Can You Jump On A Trampoline While On Your Period? 🩸

As a woman who loves staying active, I wasn’t sure if I could continue my trampoline workouts during my period. I decided to do some research on the topic to find out if it’s safe and comfortable to jump on a trampoline while menstruating.

After analyzing four informative articles on this topic, I gathered the key facts and consensus to write this ultimate guide on period trampolining. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know, from safety precautions to tips for an optimal experience.

Note: This article was researched by one of our female team members and written by M Waqas Saeed.

Is It Safe To Use a Trampoline On Your Period?

The short answer is – yes! There’s no medical reason why you can’t or shouldn’t use a trampoline while menstruating. πŸ‘

However, there are a few factors to consider for optimal comfort and safety:

Heavier Bleeding

Due to all the bouncing and movement, using a trampoline during your period may lead to heavier bleeding. The best solution is to use a tampon and pad together to prevent leaks.

Discomfort and Cramping

If you normally experience bad cramps or other PMS discomfort, trampolining may exacerbate this. Pay attention to your body and take breaks as needed.

Preventing Leaks and Accidents

To avoid embarrassment and messes, be sure to wear dark underwear and clothing in case of leaks. Using a menstrual cup provides extra security as well.

As long as you take these precautions, there’s no reason you can’t have fun on the trampoline while riding the crimson wave! 😊

What Should I Wear and Use For Trampolining On My Period?

Menstrual Products

For trampolining during menstruation, I recommend using both a tampon and pad or menstrual cup and thin pad together. This provides leakage protection on two fronts.

Alternatively, period-proof underwear like Thinx provides excellent absorbency and security for trampoline workouts.


Opt for dark shorts, leggings, or underwear in case of any leaks or stains. Breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics will also keep you comfortable while bouncing.

Other Tips

  • Bring extra pads/tampons just in case
  • Wear snug trampoline shorts to keep products in place
  • Use the bathroom beforehand
  • Empty menstrual cup regularly

Can I Still Go To a Trampoline Park On My Period?

Absolutely! There’s no reason you can’t enjoy trampoline parks while menstruating. πŸ‘

Just be sure to:

  • Wear secure menstrual products
  • Bring extras in case you need to change
  • Do simpler jumps vs tricks/flips
  • Take breaks as needed
  • Stay hydrated and energized with snacks

Listen to your body and don’t push yourself too hard if you’re having bad cramps. But if you’re feeling up to it, bounce away!

Will Trampolining Affect My Period Flow or Duration?

Heavier Bleeding

As mentioned, all the jumping and bouncing does tend to increase menstrual flow. This is due to gravity and the contractions of trampolining.

Be prepared for heavier bleeding and clots by using ultra-absorbent tampons or menstrual cups.

Shortened Duration

There is anecdotal evidence that the exercise from trampolining helps periods end sooner. However, studies haven’t found strong proof of this.

While trampolining may lead to expelling more blood on a given day, it likely won’t shorten the total length of your period by more than a day or two.

5 Key Benefits of Trampoline Exercise During Your Period

5 Key Benefits of Trampoline Exercise During Your Period

While it may not seem appealing to jump around while menstruating, trampolining actually offers some nice perks! 😎

1. Mood Boost

The exercise and endorphins from trampolining are natural mood enhancers that combat PMS crankiness!

2. Cramp Relief

The bouncing motion gently massages your core and helps alleviate cramps.

3. Less Bloating

Jumping helps expel gas and reduces uncomfortable bloating.

4. Stress Relief

Trampolining serves as an enjoyable distraction from menstrual woes.

5. Regularity

The exercise may help shorten and regulate longer, irregular periods.

So don’t be afraid to take advantage of these benefits and jump for joy!

5 Precautions For Safe Trampolining While Menstruating

While period trampolining can be safe and fun, take these precautions:

πŸ”Έ Use the bathroom first

πŸ”Έ Wear a pad AND tampon/cup

πŸ”Έ Bring extras of everything

πŸ”Έ Monitor for dizziness/fatigue

πŸ”Έ Avoid advanced tricks

Helpful Tips For An Optimal Experience

πŸ‘‰ Schedule trampoline time for when cramps are mildest

πŸ‘‰ Stay hydrated and nourished with snacks

πŸ‘‰ Jump with friends for camaraderie

πŸ‘‰ Take relaxing breaks as needed

πŸ‘‰ Have fun – don’t stress about your period!

Can Trampolining Worsen or Cause Specific Period Problems?

Heavier Bleeding

As covered earlier, the bouncing motion and gravity does tend to temporarily increase menstrual flow. Manage this with ultra-absorbent products.


For most women, trampolining actually decreases cramping by releasing endorphins and massaging the core.

However, if you already struggle with severe cramps, the exertion could potentially make them worse temporarily. Pay attention to your pain levels and take it easy if needed.

Increased Body Insecurity

Some women report struggling with body image while trampolining during their period. Feelings of anxiety around leaks, smell, and appearance can contribute to this.

If you have a history of body dysmorphia or poor body image, trampolining at this time may be triggering. Consider waiting until you are more comfortable.

The Bottom Line On Trampoline Exercise During Your Period

While it may not sound appealing, don’t let your period keep you off the trampoline! With the right preparation and precautions, jumping is perfectly safe and even beneficial those days of the month. 🩸

Trampolining offers a fun workout to boost your mood, ease cramps, and potentially regulate your cycle. So strap on your menstrual cup and pads and bounce away happily! Leave any hesitations behind and remember that movement is medicine.😊

Frequently Asked Questions About Trampolining On Your Period πŸ€”

Can I force stop my period by trampolining?

Unfortunately, no. While trampolining may lead to temporarily heavier flow, it will not abruptly stop your period altogether. The shedding and regrowth of your uterine lining happens gradually over several days and cannot be sped up significantly.

What’s the best time of day/week for period trampolining?

Schedule trampoline time for when you typically experience the least discomfort – often the lighter days near the end of your cycle. Afternoon or early morning is ideal temperature-wise as well. Having friends join you can also make it more fun!

How can I prevent period leaks and odors while trampolining?

Wear ultra-absorbent tampons and pads together, or try a menstrual cup for up to 12 hours of leak-free wear. Period-proof underwear is another excellent choice. Stay well-hydrated, change products regularly, and use a mild, fragrance-free vulvar wash to prevent odors.

Can jumping induce early period onset?

There is no strong evidence that trampolining or other exercise triggers earlier menstruation. In some women it may hasten the onset slightly, but definitive proof is lacking. Continue your normal cycle tracking and don’t worry if your period comes a day or two early after trampolining.

Is trampolining safe with a heavy period flow?

Yes, with a few precautions. Use overnights pads, supers tampons, or empty your menstrual cup more frequently. Avoid advanced tricks or flips, and take breaks to monitor for dizziness. Stay hydrated and listen to any cues that your body has had enough for the day.

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