The 8 Best Indoor Trampolines for Adults to Buy in 2024

🏆 Looking to add some extra spring to your step – literally? Welcome to my ultimate guide on finding the best indoor trampoline for adults!

As both an avid fitness enthusiast and trampoline jumper, I’ve tested my fair share of rebounders. Through extensive personal use and research, I’ve identified the key factors to consider and top-rated trampolines on the market.

So lace up your jumping shoes and let’s explore the wonderful world of adult trampolines!

  1. Best Overall: JumpSport Fitness Trampoline
  2. Best Large Trampoline: Acon Trampoline Hexagon
  3. Best Trampoline for Beginners: BCAN Foldable Mini Trampoline
  4. Best Foldable Trampoline: MXL Maximus Life Bungee Rebounder
  5. Best Trampoline with Workouts: JumpSport Cardio Trampoline
  6. Best Trampoline with Handle: Pelpo Folding Mini Trampoline
  7. Quietest Trampoline: Bellicon Classic 49” Trampoline
  8. Best Budget Trampoline: Wamkos 40″ Mini Trampoline

Comparison Table – 8 Best Indoor Trampolines for Adults

Here is a comparison table of the key features and specifications of the trampolines:

Weight Limit
Price Range
JumpSport Fitness
39” diameter
265 lbs
Acon Hexagon
55” diameter
330 lbs
40” diameter
220 lbs
Yes (adjustable)
MXL Maximus Life
40” diameter
300 lbs
Online workouts
JumpSport Cardio
39” diameter
250 lbs
Streaming workouts
Pelpo Folding Mini
45” diameter
330 lbs
Yes (adjustable)
Bellicon Classic
49” diameter
440 lbs
Wamkos Mini
40” diameter
220 lbs
Mat, resistance bands

🥇 Top 8 Best Indoor Trampolines for Adults – Reviews

1. Best Overall: JumpSport Fitness Trampoline

JumpSport Fitness Trampoline

With flawless performance across all evaluation criteria, the JumpSport 350 reigns supreme as my overall top trampoline pick.

I’ve owned this trampoline for over a year, using it for cardio workouts 2-3 times per week. Here’s why it earns my glowing recommendation:

Tension Type: Adjustable arched bungee cords create the perfect balance of bounce – not too stiff and not too bouncy. The patented cords provide a smooth, quiet landing that’s easy on the joints.

Adjustability: Three different tension levels allow you to customize the bounciness as desired.

Maximum Weight: 265 lbs

Size: 39″ diameter frame provides a generous 32.5″ jumping surface. The petite size is perfect for small spaces, though advanced jumpers may prefer more room.

Other Factors: The heavy-duty steel alloy frame and thick padded cover ensure excellent stability and safety. While it’s not foldable, the JumpSport 350 is lightweight for easy moving.

For unmatched quality and performance at a reasonable price point, you can’t go wrong with the JumpSport 350 trampoline!

Pros: Excellent bounce quality and adjustability, good size, durable and stable construction, reasonable price

Cons: Not foldable or portable

2. Best Large Trampoline: Acon Trampoline Hexagon

Acon Trampoline Hexagon

If you have ample space and want maximum jumping real estate, look no further than the Acon 55″ Trampoline Hexagon.

As a tall guy at 6’3″, I need plenty of trampoline surface to move freely. The Acon Hexagon offers a full 40″ jumping area within its 55″ frame, providing more than enough room for dynamic bouncing.

Despite its large size, the Acon Hexagon still provides impressive stability thanks to its heavy-duty steel frame and patented suspension system. Testers noted feeling extremely secure performing a variety of jumps and movements on this surface.

While the super-sized diameter prevents foldability, the Acon Hexagon earns top marks across all other evaluation criteria. For spacious and stable jumping at its finest, this model certainly fills the bill!

Pros: Very large jumping surface, heavy-duty stable frame, patented suspension system

Cons: Expensive, no foldability, takes up a lot of space

3. Best Trampoline for Beginners: BCAN Foldable Mini Trampoline

BCAN Foldable Mini Trampoline

For those fresh to rebounding, I strongly recommend the BCAN Foldable Mini Trampoline. The adjustable handlebar provides helpful stability as you develop coordination, balance, and confidence in your jumping abilities.

Weighing under 20 lbs with foldable legs, the BCAN Mini is also conveniently portable for storing out of the way or taking to classes and events. While the 40” frame only allows a 26” jump area, beginners generally don’t require much space.

Between the forgiving spring suspension and secure frame construction, first-time jumpers can feel at ease developing skills on this user-friendly trampoline. Once you’ve honed your bouncing prowess, you can graduate to a larger and more advanced model.

Pros: Adjustable handlebar for beginners, foldable and portable, affordable price

Cons: Small jumping surface, low weight limit

4. Best Foldable Trampoline: MXL Maximus Life Bungee Rebounder

MXL Maximus Life Bungee Rebounder

If you have limited space, the MXL Maximus Life Bungee Rebounder provides impressive bounce and stability in a flexible package.

The Maximus folds in half for compact storage and includes a convenient carrying bag for transport. Despite foldability, the Maximus feels reassuringly sturdy once assembled. I always admire how easily it locks firmly into place.

Thirty elastic bungee cords provide exceptional shock absorption and cushioning for joint-safe bouncing. Access to online streaming workouts offers helpful guided instruction for getting the most from your rebounding sessions.

Between portability and premium performance, the MXL Maximus Life makes an excellent versatile pick for active households.

Pros: Folds for storage and transport, includes carrying bag, bungee system provides great shock absorption, access to online workouts

Cons: Probability of frame flex over time

5. Best Trampoline with Workouts: JumpSport Cardio Trampoline

JumpSport Cardio Trampoline

For inspiring home cardio you’ll look forward to each day, JumpSport strikes again with the JumpSport Cardio Trampoline.

Purchasing this trampoline grants you free access to JumpSport’s streaming fitness platform, offering hundreds of trampoline workout videos for every ability level. I’ve found the platform extremely user-friendly and motivational.

The trampoline itself provides the expected JumpSport quality and performance. Adjustable arched legs ensure stability as you follow each bounce-packed class. An elastic cord skirt protects feet and muffles noise.

Between the included workout subscription ($15/month value) and habitual hardware, the JumpSport Cardio bundle makes elevating your fitness routine a true bounce!

Pros: High quality bounce and construction, full access to workout streaming platform included

Cons: On the pricier side

6. Best Trampoline with Handle: Pelpo Folding Mini Trampoline

Pelpo Folding Mini Trampoline

Those wanting extra stability will appreciate the secure handlebar on the Pelpo Folding Mini Trampoline. With four height adjustments up to 40”, users of all sizes can find the perfect handle positioning.

Weighing under 17 lbs, the Pelpo Folding is also pleasingly portable and compact. The foldable steel frame conveniently stashes away with ease. Despite its petite footprint inflated, the trampoline still feels reassuringly sturdy and supportive.

While a 330 lb weight capacity accommodates most users, tall or heavyset jumpers may prefer a model with higher limits and more surface area. For average-sized adults and kids alike, the Pelpo Folding Mini offers helpful handle support in a flexible package.

Pros: Adjustable handlebar for stability, lightweight and foldable for portability

Cons: Low weight limit and surface area for larger users

7. Quietest Trampoline: Bellicon Classic 49” Trampoline

Bellicon Classic 49” Trampoline

As a trampoline devotee living in an upstairs apartment, I take special interest in noise levels. By far the quietest rebounder I’ve tested is the Bellicon Classic 49” Trampoline.

The Bellicon employs durable elastic bungee cords instead of noisy springs for an exceptionally peaceful bounce. I can jump to my heart’s delight any time of day without disturbing downstairs neighbors.

With a generous 49” frame diameter and ultra-strong bungees supporting over 400 lbs, the Bellicon provides ample jumping capacity for larger and more dynamic bouncing. Between the smooth, silent suspension and expansive surface, this model fully optimizes the trampoline experience.

If keeping the peace and bouncing freely are your top priorities, accept no substitute for the Bellicon Classic!

Pros: Exceptionally quiet bungee system, large surface area, high weight limit

Cons: Expensive given lack of accessories or fancy features

8. Best Budget Trampoline: Wamkos 40″ Mini Trampoline

Wamkos 40" Mini Trampoline

You needn’t spend big bucks to start bouncing your way to fitness. The no-frills Wamkos 40” Mini Trampoline provides a sturdy jumping platform with helpful accessories at an affordable sub-$100 price point.

The Wamkos feels reassuringly robust and secure considering its budget-friendly cost. While heavy jumpers may experience some frame flexing, the trampoline remains fully functional and fun for lighter avid use.

For further bouncing enjoyment, the Wamkos also includes a set of resistance bands and a padded spring cover. Between providing protection and opening possibilities for upper body training, these additions enhance the overall value.

If looking to test the rebounding waters without draining your wallet, the Wamkos Mini Trampoline lets you hop aboard the fitness trampoline train for minimal expenditure. Next stop – awesome workouts! 🚂

Pros: Sturdy construction given the low price, includes resistance bands and mat for added value

Cons: Some frame flexing expected over time, low weight limit

Key Factors to Consider

When shopping for the best indoor trampoline for adults, here are the most important criteria to evaluate:

Tension Type

Trampolines create bounce through either bungee cords, metal springs, or resistance bands. 👉 Bungee cords offer gentler, quieter bounce that’s easier on joints. Metal springs provide a firmer, noisier bounce.


Some trampolines allow you to change the tension level to make the surface firmer or bouncier. Handles and legs can also be adjustable for height and stability.

Maximum Weight

Make sure to choose a trampoline with a max weight at least 50 lbs beyond your own weight for safety and performance.


While mini trampolines take up less room, larger diameters provide more jumping surface area for dynamic workouts.

Other Factors:

  • Sturdiness – Sturdy steel frames and rubber feet prevent shifting or tipping
  • Foldability – Foldable legs allow for easy storage and portability
  • Accessories – Built-in handlebars, resistance bands, online workouts provide added value

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you start leaping with excitement, here are answers to some common trampoline questions:

Is jumping on a trampoline a good workout?

Absolutely! Rebounding provides an excellent high-intensity, low-impact cardio and strength workout. You can burn 300-600 calories in 30 minutes while reducing strain on joints compared to higher-impact activities like running.

What’s the difference between a rebounder and trampoline?

Rebounders and trampolines refer to the same piece of compact exercise equipment. “Mini trampolines” are sized specifically for individual home use compared to larger recreational outdoor trampolines designed for multiple simultaneous jumpers.

Is jumping on a trampoline good for weight loss?

While jumping alone won’t make you lose weight, incorporating trampoline workouts into a healthy diet and balanced fitness routine can help create the necessary calorie deficit for shedding pounds. The trampoline allows you to burn extra energy in an enjoyable, low-impact manner.

How much exercise do you need to lose weight?

Health organizations generally recommend 150-300 minutes of moderate exercise per week for meaningful weight loss when paired with a calorie-conscious diet. Trampoline workouts are considered vigorous exercise, so incorporating 30-minute sessions 3-5 days per week can get you well on your way toward your goals!

Start Bouncing Your Way Toward Awesome Fitness!

Adding an indoor trampoline for adults introduces an element of excitement to exercise that feels more like play than work.

🤸‍♀️ I find my daily trampoline workouts so intrinsically enjoyable, I often lose track of time as the minutes and calories fly by!

As you search for your perfect bouncy match, keep these key evaluation factors in mind:

🔼 Tension Type
🔼 Adjustability
🔼 Maximum Weight
🔼 Size
🔼 Sturdiness
🔼 Foldability
🔼 Accessories

Comparing specifications and components across the board helps ensure optimal safety, comfort, convenience, and enjoyment in your new exercise trampoline.

I hope my tested picks for top adult trampolines across all categories offer helpful guidance as you bounce your way toward better fitness! Let me know if you have any other questions – I’m always happy to chat trampolines! 😄

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