthermore, the rigid steel frame could stand up to even the harsh weather conditions during the winter seasons.

The trampoline comes with three top-class accessories: an anti-slip pad to protect your safety, a ground anchor to anchor the trampoline firmly on grass, and a rain cover to prevent water damage. Furthermore, the colorful stars on the mat also make it attractive to kids while jumping or doing fun flips.

Overall, the Net seems excellent. The zipper, however, is not very durable and is made of plastic. As such, it needs to be handled carefully. Also, that ladder is a joke. Not enough screws were included, and it just sort of hooks on the edge, which can be problematic if the zipper is zipped.

You must consider this trampoline for your kids with an exceptional weight capacity, safety standards, a colorful, innovative design, and a reasonable under $500 price. And don’t forget the warranty. The frame comes with an unbeatable 10-year warranty, the jumping mats and safety pads are covered for 2 years, and other parts are guaranteed a free replacement.


  • Design with no gaps
  • No noise of springs
  • Wind stakes included
  • Frame with 10-year warranty


  • Zipper made with plastic

3. Doufit Outdoor 14ft Recreational Trampoline for Kids and Adults

Doufit Outdoor 14ft Recreational Trampoline for Kids and Adults
  • The 6 U-shaped big foot pipes are linked with 72 high-tension springs which makes the jumping mat stronger and more durable.
  • The ladder offers more security when getting on/off the trampoline.
  • All steel components are galvanized inside and outside with a hard-wearing zinc coating. It protects the trampoline from the sunshine for longer life.
  • A safe spring pad avoids your foot being caught by the spring and you out of the jumping area during jumping.


MaterialAlloy Steel and Polyethylene
Springs or springlessSprings
Suitable forOutdoors
Frame Size15 feet, 14ft jumping area
Weight capacity— Pounds
Trampoline’s weight425 Pounds
Warranty1-year limited warranty

The Doufit is a 15ft square Trampoline. It is one of the most popular and best trampolines on the market today. But the reason for adding this on in 14ft trampolines is it net that is inside, and springs are outside. That is why the jumping area becomes 14ft. So, it’s a 14ft trampoline in real.

I do admire the trampolines that fulfill the safety standards. So, this one is also certified by ASTM with a weight capacity of 425 pounds. 

Made of high-quality materials from the EU, the jumping mat offers an excellent elastic and durable performance but protects from sunshine and rain.

A 360° safety enclosure net sets up a safety exercise barrier for the first time on this trampoline model. It adopts a dual zipper and latch clip closure system to avoid children falling out of the jumping area during jumping. All support pipes for the enclosure net are covered with soft foam sleeves to prevent children from hitting the pipe directly when playing.

The heavy-duty steel frame components undergo a 3-layer galvanized anti-rust and UV-resistant process and ensure a safer and more flexible jumping platform for your family. Further, the Galvanized steel wind stakes can quickly fix this Trampoline on the grass to prevent shaking or moving on jumping.

It takes about three hours to assemble from start to finish. The unit won’t feel sturdy unless it is placed on a nearly level surface. After prolonged use, the leg tubing will still need to be adjusted despite minor surface-level variations. But, adjusting the leg tubing is not a huge hassle.

All in all, with a great weight capacity, ASTM certifications, a decent size, and most importantly, a reasonable price, including a ladder. Moreover, with a one-year quality warranty, Doufit also offers a professional technical service team. It would be the best one for you if you needed a 12ft size under $500.


  • Ultraviolet-resistant
  • Safe and reliable protection
  • Sturdy and thick frame
  • Large jumping area


  • Ladder wobbles

4. Skywalker Trampolines 14ft Square Trampoline

Skywalker Trampolines 14ft Square Trampoline
  • Kids can jump safely with the enclosure net because it has two zippers and latch clips.
  • Each pole’s top is angled so that the net stays ahead of the poles to prevent hitting them.
  • Steel and painted springs prevent rusting.
  • A tightly woven polyethylene net prevents fingers and toes from tangling in it.


MaterialAlloy Steel and Polyethylene
Springs or springlessSprings
Suitable forOutdoors
Frame Size14 feet
Weight capacity250 Pounds
Trampoline’s weight133 Pounds
Warranty3-year limited warranty

Skywalker is one of these brands that fulfill its customers’ needs in an excellent manner and within a decent price range, so getting first place on the market is no problem.

There is no doubt that this trampoline from Skywalker is the best Square trampoline on Amazon as it meets all safety standards of ASTM and has a weight capacity of 250 lbs. Furthermore, a 14ft trampoline is the best for kids because it is more secure from collisions and injuries.

With its timeless design, the Skywalker Trampolines will last for decades. Moreover, the patented design enclosure net is injury-free, containing no gaps or pinched areas.

A padded cover is provided over the galvanized steel springs to ensure a comfortable and safe experience, while the rust-resistant frame ensures its durability.

The trampolines come in four different shapes, more than a dozen sizes, and various colors, so your family can find one that matches their style.

It is essential to use a net for safety purposes and help jumpers improve their skills without worrying about falling off the trampoline. It works great when it is new; however, after I’ve changed it twice, it needs another change.

Furthermore, the poles attached to the netting are poorly designed. The safety net is insufficient as attachment points continuously lose their positions. A bolted connection would be ideal.

There is also a 3-year limited warranty on the frame and a 1-year limited warranty on the other materials.

As a result, this 14ft trampoline will keep kids entertained for years to come with its durable steel frame and polyethylene enclosure net, ASTM safety requirements, and no gap design.


  • The frame is heavy-duty
  • It is effortless to assemble
  • Protective netting
  • Bounces excellent (even for adults)


  • Pricey

5. ORCC 14ft Trampoline 450 LBS Weight Capacity for Kids Adults

ORCC 14ft Trampoline 450 LBS Weight Capacity for Kids Adults
  • It is made of durable and UV-resistant polyethylene, offering long-lasting UV protection.
  • Heavy-duty stitching on the Jumping Mat ensures that it will last a long time and bounce better.
  • Steel poles are better protected from your children when they wear padded pole sleeves.
  • Trampolines from ORCC are built with hot-dip galvanized frames that are anti-rust and last for decades.


MaterialAlloy Steel and Foam
Springs or springlessSprings
Suitable forOutdoors
Frame Size8-16 feet
Weight capacity450 Pounds
Trampoline’s weight99 Pounds

With a weight capacity of 450 pounds weight capacity, the ORCC Trampoline is safe for everyone. This trampoline has been tested and upgraded to the latest safety standards. It is ideal to use it for losing weight, increasing fitness, training balance, and strengthening muscles.

For ORCC trampoline frames, heavy-gauge steel is used for 43mm (Diameter) x 1.5mm (Thickness). A hot-dip galvanized frame is an additional feature of ORCC trampolines, making them durable and corrosion-resistant.

To prevent your kids from banging into the steel poles of the enclosures, a 10mm foam padding is applied to the poles. In this way, the poles are 100% safe.

Heavy-duty stitching on the jumping mat of this trampoline ensures durability, better bounce, and cushioning. Heavy-duty PVC materials provide waterproofing, UV resistance, and fade resistance properties. These properties protect the material from premature aging and ensure a constant bounce.

Trampoline access is now safer and easier thanks to its anti-skid design. Children can climb up and down this anti-slip ladder safely because the wooden steps are cushioned with foam padding. 

In addition to great bounce and corrosion resistance, galvanized springs offer superior durability. 0.8-inch-thick PE+PVC foam pads protect your child from injury.

In addition to having sufficient strength and durability, the legs of the trampoline are designed in the shape of a W. Other features include a rain cover and U-shaped wind stakes.

Though it’s a great trampoline, it’s challenging to assemble. Assembling it was a time-consuming task. However, I managed to assemble it without difficulty after watching a YouTube video.

A six-month warranty applies to trampoline pads and enclosure nets; a one-year warranty applies to trampoline springs and mats, and a two-year warranty applies to trampoline frames. All defective parts will be replaced free of charge. ­

Overall, this is the best above-ground trampoline for adults and kids due to its excellent weight capacity, exceptional stability, and safety features.


  • Easily assembled
  • The ladder is perfect
  • Includes Wind Stakes
  • Optimal weight capacity
  • High-quality steel used


  • It is not well secured at springs

6. Exacme Heavy Duty 14ft Trampoline with Enclosure Net for Kids

Exacme Heavy Duty 14ft Trampoline with Enclosure Net for Kids
  • Provides superior bounce and stability, sturdy legs distribute weight evenly.
  • A safety net covers the jumping area to protect children.
  • A trampoline with six legs is more robust and more stable than a trampoline with four or five legs.
  • This trampoline is built to last, with UV protection, rust-proof metal parts, and a 375-pound weight capacity.
MaterialWeather-resistant galvanized steel, polypropylene mat, polyethylene net, UV-resistant PVC spring pad
Springs or springlessSprings
Suitable forOutdoors
Frame Size14 feet
Weight capacity195 Pounds
Trampoline’s weight35 Pounds
Warranty1-year limited warranty

What is the best trampoline for your teenagers? The Excme T-Series is the most popular model, especially for small backyards.

The T-series trampolines from Exacme are designed to last. The galvanized steel frame, weather-resistant PE netting, and 0.6″ thick foam interior provide superior protection for your children compared to other models.

Exacm trampolines have been rigorously tested to ensure we exceed the safety standards in the US and abroad. The services include TUV Certification, GST Certification, UV protection certification, and ISO 9001:2008 Quality System Certification.

Its zipper does not appeal to me personally. Using it harshly can damage the zipper. It should not be an issue if parents and teenagers use it responsibly.

In addition to providing excellent protection while bouncing, the thick padding also helps prevent spring from poking through in the event a person bounces into one. Due to its many screws on both the jumping mat and legs can accommodate many people simultaneously without sagging or falling apart.

Furthermore, you will feel more at ease knowing your child will not get injured if they fall off the nets. It provides excellent value for the money. 


  • W-shaped legs are the most stable
  • Jumping mat with UV protection
  • Heavy springs made of steel
  • A TUV-certified company you can trust


  • Pads and nets aren’t intended for harsh conditions

Best 14ft Trampoline: Buying Guide

A 14ft trampoline that fits your needs is probably what you need. Here, you will find some essential factors that you should keep in mind before you purchase any trampoline.

Leveling mats and yards

When purchasing a trampoline, you will need to consider the amount of space available in your backyard.

The perfect trampoline for people in townhouses or cluster houses of this size is a 14ft trampoline. No matter where you store it, it will not limit your outdoor space.

The size of 14ft trampolines is suitable for large standing back freight houses, and this size comes in a wide variety of brands and models.

Before making any trampoline purchase, make sure the area where the trampoline will be placed is level or smooth. Uneven ground is dangerous for trampolines. If you assemble a trampoline outside, be sure the landscaping is appropriate.

The area will need to be leveled with some landscaping. A deck or patio will also work well.

Trampoline users should avoid placing trampolines near-crash mats on concrete surfaces. When users fall without a safety net, they can crash into tiles or hard concrete.

A trampoline mat’s shape

A trampoline mat is an essential piece of equipment. Quality mats are waterproof and made of high-quality materials. There is a wide variety of trampoline mats available.

Round mats

As a decent person, you should do that, which should be the end of it. One person can use round trampoline mats best. These mats provide constant bouncing. However, there is a disadvantage to round mats because they cannot accommodate multiple customers simultaneously. The round mat trampoline is not a good choice if you intend to use it by more than one person at a time. You would do better by choosing a rectangular mat trampoline. Round mats make it harder for multiple children to jump on the trampoline simultaneously. Choose a rectangular shape if you plan to use your trampoline with multiple children.

Rectangle mats

Multiple users will benefit from a rectangular trampoline. Several people can jump together on a large mat. Trampolines with rectangular springs are generally found in built-in models. For kids interested in learning tricks while trampolining, rectangular trampolines are also an excellent option.

Elliptical or Oval Trampoline mats

I don’t have any models in this review since this shape is not a standard type. From my personal experience, I believe that an oval trampoline is better than a round trampoline. There is a small, oval trampoline for children, though that is a children’s trampoline.

Square Trampoline mats

Despite its large bouncing area, the square mat is uneven around the edges. But a large area for jumping makes them good. But they are expensive.

Weight limit

In trampolines, the weight limit determines how many people can jump simultaneously. Most trampolines should not hold more than one user at a time, regardless of how much weight they can hold.

Sometimes, this can be hard to do, especially if your kids enjoy playing outside with their friends. A trampoline with a weight capacity of at least 300 pounds is what you need.

Trampolines typically weigh about 250 pounds. To be suitable for adult usage, the trampoline should be able to bear at least 500 pounds.


After reading this brief, comprehensive overview, you should now be able to determine what is the best 14ft trampoline for you. The information I have provided about each trampoline will help you make the right choice even if you are buying a trampoline for the first time.

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