Do You Need a Trampoline Cover?

As a trampoline owner, keeping your investment protected is incredibly important for safety and longevity. After enjoying my trampoline all summer long, I began to wonder – do I need a trampoline cover as the weather gets cooler and unpredictable? I did some digging into the purpose of covers, the pros and cons, and the best options on the market. Keep reading for my complete guide on trampoline covers!

Answet to the question: Do You Need a Trampoline Cover?

After researching, I found that trampoline covers are certainly not an essential purchase, but they come with some excellent benefits. Primarily, a high quality cover can protect the jump mat, springs, and frame from exposure to harsh weather. This includes sun damage, heavy rain, frost, snow, and more. Covers allow trampolines to maintain better aesthetics and safety for longer. Most trampoline owners utilize covers during winter months or periods of storms/heavy winds when the trampoline won’t be in use.

So, while trampoline covers are not 100% necessary, I would recommend them to extend the lifespan of your investment and keep it looking fresh. In this article, I’ll share why you might want a cover, features to look for, and provide 5 star reviews of some top options on the market.

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Why Consider a Trampoline Cover?

Here are the key reasons I found to consider using a cover to protect your trampoline:

Shields From Weathering

Outdoor trampolines endure a lot of exposure to the elements – sun, wind, rain, snow, etc. This can cause fading, deterioration of parts, corrosion, and more over time. A fitted waterproof cover protects the whole trampoline from weather damage.

Prevents Messes

Trampolines can easily get covered in leaves, dirt, bird droppings, tree sap, and other outdoor messes when left uncovered. A protective barrier keeps it clean for playtime.

Discourages Pests

Critters like squirrels or foxes may be attracted to trampolines and could cause harm while you’re away. A cover deters them from making themselves at home.

Maintains Safety

Worn out jump mats or pads become less safe over years of use. Shielding them from UV rays and harsh weather ensures they last longer before needing replacements.

Extends Lifespan

By keeping your trampoline protected and well-maintained with a cover, you can add years of life to the equipment before needing to purchase a brand new one.

What To Look For In a Cover

The key features I recommend keeping in mind when shopping for a trampoline cover include:

Waterproof Material

Look for covers made from waterproof PVC, polyester or polyethylene that won’t let rain or snow soak through to damage the jump mat.

UV Protection

Materials like PVC tend to come with built-in UV protection to prevent sun damage to the covered trampoline.

Custom Fit

For the best protective barrier, choose a properly fitting cover sized specifically for the dimensions of your trampoline frame.


Covers with special ventilation panels or mesh centers allow airflow so moisture doesn’t get trapped. This prevents mold/mildew growth.

Secure Straps

Straps or strong cords keep the cover firmly in place even on windy days when it might blow around. Some attach underneath or use hooks.

Easy On/Off

Pick a cover that goes on and off simply in just a few minutes. Complex installation or removal can lead people not to use them.

13 Top Trampoline Covers for Different Types & Sizes of Trampolines

Ready to invest in protecting your beloved trampoline? Here are my top recommended trampoline covers on the market that customers love:

1. 🚨 15′ Round Trampoline Weather Cover

This heavy duty weather cover protects my large 15-foot round trampoline from rain, snow, and UV rays. I love that the durable waterproof material keeps my kids bouncing even in storms! It secures tightly with strong cords and fittings. The only downside is having to shovel snow off the top in winter. But that’s a small price to pay for peace of mind about preserving my trampoline through all seasons. I’d highly recommend for any outdoor trampoline!

2. 🏠 Clubhouse for 7′ Trampolines

My children are obsessed with this magical clubhouse cover that transforms our 7-foot trampoline into a secret fortress! The zippered privacy door and screened windows make it perfect for imaginitive play. The walls provide cooling shade from the sun, light rain protection, and a cozy feel that keeps them entertained for hours. Easy 5-minute assembly without any tools makes this a wonderful investment for endless backyard fun.

3. 🌦️ Weather Cover for Trampoline with Enclosure

I love how snugly this weather cover fits over my existing trampoline enclosure. The heavy-duty cord creates a tight custom fit that stands up to wind, rain and other harsh weather in my area. The durable vinyl material prevents pooling water damage and keeps blowing leaves/debris out too. Installing and removing take just seconds when needed. It provides reliable protection during storms allowing us to resume jumping fun as soon as the rain stops! Awesome quality for the price.

4. 🛡️ Trampoline Safety Pad

This padded safety accessory gives me peace of mind about my kids’ energetic and sometimes reckless jumping antics. The thick foam sleeves wrap securely around the dangerous trampoline springs to prevent pinches and scrapes. My rambunctious children have already accidentally toppled into the springs several times with no injuries thanks to this protective gear. Well worth the investment for safety and parental sanity!

5. 🎪 Circus Trampoline Tent

My kids were thrilled when I surprised them with this circus-themed trampoline tent cover. The playful graphics make it look like a mini big top tent, encouraging creative play. The waterproof roof keeps them dry during backyard adventures, while screened windows allow breeze flow. Thick durable walls block sunlight and provide privacy too. Easy to secure on and take off for storage. It has definitely enhanced their trampoline enjoyment this summer.

6. 🚨 14′ Trampoline Protective Cover

This no-nonsense weather cover may look boring, but it gets the job done protecting my 14-foot trampoline from sun damage, rain, snow, falling leaves and more. The thick durable fabric stands up to storms without leaking, keeping my trampoline usable all year long. A few built-in vents prevent moisture buildup too. If you want a reliable rectangular trampoline cover that will last for years, this one fits the bill!

7. 🛠️ Custom Trampoline Cover

I adore how this custom cover allowed me to personalize it with a meaningful family logo for my backyard trampoline. The quality thick fabric keeps my trampoline clean and functional through all weather conditions. I also appreciate the wide range of color and size options to fit my exact trampoline model. It looks so sleek and put-together complementing my yard. Well worth the extra cost over a boring standard cover!

8. 🚧 Weather Resistant Rectangular Cover

This durable polyester cover has kept my rectangular trampoline protected from sun, wind, rain, and more through two years and counting. I rely on it to preserve my trampoline padding and stretchy mat through hot summers and cold snowy New England winters. The fabric has maintained quality and strength despite being outside 24/7. One of the best backyard investments I’ve made. Fits my trampoline perfectly.

9. 🎯 Upper Bounce 14’ Round Cover

As a happy owner of an Upper Bounce 14-foot round trampoline, I was glad to find this weather cover specifically sized to fit my model’s dimensions. The tight custom fit prevents sagging fabric and keeps the harsh elements completely out. My trampoline still looks brand new after a year outdoors thanks to this protective shield. It survived even a hurricane and wicked winter winds with no problem at all!

10. 😎 Trampoline Shade Cover

I love how this simple sun shade cover protects my kids from harsh UV rays and keeps them cool while jumping during hot summer months. The weatherproof polyester offers just the right amount of sun blocking without making an enclosed hothouse effect. It lets helpful breeze flow through too. Taking it on and off between uses takes seconds. Well worth the price for sweat-free summer trampoline fun that is safer for young skin too!

11. ⛈️ Exacme Premium Weather Cover

After disappointing cheap trampoline covers let rain soak through, I invested in this premium protective cover from Exacme to properly shield my trampoline from storms. The durable tightly woven material miraculously kept my trampoline 100% dry, even through a tropical storm! I also appreciate the multiple overflow drainage holes that channel excess roof runoff safely away. It was simple to install. This quality cover should hold up better against years of wear. Worth every penny!

12. 💨 Universal Trampoline Shade Cover

This one-size-fits-most trampoline sun shade cover couldn’t be simpler to install over my existing enclosure. It offers instant UV protection for my kids on hot days. I appreciate the open mesh sides that allow cooling breeze yet still block sunlight. Within a minute I can take it off and store it away too – no struggling with a heavy hassle of a cover! For the affordable price this meets my basic needs for extra summer trampoline sun safety.

13. ❄️ Trampoline Covers for Winter

Bitterly cold winters with heavy snowfall make durable weather protection essential for my outdoor trampoline. This specialty winter cover has successfully shielded my trampoline from snow, ice, wind, and subzero temperatures for years now. The fabric allows airflow to prevent moisture buildup while blocking light through. Securing ropes keep it firmly in place. With proper seasonal removal, my trampoline survives beautifully year after year despite the harsh winter elements. I’d definitely recommend to cold climate families!

Trampoline Covers: The Pros and Cons

Still debating getting a protective cover? Here’s a quick breakdown of the positives and potential drawbacks:


  • Extends lifespan of trampoline parts
  • Keeps surface clean for play
  • Deters pests from making homes
  • Maintains better safety over time
  • Prevents sun & weather damage
  • Easy periodic installation


  • Added cost to trampoline purchase
  • Can take more effort to remove for play sessions
  • May need to check periodically for moisture buildup
  • Can blow around if windy and not strapped

So, Do You Need a Trampoline Cover?

While not 100% essential, a protective cover can majorly benefit your trampoline investment. For the relatively low cost, weather and UV protection, plus neatly keeping dirt and leaves at bay, I believe they are worthwhile for most trampoline owners.

Covers help maintain appearance, safety and extend total lifespan before needing to purchase a brand new replacement. If you live in areas with harsh winters or rapid weather changing from sun to storms, a cover is likely vital.

However if your climate is mild, pests and mess aren’t big issues, or you use the trampoline year-round, a cover may not make a huge difference. Assess your personal needs and trampoline use to decide if a cover purchase feels right for you.

I hope this guide gave youlots of helpful insight into the purpose, features and benefits of trampoline covers! Let me know if you have any other questions. Wishing you and your family many happy, safe years of trampoline fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make my own trampoline cover?

You can attempt to make a DIY trampoline cover, but it likely won’t be as protective, secure fitting, or weather resistant as a commercial grade option designed specifically for the task.

How much do trampoline covers cost?

Covers range widely in price from $30 up to $150 depending on size, materials, and any special features. Most quality custom fitted covers fall between $50-100.

Should I remove my trampoline enclosure net to use a cover?

Some covers fit right over enclosure nets, but certain types may require you to detach the net first. Always check specifications.

Can trampoline covers cause mold or mildew?

If a cover lacks ventilation and moisture gets trapped underneath, it can lead to mold, mildew and rust. Ensure air flow and periodically check.

Do I need to tie down my trampoline cover?

Covers with integrated straps or cords should be properly tied down or they could blow away in high winds. Anchor to frame or underneath.

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